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Monday, August 22, 2016

Happy Home Episode 50-51(END) Recap

Happy Home Episode 50-51(END) Recap by Ninja
Mi Soon & Mama Bong's Story:
Guessing right away where her husband would "run away" to, Mama Bong is not surprised when she finds Daddy Bong working as a delivery man for a friend that owns a run down Chinese restaurant. 

I thought it was kinda fun to have Mama and Daddy Bong "bump" into each other as when they first met years ago. 

Despite vowing to not cook anymore, Daddy Bong relents when his old friend begs him to help out and make a Sweet & Sour Chicken dish for an unexpected large party of customers. Unbeknownst to Daddy Bong, the unexpected customers were actually people found by his wife as a way to force him back into the kitchen. Peeking in from the outside, Daddy Bong's brother is amazed when Mama Bog declares that Daddy Bong will be coming home soon. 
His passion for cooking rekindled and his anger towards his siblings appeased after much pleading from Sam Sook's (his sister) boyfriend, Daddy Bong rushes home once he receives a frantic phone call saying that his wife is planning to sell off the family restaurant. 

Surprising an unsuspecting Daddy Bong with a welcome home party, Daddy Bong's siblings beg for his forgiveness. Ready to reconcile with her husband but not about to go back living her old life, Mama Bong warns a sheepish Daddy Bong that if he doesn't treat her right in this next year then she will hand the already signed divorce paper to court. 
Showing up at Mi Soon's restaurant, Daddy Bong asks her to come back to work in his kitchen as the head chef. No longer harboring any resentment towards Daddy Bong, Mi Soon replies that while she is glad to have Daddy Bong affirm her cooking ability but she wants to know how far she can go on her own. Accepting Mi Soon's rejection, Daddy Bong turns away then quietly says "I am sorry." Stunned to hear the apology she thought would never come, Mi Soon breaks down in sobs. 
Chul Soo finally leaves but not before he personally screened a bunch of applicants to make sure that Mi Soon would have solid help to replace him. Overjoyed to see Chul Soo leaving, Man Ho's smile wanes as Chul Soo promises that he will come back one day for Mi Soon. Looking forlornly after Chul Soo as his parting words of "The reason Mi Soon would not go back to you is because you are Bong Man Ho...the person that gave her the biggest wound of her life." rings in his ears, Man Ho dejectedly admits "I know that too." 
Still hoping against hope that Mi Soon would come back to him especially when his youngest daughter keeps trying to create opportunities for him, Man Ho is forced to wake up from his lovely dream when he overhears Mi Soon's conversation with Jin Hwa (oldest daughter). Angry at her younger sister for accusing their mother as the reason for their family's break up, Jin Hwa tearfully tells Mi Soon that she remembers all the pain Mi Soon suffered and the shameful way she was kicked out of the house. 

Walking out of the house after her conversation with Jin Hwa, Mi Soon is mildly surprised when Man Ho declares "I changed my mind. I don't want you to come back to me anymore." Honest with himself and Mi Soon for once, Man Ho explains "If you were to take me back for the sake of our daughters...I am afraid I will go right back to how I was before." Stealing a few shy looks at an amused Mi Soon, Man Ho promises that he will change and asks Mi Soon to give him another chance in the future ...if she is not already taken by Chul Soo or someone like Chul Soo. 
Hae Won's Story:
As the one who had the smoothest romance in this show, Hae Won continues to use her magic to change the stuffy Lee family. Walking off in a huff when Hae Won disrupts his usually dead quiet house with loud chatters, the perpetually stoic President Lee finally gives the tiniest smile when he sees his wife animated with happiness as she plays games with her son and Hae Won. 
Hae Ryung's Story: 
Still under the impression that Hyun Ki must be clueless of his impending death, Hae Ryung becomes suspicious when she accidentally sees her wedding pictures among the things Hyun Ki has boxed up to toss away. Rushing into Hyun Ki's study, Hae Ryung breaks down in sobs as she reads Hyun Ki's list...including his last item: Send my wife away. Puzzled to find Hae Ryung crying, Madam Jang soon starts to cry as well once Hae Ryung tells her "That person...he knows. He already knows." 
Knowing full well that all the secrets are out now, Hyun Ki and Hae Ryung still keep up the facade that nothing has changed. Forcing herself to nod nonchalantly as Hyun Ki tells her that he is planning to go on a long vacation with his mom and wouldn't be able to keep in contact with her for a long long time, Hae Ryung tries to stop her tears from falling as she answers "I will be really busy as well. So I won't be able to write."   
Paying Ji Gun one last visit, Hyun Ki doesn't ask Ji Gun to take care of Hae Ryung for him but instead tells him "Don't listen to her words. She feels too guilty for coming back to me so she won't go to you. But she never really came to me. To Hae Ryung, I am only a pitiful patient, Seo Jin's dad. The one she loves is you. So, no matter what she says don't believe her." 

