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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Happy Home Episode 45-46 Recap

Happy Home Episode 45-46 Recap by Ninja
Mi Soon, Daddy Bong & Mama Bong's Story:
Assuming that his wife's little tantrum will be over soon with her coming back home all repentant, Daddy Bong is stunned when a lawyer shows up instead to inform him that Mama Bong has hired him to handle her divorce.

Determined to live her life for herself now, Mama Bong moves in with Mi Soon and of course has a makeover as well. His attention caught when his son whistled at two pretty women walking by, Daddy Bong is stupefied once he realizes the duo are his wife and ex-daughter-in-law.

Feeling lonely as he looks around his empty house, Daddy Bong calls his siblings to join him for dinner but can only nod with understanding when they both had excuses for the night. Walking past Mi Soon's restaurant as he is trying to find friends to eat dinner with, Daddy Bong's attention is caught when he suddenly hears his brother's voice. Surprising everyone as he walks into the restaurant, Daddy Bong ignores all the excuses his family tries to give him and instead simply storms away.
Already feeling like he has been abandoned by his own family, Daddy Bong receives another shock when he catches his little sister kissing the very man that abandoned her years ago. Her joy of having just become engaged dashed to pieces by her brother's fury, Sam Sook (Daddy Bong's sister) jumps in front of her fiancee and declares in a shaky voice "Don't you dare touch my oppa!"

Stunned as Sam Sook stands in front of him with her bags packed and tearfully confessed how suffocated she felt by her brother's love, Daddy Bong dejectedly tells his little sister to go.
Mi Soon FINALLY finds out Chul Soo's real identity. Turns out, Chul Soo is actually a really well known online restaurant reviewer in China. Her shock turning to disappointment once she realizes that her success might all be due to Chul Soo's help, Mi Soon confesses to Chul Soo that despite her vow to succeed, she could do nothing without Mama Bong's money and his connections.

Pained to see Mi Soon swallowed up in self doubt again, Chul Soo grabs Mi Soon by her shoulders and tells her "Can you really not trust yourself to such an extent? This is why I didn't tell you. Everyone obviously came here for your food and all I did was give a referral."
Running all the way to Mi Soon's once he finds out from Kang Min that Chul Soon is a famous reviewer who makes a lot of money, Man Ho's arrives in time to hear Chul Soon tells Mi Soo "Actually, I like you..." Interrupting Chul Soo with a loud yell, Man Ho surprises Mi Soon by planting a kiss on her (actually twice) then confessing that he likes her.

Feeling mixed emotions as she tells Mama Bong about Man Ho's confession, Mi Soon says with a hint of sadness "I used to be so happy when he tells me "noona, I love you." even if it they were words to get him out of trouble. Today, I think he actually meant what he said...but I did't feel anything."
Whew, I was really scared for a moment that Mi Soon might still have some feelings left for Man Ho. 
So what do you guys think Chul Soo was going to say to Mi Soon? I have been burned so many times by this pairing that I am kinda assuming the writer is stringing us along and Chul Soo will end his "I like you..." sentence will something completely unrelated to romance. 
Hae Won's Story:
Feeling guilty when Hae Won suddenly bends over in pain while having a little argument with her, a flustered Madam Lee follows Hae Won all the way to the hospital to make sure the baby is alright. Staring at the ultrasound in amazement as she listens to the baby's heart beat, Madam Lee stumbles out of the room without a word.
Relieved that the baby is alright, Hae Won and Kang Min walks out to find Madam Lee still sitting in a daze...just like her son did the first time he heard the baby's heart beat. Proving that Kang Min really did inherit his ..."creative ways of looking at things" from somewhere, Madam Lee finally snaps out of her daze and asks "Did you guys not hear what my grandbaby said? My grandbaby said "Hi Grandma!""

So hilarious! As much as I still find Madam Lee annoying, I think Hae Won is going to be the perfect daughter-in-law to get her off her high horse. 
Hae Ryung's Story:
Standing in the columbarium looking at the smiling picture of her son, Hae Ryung tearfully apologizes for loving Ji Gun without knowing who he is. Walking out of the columbarium with a suitcase in hand, Hae Ryung doesn't see Ji Gun who had hidden himself out of sight while she was talking to Seo Jin. Taking his turn to apologize, Ji Gun says "Seo Jin is so smart so you know that your mother did nothing wrong. It was me that lied. I was afraid she would be hurt. No, I was afraid she would leave me. Aren't I horrible? But you know, even if I had a chance to go back in time I might still love your mother and still lie to her. So, give me all the punishment and help your mother hurt less." 
After searching everywhere for Hae Ryung, Hyun Ki is surprised when he goes home and sees her standing right in his kitchen discussing with Madam Jang the appropriate kinds of meals to cook for him. Not pleased at all to see Hae Ryung back, Hyun Ki drags her out of the house and accuses Hae Ryung of attempting to save him in order to redeem herself. Admitting that his heart still skip a beat just by the mere sight of her, Hyun Ki yells that he still wants to be a man to her instead of a pitiful sick patient. Unmoved by Hyun Ki's attempt to chase her out of the house, Hae Ryung insists that she will move heaven and hell to save him as a way to atone herself to their son. 

