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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Just One Smile Is Alluring Summaries Up to Episode 10

Just One Smile Is Very Alluring
Character Names:
Bei Wei Wei: Heroine (online character: Lu Wei Wei Wei)
Xiao Nai: Hero (online character: Yi Xiao Nai He)
Zhen Shao Xiang: (online character: Zhen Shui Wu Xiang) Wei Wei's "ex-husband" in their game world. 
Xiao Yu Yao Yao: Shao Xiang's new wife in the game world and also his real life girlfriend. Likes to imagine that Wei Wei is immensely jealous of her.
Meng Yi Ran: #1 beauty on the school chart. Jealous of Wei Wei but likes to pretend she is above it all. Has a crush on Xiao Nai.
Cao Guang: The genius of the Language department. Has a crush on Wei Wei.  
Er Xi: Wei Wei's BFF and roommate. 

Episode 3-4 
Taking his role as Wei Wei's spouse quite seriously, Nai He traps a player who dared to yell insults at Wei Wei during their wedding. Called away from doing her homework by Nai He, Wei Wei is amused to see the man all tied up waiting for her to take her revenge. Puzzled why the man wouldn't just simply escape by exiting the game, Wei Wei is thoroughly impressed when Nai He explaines that he had waited until the guy was almost done with an important mission before trapping him, thus making sure the guy had no choice but to stick around no matter what they do to him. 

Imagining in his own mind that Wei Wei must be bitter for losing such a catch as himself, Wei Wei's ex, Wu Xiang (Shao Xiang in real life) and his stuck up new wife makes a video portraying Wei Wei as a tantrum throwing crazy woman who refuses to let Wu Xiang go. Not about to let something so offensive go without retribution, Nai He challenges Wu Xiang to a fight and defeats Wu Xiang easily. Left with no choice but to take the video down and suffer the consequences of having his character lose two levels, Wu Xiang limps away in embarrassment. 
Frustrated that she can't seem to find any opportunity to get close to our hero, the school beauty Meng Yi Ran decides to finagle her way into her uncle's company when her cousin Zhen Shao Xiang declares that his father will be buying Xiao Nai's new start up company. Unfortunately for Yi Ran, Xiao Nai's negation with Shao Xiang's company doesn't go well and what's worse, Xiao Nai doesn't even seem to know who she is. 
As it happens, Wei Wei and her roommates are also trying to get an internship opportunity at Shao Xiang's company. With no computer gaming experience, Wei Wei's roommate and BFF Er Xi is ever thankful when Wei Wei volunteers to let her friends use her many online identities. Too anxious to remember the online ID Wei Wei had given her during her interview with Shao Xiang, Er Xi accidentally blurts out Wei Wei's most used ID instead. Mistakenly believing that Er Xi must be his "ex-wife", Shao Xiang is even more convinced that his decision to ditch Wei Wei in the game for a prettier girl was a wise decision.

Shocked and dismayed when she sees pictures of herself circulating online with the tagline that she must be selling herself for money, Wei Wei angrily confronts Cao Guang for his false accusations. At first refusing to believe Wei Wei's explanation that her tutoring student's mother had offered to give her a ride back to school in her expensive car, Cao Guang is eventually forced to admit his mistake when Wei Wei personally takes him to meet her student personally. 

Assuming there is no reason to meet Cao Guang anymore now the misunderstanding is cleared up, Wei Wei is unprepared when Cao Guang starts pursuing her. Frustrated by Cao Guang refusal to take a hint of her disinterest, Wei Wei fibs and tells him that the person she likes is the school idol, Xiao Nai. 

After eavesdropping on Wei Wei's conversation with Cao Guang, Yi Ran's friend warns her not to lose Xiao Nai to Wei Wei. Determined to keep Xiao Nai all to herself, Yi Ran uses her influence to make sure Wei Wei and her roommates are not hired by her uncle's company. 

Episode 5-6
Still reeling from Wei Wei's rejection, Cao Guang challenges a puzzled Xiao Nai to a game of basketball. Completely unsurprised when Cao Guang suffers a painful defeat, Xiao Nai's friends wonder out loud "Isn't Cao Guang the guy that has been chasing after the computer department's beauty Bei Wei Wei?" Confused when Xiao Nai immediately turns to walk back to Cao Guang, Xiao Nai's friends yell "Where are you going?" Not taking his gaze off Cao Guang, Xiao Nai answers "I didn't give it my all during the first game." 
Ha! Poor Cao Guang. 
Totally unaware that two men just had a duel on the basketball court over her, Wei Wei is busy helping Er Xi getting her first taste in online gaming. Dejected after his landslide loss to our hero on the basketball court, Cao Guang perks up when he gets the idea that he could approach Wei Wei incognito via online gaming. 