Unfortunately, talking is the last thing our two leads are doing. Tipped off by Ji Gun that Hae Ryung is no longer staying at his house, Ji Gun runs to catch the bus our heroine is on. Sitting down at a seat a short distance away, Ji Gun doesn't try to talk to Hae Ryung but is simply satisfied to see that she is not crying.  
Showing up all dressed up to fulfill Hyun Ki's wish of going on a date together, Hae Ryung smiles brightly as she walks into the movie theater with Hyun Ki. Her smile stiffening when Hyun Ki excuses himself to go buy some popcorn, Hae Ryung walks off with a rose in hand knowing full well that she is going to end up watching the movie alone. 
Sneaking into the movie theater in the dark, Ji Gun watches Hae Ryung with worried eyes as she sits among the laughing crowd with tears streaming down her face. 
Left with no choice but to move on with her life now that she and Hyun Ki has reached an understanding to treat his impeding death as a long trip, Hae Ryung busies herself with the publication of her new cook book. Her attention caught during a meeting with her publisher by Ji Gun's voice, Hae Ryung finds a sheepish Ji Gun trying to display her cookbooks more prominently... despite the poor frustrated bookstore employee's protest. 

Hae Ryung would've ended this encounter just as quickly as all the previous "accidental" meetings but stops dead once Ji Gun declares "I am going to leave in a few days so you don't have to look at me with those apologetic eyes and avoid me." 
Sitting down at a cafe, Ji Gun confesses to Hae Ryung that he didn't make up his mind to move to US until that night at the theater. Looking at a silent Hae Ryung, Ji Gun continues "Living under the same sky I don't have the confidence to not see you but I know now that would make things difficult for you, make you more tired. I can't let myself add to your burden." 

With some uncertainty in his voice, Ji Gun asks "If...I am just saying if, you follow your heart and one day you don't feel apologetic towards anyone anymore...will you hold onto me?" 

Later that night as Hae Ryung sits in her apartment alone and thinks back to Ji Gun's question, Hae Ryung mutters quietly to herself "For me to hold onto you...I will need a lot of courage." 
Hyun Ki's condition worsens rapidly but that doesn't stop the mother and son's determination to go on their trip. Smiling through her tears as Hyun Ki tells her all the lovely destinations he wants to take her to even as he struggles with every breath, Madam Jang tries to pretend that they have all the time in the world. Suppressing a muffled cry when Hyun Ki's head finally falls limp to her shoulders, Madam Jang refuses to accept what she already knows and says shakily "Hyun Ki, don't fall asleep. You need to eat something."  
Oh, cruel writer. Can't you at least wait until Hyun Ki got off the plane? 
Puzzled when she comes home to find a lunch box hanging on her door, Hae Ryung is moved once she realizes that Ji Gun has remembered a promise from before and has made her a lunch using the recipes from her cookbook. Tipped off by Daddy Seo that Ji Gun is leaving that very day for US, Hae Ryung jumps into her car to race towards the airport but ends up getting stuck in traffic and could only cry in frustration knowing that she has missed her chance to see Ji Gun. 

Time jump...a year later: 
Apparently, Mama Bong was quite satisfied with how her husband behaved during the past year. The divorce paper long forgotten, Mama Bong and Daddy Bong are all smiles as their families and friends gather to witness their second wedding vow after 40 years together. 
Reminded by a rather desperate Sam Sook that she hasn't tossed her flower bouquet yet, Mama Bong happily throws it high it the air and gasp with happy surprise when Hae Ryung ends up catching it. 