Waking up in the middle of the night to find Hyun Ki trying to keep quiet while throwing up in the bathroom, Hae Ryung tries to help but Hyun Ki just tells her to leave. Physically pushing Hae Ryung away again and again, Hyun Ki finally relents when an extremely frustrated Hae Ryung collapses in tears. 
Glad to find Hyun Ki in a much more cooperating mood the next morning, Hae Ryung silently consents when Hyun Ki uses the excuse of needing to exercise to accompany her to the neighborhood convenience store. Freezing momentarily when she walks into the store and sees Ji Gun standing at the cash register, Hae Ryung quickly walks past him without any acknowledgement. 

Waiting outside of the store, Ji Gun doesn't try to talk to Hae Ryung but simply tells Hyun Ki that he needs a few moments with him. Shaking his head slightly when he sees Ji Gun's inability to take his eyes off Hae Ryung even as she walks away, Hyun Ki dryly tells Ji Gun "She came back last night. But that doesn't concern you since you two have broke up already." Ignoring Hyun Ki's derisive tone, Ji Gun admits "Yes, it doesn't concern me. As long as she is eating, sleeping and getting along well then I am happy."  Turning his attention back to Hyun Ki, Ji Gun declares "You asked me to save you and that's what I am going to do." Undaunted when Hyun Ki laughs at his words, Ji Gun replies with determination "I will save you for sure!"    
Dismayed to come home and find her very distressed mother waiting for her, Hae Ryung's vow to stay at Hyun Ki's house remains unshaken even as Mama Bong begs her to go home. Sadden by the news of Hyun Ki's impending death but more concerned that her precious daughter has just thrown her new marriage away only to embrace a path that is sure to end in tragedy, Mama Bong prostrates herself on the sofa and wails in anguish. Her heart breaking to see her mother suffering for her sake, Hae Ryung nonetheless doesn't change her mind. 
Experiencing his moments of amnesia with more and more frequency, Hyun Ki becomes so disoriented that he ends up standing in the middle of a busy road. Weaving through the traffic in a desperate attempt to get to Hyun Ki, Hae Ryung stands hopelessly as a honking car comes straight at her. Pushing Hae Ryung to safety at the last moment, Ji Gun braces himself for impact but thankfully the car was able to stop in time. 
Staring at Ji Gun who saved her in complete disregard of his own safety with a mixed expression, Hae Ryung doesn't say anything to him but instead walks off with Hyun Ki. 
Despite Hae Ryung's silence, once she gets Hyun Ki home safely, her mind can't help but replay the way Ji Gun jumped out to save her.
Appalled once she finds out that Ji Gun is actually the one operating on Hyun Ki, an angry Hae Ryung demands to change doctor. Reminding Hae Ryung of her vow that they will live like they have never met so she should think of nothing else but Hyun Ki, Ji Gun freezes once Hae Ryung retorts "That hand, isn't that the hand that made mistakes even back when it was normal? Just my son is enough." 

Assuming Hae Ryung must be at the hospital to see Ji Gun when he sees her, Ji Gun's friend complains to Hae Ryung that Ji Gun is once again trying to save a patient when everyone tells him it's hopeless...just like five years ago. Stunned as she listens to how Ji Gun tried to save her son and is even now planning to operate on Hyun Ki under the threat of losing his licence, Hae Ryung finally understands why Hyun Ki keeps trying to convince her that Ji Gun did his best for their son. 
Dazed by all the new revelations she just heard, Hae Ryung stiffens when Ji Gun walks in to inform Hyun Ki that he will be the doctor in charge of his operation the next day. Despite having recovered his memory the moment Ji Gun saved Hae Ryung that morning, Hyun Ki keeps his pretense of amnesia and innocently asks Ji Gun if he is married. Unable to stop herself from giving Ji Gun a concerned look when he drops a tin cover the moment Hyun Ki asked his question, Hae Ryung tries to control her expression as Ji Gun softly replies "Yes, I got married not too long go. But she left me because I did something unforgivable." 
Hiding in his secret place at the hospital's kids play area, Ji Gun looks down at his injured hand and whispers "It will be okay, everything will be okay." Looking up when Hae Ryung's voice says "No, it's not going to be okay. Are you a fool? Do you have to be hurt a thousand times before you feel pain? Can't you not live your life by avoiding and running away?" Ji Gun answers "You still don't know me very well. I am an expert at running away. Five years ago, when Seo Jin became like that because of me I hid behind my father-in-law and ran away. I was so far away, but I could not live a single day without forgetting. That's when I know, that no matter how far I run, as long as the memory is there I will forever live as a sinner." 

