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Monday, August 15, 2016

Happy Home Episode 48-49 Recap

Happy Home Episode 48-49 Recap by Ninja
Mi Soon & Daddy Bong's Story: 
Not surprised at all when Mi Soon returns his ring back, Chul Soo tells her "I already knew what your answer would be when I proposed, but I felt like I would regret for life if I didn't confess my feelings to you." Glad that Chul Soo is taking her rejection so well, Mi Soon agrees readily when Chul Soo asks to be allowed to stay by her side until he can watch her win her match with Daddy Bong. 

Sigh...even though it's expected but still...Chul Soo! Don't leave!!! 

Stunned to find out from Mama Bong about Daddy Bong's condition, Mi Soon purposefully reminds Daddy Bong about their competition and successfully fires up his dejected spirit. 

The day of the competition arrives and Mi Soon narrowly wins over Daddy Bong by one single vote...cast by Mama Bong. Equally surprised that her vote was for Mi Soon's dish, Mama Bong hesitantly explains to a furious Daddy Bong that his dish had a slight bitter taste. Unable to accept his defeat, Daddy Bong storms off angrily. 
Crazy with jealousy and desperation to know that someone like Chul Soo is pursuing Mi Soon, Man Ho goes all out and resorts to begging Mi Soon to come back to him on his knees. Yelling out all her past frustrations, Mi Soon bitterly reminds Man Ho of all the hurt she has suffered and tells Man Ho that she simply wants them to be good parents for their daughters...separately. 
Worried about her husband, Mama Bong calls Daddy Bong's siblings over to personally inform them about their brother's loss of taste. Already stunned by Mama Bong's bad news, the Bong siblings becomes even more dismayed when a flustered Man Ho rushes in to tell them that Daddy Bong has disappeared. Opening the envelope Daddy Bong left with shaking hands, Mama Bong yelps in distress when she pulls out a signed divorce agreement. 

Collectively rushing out to search for Daddy Bong, Mama Bong and everyone else receive yet another shock when they see Daddy Bong's statue in the process of being hauled away. Running forward together, everyone screams in panic as the statue starts to fall towards them. 
Hae Won's Story:
Thanks to "Grandma", Hae Won successfully trumps President Lee's attempt to fire her team leader and has Madam Lee put everything back in order. Relenting on her previous declaration of her unwillingness to be a chaebol daughter-in-law, Hae Won begins her difficult journey of learning to be a refined lady of the elite circle. While it seems obvious Hae Won probably won't have much success of becoming the kind of daughter-in-law the Lee family keeps saying they want but with Madam Lee putty in Hae Won's hand I think she won't have much trouble anyway. 
Hae Ryung's Story:
After overhearing Hae Ryung's conversation with Ji Gun and finding out the shocking truth that her son only has one month left, Madam Jang has no choice but to hide her grief from Hyun Ki. 

Pained when she walks in to Madam Jang's bedroom to see her personally sewing Hyun Ki's funeral clothes, Hae Ryung tries to convince her ex-mother-in-law to stop. Freely admitting that she is trying to punish herself for her past deeds, Madam Jang apologizes to Hae Ryung for the way she tortured Hae Ryung after her grandson died. Breaking down in tears, Hae Ryung agrees that while Madam Jang had indeed treated her terribly but as a mother who has lost a child, she of all people understands exactly what Madam Jang is feeling. 
Still clueless that his days are numbered, Hyun Ki doesn't notice Hae Ryung and his mother's forced smiles as they go along with whatever he wants to do. 
Overjoyed when he bumps into Hae Ryung while he is out shopping with Ji Gun, Young Woo happily arranges a meeting with Hae Ryung in order to give her the birthday gift he personally made for her. Her heart breaking as she looks at Young Woo's hopeful expression as he pleads for her to forgive his dad no matter what great wrong he has committed, Hae Ryung can only apologizes to Young Woo repeatedly. 

Hiding his hurt as he allows Hae Ryung to walk him home, Young Woo finally breaks down in sobs once he sees his dad. Pulling his son into an embrace as Young Woo sobs out "She told me "I am sorry" with the exact same expression mom did!" Ji Gun could do nothing but mutters "It's my fault. It's all my fault." 
All the clues he has been ignoring finally dawns on Hyun Ki when his causal questioning of Madam Jang's sewing send both Hae Ryung and his mother scrambling for excuses. 

