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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Happy Home Episode 47 Recap

Happy Home Episode 47 Recap by Ninja
Mi Soon's Story: 
Despite the growing awareness between herself and Chul Soon, Mi Soon is nonetheless completely surprised when Chul Soon puts on a full confession event for her.

Puzzled when Chul Soo tells her that the first time they met was five years ago, the forgotten memories of meeting a starved Chul Soo on a cold night finally come flooding back to Mi Soon. Losing his parents at a young age, Chul Soo had been sent to China to live with his distant relatives and missed his native land terribly. Desolate when he gets back to Korea to find his old home and friends long gone, Chul Soo is found by Mi Soon after he has been starving for two days. Amazed to see Chul Soo wolfing down the noodle she cooked for him, Mi Soon smiles with amusement as Chul Soo hands her a picture he had drawn of her and promises that he will come back one day to pay for the meal.
Already flustered by Chul Soo's big confession, Mi Soon becomes even more rattled when Man Ho suddenly shows up. Not about to let Man Ho spoils his important moment, Chul Soo puts a ring on Mi Soon's hand and tells her "I love you."
Daddy Bong's Story:
Leaving work early because he is ill, Daddy Bong goes home just in time to see his wife walking out with a packed bag. Wanting to beg his wife to stay but instead saying all the wrong things to make her even more angry, Daddy Bong is left all by his lonesome after Mama Bong storms out.
Remembering his wife's tearful rant at the lawyer's office when he sees a store selling red bean buns, Daddy Bong buys a box of it and delivers it to her. A first touched to see the buns, Mama Bong is soon fuming with anger the moment she takes a bite and realize the buns are spoiled. Puzzled when Mama Bong shoves the buns back to him and accuses him of buying rotten food for her on purpose, Daddy Bong takes a bite of the buns but could not tell anything is wrong with them.

Finally alerted to the fact that something is terribly wrong, Daddy Bong is devastated when the doctor confirms that he has indeed lost his sense of taste.
Hae Won's Story:
Now that his wife has fallen in love with her unborn grandchild, President Lee decides to formally accepts Hae Won as well and tells her to quit her job ASAP so she can learn her role as a rich family's daughter-in-law. Not about to let anyone tell her to drop the career she has worked so hard on, Hae Won firmly refuses to obey President Lee's order despite Kang Min's attempt to get her to soften her attitude.

Going back to work with a heavy heart, Hae Won is stunned to find out from her co-worker that President Lee had demoted her team leader in order to give her a promotion. Not surprised when Hae Won calls to accuse him of trying to use the promotion to force her to quit, President Lee simply replies "I don't think you realize what it means to marry into the Lee family."
Hae Ryung:
Notwithstanding the VERY misleading preview from last week, Hyun Ki doesn't die on the operating table. However, the operation wasn't a complete success either. Stumbling in shock when Ji Gun admits to her that Hyun Ki only has one more month to live, Hae Ryung asks Ji Gun to let her be the one to tell Hyun Ki the bad news.
Afraid that Hyun Ki would try to commit suicide again if he knew the operation only extended his life for a short time, Hae Ryung allows Hyun Ki to believe that he is completely cured.

Keeping his promise to Hae Ryung to not tell Hyun Ki the truth, Ji Gun can only accept his torturous foreseeable future of watching our heroine fawning all over Hyun Ki.  
Believing that he has avoided death, Hyun Ki confesses to a sleeping Hae Ryung that even though he knows full well who is in her heart he still wants to ask her to give him a second chance. Opening her eyes slowly once Hyun Ki falls asleep, Hae Ryung cries silently. 
Running to the hospital's rooftop to meet with Hae Ryung, Ji Gun arrives to find her staring at their wedding picture. Not looking up from the picture, Hae Ryung whispers "I can't keep my promise to only be angry for a short time. I can't keep my promise to not wonder far. Nor can I keep my promise to love you more and more each day. My promises to you...I can't keep any of them." 

Admitting that despite her effort to only show her resentment towards Ji Gun, her heart still skips a beat at the sight of him and she still loves him, Hae Ryung continues "But what I want to tell you now is that I am going to go to that person (Hyun Ki). That person who is so happy without any clue that he is dying...I can't let go of that person's hand." 

As expected, our hero has no angry rants for Hae Ryung who has just declared her intention to abandon him for another man but merely remarks that if she wasn't so soft hearted then he would not have fallen in love with her. 
Frantic when he wakes up to find Hae Ryung gone, Hyun Ki rushes out of his room only to see Hae Ryung on her way back. Peaceful now that she has made her decision, a smiling Hae Ryung reaches out her hand to take Hyun Ki's. 

Ninja's Thoughts: 
Apparently MBC decided to broadcast a volleyball match between Korea and Japan so that's why we only had one episode this week... sob! 
Well, color me completely surprised by Chul Soo's proposal. Putting aside the nagging suspicion that Mi Soon will probably turn Chul Soo's proposal down, I am really glad that Mi Soon is able to have the experience of not only being treated like an attractive woman for once in her life but also to have the knowledge that a man had worked so hard for the last five years just to be worthy of her. 

If I have to take a guess, I think Mi Soon will instinctively rejects Chul Soo's feeling out of fear since her marriage to Man Ho has given her the false belief that no one would find her attractive as a woman. This of course is also why I REALLY hope Mi Soon will not go back to Man Ho because even up to this point, Chul Soo has been the only man in Mi Soon's life that allows her to shed her superwoman mask. 
Sigh...so painful all around for our three leads. Hyun Ki is usually such a sharp observer that I am starting to wonder if he guessed the truth already and is once again using his illness to keep Hae Ryung by his side. The fact that Hae Ryung has chosen to stay probably should be one important clue for Hyun Ki since he of all people knows that Ji Gun is the one Hae Ryung loves. 
As for our hero, while I think some might complain of him playing the noble idiot I actually think his action really fits the character. Right from the start, Ji Gun has pursued Hae Ryung with a self promised caveat that once Hae Ryung finds out the truth he would not be greedy for her love anymore so he really doesn't have any grounds to ask her to stay. Moreover, as Ji Gun himself pointed out, he fell in love with Hae Ryung precisely because she is the type of person who sacrifices herself for other's happiness so how could he ask her to not go to Hyun Ki knowing that her personality would not allow her to act any other way. 
The real question for me is actually Hae Ryung's ability to survive without Ji Gun by her side. Ji Gun has warned Hae Ryung that taking care of a dying person is a much harder task than anyone could imagine so what is our heroine going to do when Ji Gun is not there to save her this time...or worse, he is still there save her despite the fact that she has chosen the other guy?

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