Keeping his head down, Ji Gun continues "The first moment I found out that you were Seo Jin's mother, I ran like crazy again. However, even though I had ran away without even taking a breath the next moment I find myself in front of you again. That's when I knew, that no matter how far I run I will love and miss this woman the rest of my life."
Forcing herself to give a sneering laugh even as her eyes are filled with tears, Hae Ryung says "Wow, is that the excuse you are going to use? I can't bring myself to listen anymore. If you can't do it then I will help you. There are plenty of other doctors, so go!" Kneeling in front of Ji Gun who just softly shakes his head, Hae Ryung begs "Isn't your hand still injured? What if, what if you failed again? How are you going to live with such a heavy burden?" Finally looking at Hae Ryung in the eyes, Ji Gun answers "Even then, this is the only way I can redeem my sin to you and Seo Jin." Crying in earnest now, Hae Ryung grabs Ji Gun's arms and yells "Go! Please go! Don't think of anything else, just run far away. You are scared. Aren't you very scared right now?" 

Standing a short distance away, Hyun Ki turns away swiftly from the sight of his (ex)wife begging another man to run away from saving him. 
Hae Ryung's pleading obviously didn't work since the next morning after a touching conversation with his mother on the phone, Hyun Ki is wheeled into the operating room. 
Turning around to look at Ji Gun with tears still brimming in her eyes, Hae Ryung declares to him "You need to be clear on one thing. You didn't kill Seo Jin. It wasn't a moment of foolish pride or a mistake, it was simply a struggle to save." 
Hyun Ki's long awaited operation finally happens and as expected, Ji Gun's injured hand gives him trouble in the middle of it. As everyone looks at him with concern, Ji Gun remembers Hae Ryung words and whispers to Hyun Ki "I will save you!" 

 Ninja's Thoughts

I am usually not interested in the older generation's romance in these family dramas, but I find myself quite intrigued to see how Daddy Bong's relationship with his wife will evolve. Daddy Bong lost a whole lot of points with me during the scene when Mama Bong tearfully recounts to her divorce lawyer how 30 years ago during a house fire, her husband had only remembered to take his then already grown up siblings out of the house without thinking about her and their small children at all. 

As if that wasn't bad enough already, Mama Bong then tells the story of how her pregnant self had craved a red bean bun so much that she saved money to buy it but of course Daddy Bong ends up giving it away to his siblings while she was gone. Boy, taking food from the pregnant wife...that's guts. 

I do understand to a certain extent that Daddy Bong's siblings were really like his kids but as he is learning the difficult lesson now, siblings or children will eventually have their own life and the only one that will stick around to the bitter end (if he can get her back) is his wife. 
I must have a higher tolerance for crying scenes than I thought because I actually really liked the two leads' story line this week. Hae Ryung's character is set up as one who hides everything inside her so it was good to finally see proof that she is fully aware of Ji Gun's suffering. My favorite scene this week is probably when Hae Ryung was begging Ji Gun to run away not because she didn't trust him as a doctor but rather out of fear how devastated he would be if the operation fails. As much as Hae Ryung still care for Hyun Ki and wants desperately to save him, but all that pales against the possibility of having the man she loves live the rest of his life in self blame. 
As for Hyun Ki's character...I still feel quite torn about him. The problem with Hyun Ki is that he is way too smart for his own good. His illness has given him the excuse to be selfish when it comes Hae Ryung but his keen observation reminds him at every turn that Hae Ryung no longer loves him even if she plays along with his amnesia game out of pity. In a way, I do feel a little bad for Hyun Ki because no matter how much he loves Hae Ryung, to her, he has always been a taker to the bitter end while Ji Gun is forever her knight. I don't think Hyun Ki necessarily loves Hae Ryung any less compares to our hero but life, his personality ...and well evil mother, makes it so Hyun Ki can't be the safe harbor Ji Gun is to our heroine.

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