Overjoyed when a girl in Wei Wei's dorm found out her online ID for him, poor Cao Guang is clueless that the ID he has is actually Er Xi's. Er Xi had a very unpleasant first meeting with Cao Guang so she dislikes him intensely so this will be interesting. 
Gearing up for the couple's video contest in their gaming world, Wei Wei writes a story about the tragic romance between a female bandit and the man she had kidnapped to be her husband. 
Surprised and moved to tears after watching the changed but still tragic ending, Wei Wei is impressed by Xiao Nai's sensibilities...until he explains that he simply needed an ending that took more time to fulfill the video contest rules. A bit shy that she cried that much over an ending that Xiao Nai just willynilly threw together, Wei Wei looks around the library bashfully but doesn't notice our hero who has been hiding all this time behind the book shelves to see her reaction to his video personally. 

As expected, Xiao Nai and Wei Wei's video won the contest by a large margin. 

Anyone else glad during this scene that we are watching a romantic comedy instead of a scary stalking story? 
Agreeing causally when a voice asks to sit down by her in her history class, Wei Wei looks up in shock once she realizes that Xiao Nai, the school's famous genius is the one that spoke to her. Squealing silently behind her notebook to be in such close proximity to an idol, our heroine has no clue that she is the reason for Xiao Nai's appearance. 

Side note: Xiao Nai's father is the professor that teaches the history class. The class usually has pretty low attendance but thanks to Xiao Nai, the class was overflowing that day.  
Excited just like all the other girls around her when Xiao Nai unexpectedly shows up at the school's cafeteria with his roommates, Wei Wei can't help but feel a little guilty as she mutters "Why am I seeing Xiao Nai so much more after my little lie to Cao Guang?" 

Episode 7-8

Ready to take on the hardest "couple trial" their game world has to offer, Wei Wei is trapped in a dark and dreary cave while Nai Hei has to fight through various obstacles to save her. 
Living up to his fame of being the toughest warrior of the land, Nai He saves his lady successfully and gains the glories rewards of a pair of phoenix. Soaring through the sky in Nai He's arms, Wei Wei can't help but swoon just a tiny bit...especially after Nai He tries to cheer her up knowing that she had to make the difficult decision of backing out of her long time group because of some false accusation made by her jerky ex's new wife (Yao Yao). 

Never one to let things slide especially when it comes to Wei Wei, Nai He sets up a trap for Yao Yao and soon proves for all to see that she has been lying about Wei Wei. 
Relishing the chance to fight her ex and his lying new wife during a couples' competition, Wei Wei is stunned when the two runs away scared. 

Becoming the unbeatable duo as she fights through the rest of competition with Nai He, Wei Wei eagerly arranges to meet Nai He the next night at 6:30 for their final fight for the championship. 
Reluctantly agreeing to her roommates' insistence that she goes to dinner with them after making sure she has enough time to make it home for her championship fight, Wei Wei squeals along with her excited roommates when they see Xiao Nai coming out of a restaurant. Knowing full well that Wei Wei has no idea he is the very person that has been fighting along her side, Xiao Nai nonetheless smiles towards Wei Wei's direction.

Running into the door, Wei Wei jumps on the computer and is relieved that she made it barely in time. As the time of the competition draws closer and Nai He is no where to be seen,Wei Wei stubbornly believes in Nai He even as everyone starts to look at her with pity. Forced to abandon the competition when Nai He never appeared, Wei Wei finally shuts down her computer and walks off in a cloud of disappointment. 
Clueless that Nai Hei had narrowly escaped death and is even then laying in the hospital unconscious due to his car accident, Wei Wei goes through her days in a zombie like state wondering why Nai He had disappeared. 

Episode 9-10
Too overwhelmed with the fear that Nai He might really be gone for good, Wei Wei can't bring herself to go back into the game. Missing Nei He terribly, Wei Wei resorts to watching the video clips they filmed before over and over again. Stunned by the intensity of her own feelings for Nei He, Wei Wei is forced to to admit that she has indeed fallen in love with him. 