A few quick lose ends to wrap up: 

  • Sam Sook still looks quite happy with her boyfriend. (I thought for sure they would be married by now but since she was so desperate for the bride's bouquet I am assuming she didn't get married yet.). 
  • Sam Shik (Daddy Bong's brother) and his wife had a baby girl. 
  • Hae Won had her baby and looks happy with Kang Min. 
  • Man Ho is working in Daddy Bong's kitchen now but it looks like he hasn't made any progress with Mi Soon. Sigh...no sign of Chul Soo though. 

Stretching happily as he gets off the airplane and steps on his home soil once again after being gone a year, our hero jumps on a shuttle and picks up a phone call from his dad. Pretending to be offended when his dad tells him to hurry home for ramen, Ji Gun sits down on an empty seat and freezes in shock once he notices who is sitting beside him. 
Hanging up his phone call with his dad at the speed of light, Ji Gun stares at Hae Ryung in disbelief for a moment before asking with a smile "Did you come to see me?"

With a slight nod, Hae Ryung admits "Yes." 
Allowing himself a sigh of relief, Ji Gun asks again "Why?"
Smiling as Ji Gun breaks out into a silly grin, Hae Ryung replies "Because this time I am not going to let you go." 

Ninja's Final Thoughts
Yeah! Happy ending for our leads! Not that it was much of a surprise but I really liked how the writer tied the ending back to how Ji Gun and Hae Ryung first met. So fitting and so sweet. 

As one who usually dislikes the obligatory time jump that some how makes whatever that used to be the obstacle between the OTP becomes a none issue, I actually thought this particular separation between Ji Gun and Hae Ryung reasonable and necessary. Not to say that Ji Gun and Hae Ryung couldn't have gotten back together without the one year separation but I think the time apart just gave our heroine the much needed space to gather her courage to get her man back. What Hae Ryung went through with Hyun Ki was pretty traumatic and I think that's why despite her heart wanting nothing less than the throw herself into Ji Gun's arms, Hae Ryung needed time to convince herself to grab unto her own happiness. 
 I would be lying if I say I wasn't a bit disappointed with Mi Soon's ending BUT at least it was an open one and she didn't go back to Man Ho. But I can't complain too loudly since I think it fits Mi Soon's character that she would reject Chul Soo's feelings...for now. See, I am still hoping so I am just going to imagine up some happy reunion between Mi Soon and Chul Soo a few years later. 
Overall, I was about 80% happy with Happy Home. The two leads' romance and the secondary characters' stories were good and engaging. My main complaint was the fact that Hyun Ki's story line pretty much took over the last third of the show. Granted, the writer was able to keep Hyun Ki's story interesting enough to keep me watching BUT it took time away from Lee Sang Woo the leads!!! 

Speaking of Hyun Ki, here is a question I have been wondering: As much as the writer white washed Hyun Ki's mother towards the end, do you guys think she would've changed if Hyun Ki was actually cured after his operation? In another word, would Madam Jang become the crazy mother that stops at nothing to force Hae Ryung go back to her son if Hyun Ki actually lived? 
ps. Oh, one thing I really wish the writer granted us fans was a kiss at the end. Looking deep into each other's eyes with a smile is good and all but come on!!! We really needed some kisses.  

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  1. It's quite a good wrap up. Where has our cutie pie Woori gone? I guess Sam Shik couple has to take care of him because Man Ho is helping in the kitchen now. It would be a very memorable drama for me. :)

  2. It was a decent wrap up as lately I had become frustrated with the show and have stopped watching it. I decide to rely on recaps from you and comments at soompi, it was the perfect solution for me. So thank you ninja for all your efforts, I am sure it must have been exhausting but a bit fulfilling at the same time. I also rely on your input on other shows as well. Alls well that ends well. Take care of yourself.

  3. I wish the final scene had young woo,jin gu's son in it.sigh
    I wish we saw jin gu's ex-wife atleast once.
    Why is it always one year, why not 6 or 7 months. Its always a year.
    Thanks for the recap ninja