His worst suspicion confirmed when a doctor informs him that while Ji Gun's operation was a success but the cancer has spread too much for anything more to be done, Hyun Ki stumbles out as he realizes that the grip of death has never left him. 
Imagining all the worst possibilities when Hyun Ki suddenly disappears, Hae Ryung runs out to search for him personally. Immediately concerned after he receives a phone call from Madam Jang, Ji Gun stops a frantic Hae Ryung on the road and offers to help. Unwilling to involve Ji Gun in her affairs, Hae Ryung tries to refuse his help but eventually relents once Ji Gun reminds her that Hyun Ki might be in need of his doctor skills. 
Surprised to see Hyun Ki back at the house after searching every where for him, Hae Ryung's relief turns to anger once Hyun Ki stoically tells her that he had forgotten all about their camping trip that morning simply because of a friend's phone call. Not fooled by Hyun Ki's excuse as Hae Ryung was, Ji Gun becomes suspicious that Hyun Ki might have found out the truth. 
Taking Hae Ryung out to her to eat her favorite street food for dinner, Hyun Ki listens patiently as a drunk Hae Ryung starts to reminisce about all the good things he has done for her in the past. Crying with regret, Hae Ryung tearfully confesses "I am sorry, for forgetting all of your good, for not thinking of you when Seo Jin went to heaven, just yelling in pain by myself...and for not being able to stay as your woman until the end." 

Carrying a drunk Hae Ryung on his back as she mutters "I am sorry" over and over again, Hyun Ki softly replies "I love you, I love you. I love you, Hae Ryung." 
Sighing with regret as he looks over the list of things he wanted to do with Hae Ryung, Hyun Ki whispers "I haven't accomplished them yet... but I will keep the last promise for sure." Picking up a pen, Hyun Ki adds one last item to his list "Send my wife...away." 

Ninja's Thoughts:
It looks like the show has been extended by one episode so we will have two more hours to wrap up the story. I am usually not one who likes extensions but in Happy Home's case I am actually quite glad since there are a lot of loose ends that need to be tidy up ...namely Mi Soon and Hae Ryung's story.

Strangely, I am actually a whole lot more nervous about Mi Soon's ending then Hae Ryung's. I think is because while it is fairly easy to guess how Hae Ryung's story will end, I have no clue where the writer is going with Mi Soon's. At this point I am not even greedy for Mi Soon to have a romantic happy ending with Chul Soo as long as she doesn't end up going back to her ex. I am even alright if the writer would just have Mi Soon moving forward in life without a single man by her side. What I am definitely NOT okay with is if Mi Soon goes back to her really lame ex. 
As much as I dislike the drastic reduction of our two leads' scenes together over the last few episodes, I do believe that our heroine needed closure with her previous life and more importantly a proper understanding of her own role in her marriage's failure. I kinda wish Hae Ryung could've apologize to Hyun Ki while she was sober but I guess her emotions would've been too overwhelming then. 
One particular meaningful scene that didn't make it into the recap was the exchange between Ji Gun and Kang Min. Dismayed after overhearing people gossiping about Hae Ryung going back to her ex, Kang Min calls Ji Gun out for a drink. A bit surprised when Ji Gun sharply tells him to mind his words when he criticized Hae Ryung, Kang Min asks in dismay "You are not still waiting for her are you?" Shaking his head, Ji Gun replies softly "No... I just love her." Melt... 

Kudos to the writer for creating such a wonderful hero. If Ji Gun had taken the long suffering attitude or maybe even made the decision to wait for Hae Ryung to come back to him after Hyun Ki's death, then I think I wouldn't be as moved as I am now. Instead, our hero has no expectation for Hae Ryung but simply loves her because that's what his heart dictates. 

Side note: Daddy Seo is trying to convince Ji Gun to accept a job overseas but it looks like Ji Gun can't make up his mind yet because he knows full well that distance will not make him love Hae Ryung any less. 

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