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Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #95

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #95
Cinderella and the Four Knights (Korean Drama)
I really want to be addicted to this one...but unless the writer fix some very annoying cliches I am afraid even the good looking cast are not going to keep my interest. Case in point, I have lost count of how many times the heroine is PULLED FORCEFULLY right up against the hero AND the male second lead. First time, makes your heart skip a beat. Second time? Okay, still makes you swoon a bit. Third time? Hmm...this is getting tiring. Fourth time? Seriously show? 

Happy Home (Korean Drama, Just Finished)
There goes my weekly dose of Lee Sang Woo. I was mostly satisfied with how this show ended and considering this one is a K-family drama, the writer did a good job making all the secondary stories interesting. 
Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (Chinese Drama, New)
My new addiction right now! So much so that I am strongly considering doing the crazy thing of writing summaries for this one. A C-daily with two episode a day...sigh...I must be out of my mind. 
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (Korean Drama)
So many promising dramas out right now and so little time to watch them all! The first two episodes of Moonlight were quite promising. I am loving the chemistry between the two leads and and the insanely good looking cast. 
Real State Agent (Korean Web Drama)
I checked out the first two episodes of this web drama. At 10ish minutes per episode it really was a fast watch. The premise of the story feels eerily close to the J-drama Le Uru Onna that is currently airing, with the heroine using her sharp observance skill to help her clients find their perfect home. There are couple fairly big differences between the two shows though. The K version's heroine is timid and bumbling while the J version is the complete opposite of that. 
Love of Sandstorm (Taiwanese Drama, New)
Hmm...I am at a loss of words to how to describe this one. It definitely looks like T-dramaland is going through a period of time where they want to try new things and push some boundaries. Love of Sandstorm follows three siblings' romance and their parent's dissolving marriage. The show has a REALLY wacky vibe and takes on some ...um... interesting issues such as a high school boy's crazy hormone that makes him imagine every girl he meets in bikinis, or the oldest son's really unhealthy relationship with a controlling girlfriend. Lots of fairly serious social family issues but addressed with a dark humor. The humor was a kinda crude for my taste so with so many other good choices out right now I will not be following this one. 
Better Man (Taiwanese Daily, Just Finished)
I started watching this one with a very low expectation and was pleasantly surprised when the show actually turned out decent enough to keep me watching. Overall, I would probably give Better Man a 7/10 especially if you go into it expecting some of the pitfalls that comes with a daily. The ending felt a bit rushed to me but overall I was quite happy how everything wrapped up. 
Novoland The Castle In The Sky (Chinese Drama, Finished)
Because of a reader's strong recommendation I followed this one all the way to episode 20...and promptly got side tracked again when bunch of new shows came out. With the show ending at episode 28 I was totally planning on finishing it until I read all the painful wailing on the net about the ending...so yap, I've chickened out. 

For those who really loved Novoland though, it looks like the show was so popular that the producers will be putting out season 2. Which was probably the reason for the yucky ending since they needed a way to keep the story going. 
Doctors (Korean Drama, Just Finished)
For a show I keep saying I am going to give up on, Doctors somehow kept me watching until the end. While this one certainly didn't live up my high expectation for it, but overall I found the two leads' romance very sweet and was plenty satisfied with the ending. 
Jealousy Incarnate (Korean Drama, New)
I am usually a fan of Gong Hyo Jin's dramas, so I am pretty excited for this one. Gong Hyo Jin plays a weather caster who struggles to realize her dream of becoming an anchor AND of course her extremely difficult lot in life to be caught between two handsome men.

ps. My dream is to become Gong Hyo Jin's hand after watching the first two episode. I swear this girl has the best luck in playing the kind of heroine that requires her to grope her good looking male leads. 

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These pictures are from Happy Home 


  1. Lol, your comment about being Gong Hyo Jin's hand!xD I feel you:-)
    Haven't seen your food pics in awhile, all of it looks so yummy!
    Will you be watching the Korean version of 'Moon Lovers'?

  2. They're promising to reveal the alternative ending for Novoland: Castle in the Sky (maybe the original ending if they hadn't agreed to a second season). Viewers who paid attention to detail in the final episode from last week have pointed out such and there's screen captures to back it up too.

  3. Wow I feel you with trying to keep up with all these dramas! But a lot of them are just so good atm!! I love Asian dramas so much, and love reading recaps as well. So thank you! I just barely have enough time to watch these;
    > Love O2O (first Cdrama ever! Yang Yang *swoon*)
    > Moon Lovers:Scarlet Heart Ryeo (love Lee Jun Ki & Kang Ha Neul)
    > Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (Ok Park Bo Gum, you're cute, but AS IF Kim Yoo Jung looks anywhere close to a boy)
    > Jealousy Incarnate (I quite enjoy Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Suk individually, so hell yeah I'll watch them in a drama together!)
    > W (Giving me ALL the life right now! Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo! Match made in drama HEAVEN!)
    > Cinderella and the Four Knights (Soooo silly. Completely full of cliches. Every time she accidentally trips or is forcefully grabs you hear the fluttery bell sound. REALLY drama? Don't know why I'm still watching...)
    > Uncontrollably Fond (Barely. I don't understand the characters at all, and basically the whole drama is he loves me he loves me not. Spoiler ALERT: HE LOVES HER. It's frustrating but I've stuck it out this long I have to conclude it)