To much relief of his friends and family, Xiao Nai finally wakes up from his coma and is immediately concerned when he realizes that Wei Wei might've waited for him the whole night while he was unconscious. Jumping on the computer the second he could, Xiao Nai's worst fear is realized as he finds out from another player how Wei Wei had stubbornly waited for him while everyone else had laughed at her. Wanting to explain to Wei Wei why he broke his promise but having no way to contact her since she has disappeared from the game, Xiao Nai resorts to hack into Wei Wei's computer. Pleasantly surprised once he sees that Wei Wei is watching their film over and over again, our ever smart hero smiles as he ponders the reason for Wei Wei's strange actions.  
Noticing Wei Wei's forlorn expression on campus the last few days, Cao Guang decides it's time he does something to cheer her up. Overjoyed when the romantic outing he took "Wei Wei" on in the computer game seemed to really impressed her, poor Cao Guang is still clueless that he has been romancing Wei Wei's roommate Er Xi instead. 
Frustrated with her own cowardliness but still unable to take that vital step to go back into the game and see if Nai He has reappeared, Wei Wei finally gets the perfect excuse she needs when Feng Teng corporation calls to express interest in buying the rights to her and Nai He's film. Armed with the perfectly good reason to track down Nai He now, Wei Wei logs in back to the game and is dismayed when she finds out from Nai He's friends that he has been in a car accident. 

Rushing immediately to Nai He's side (in the game world), Wei Wei inundates our hero with questions about his health. Patient as he assures Wei Wei that he is taking care of himself, Nai He suggests to Wei Wei that they meet in person the next day to discuss the issue of selling the film's rights to Feng Teng corporation. 
Thoroughly learnt her lesson of never wanting to have Nai He disappear on her again, Wei Wei eagerly agrees to meet the next day in person. Dressed in her newly purchased outfit, Wei Wei arrives at the agreed meeting place and is mildly surprised to see the famous Xiao Nai standing not too far away from her. Assuming Xiao Nai must also be waiting for someone, Wei Wei politely greets him with "What a coincidence, you are here as well." Fully expecting her greeting to be ignored, Wei Wei is completely stunned when Xiao Nai walks to her side and replies "Not a coincidence. You are the one I am waiting for." 
Following Xiao Nai to a small restaurant in confusion, Wei Wei still can't bring herself to believe that Xiao Nai and Nai He is the same person. Still dazed, Wei Wei agrees automatically when Xiao Nai invites her to go watch him play in the school basketball game. Finally snapping back to reality once Xiao Nai looks at her expectantly from his bicycle, Wei Wei hesitantly asks "If I ride with you through the campus then everyone will assume that we are in "that sort" of relationship." Looking back at Wei Wei with a matter of course expression, Xiao Nai replies "When are we not in "that sort" of relationship?" 
Completely made speechless by Xiao Nai's reply, Wei Wei quickly turns away to have a debate with herself. Bewildered, Wei Wei asks herself "When did we become "that sort" of relationship? Even though I wanted to be in "that sort" of relationship but not this way. But then again...didn't I come with the express purpose of making him (Nai He) mine anyway? So wouldn't I be silly not to accept his words? What's with all this. I feel gypped if I accept it and gypped if I don't! Forget it, I am not going to think about it anymore!" 
Amused by Wei Wei's obvious inner turmoil, Xiao Nai smiles.
Running off to meet her friends to watch the basketball game, Wei Wei blushes when Xiao Nai makes his usual grand entrance and starts searching the crowd for her. Confessing to her roommate that Xiao Nai was looking for her, Wei Wei bristles once her friends laugh and inform her that according to the school survey online, she and Xiao Nai have been voted the most unsuitable couple.  
Watching Xiao Nai scoring points one of another accompanied by screams of all the girls, Wei Wei silently promises herself that she will work harder to be worthy of someone like Xiao Nai. 

Finished with his turn on the court, Xiao Nai makes his way to Wei Wei's side and softly explains ...like a boyfriend would, that since he will be having a celebration dinner with his team he won't be able to get online that night. Keenly aware of all the eyes on them, Wei Wei nods quickly when Xiao Nai invites himself to go with her to the library the next morning. Too stunned to do anything but stare, Wei Wei's friends obediently move so Xiao Nai could sit down right next to Wei Wei. Seething with jealousy as she watches the whole exchange with disbelieving eyes, the school beauty, Yi Ran can no longer hold onto the illusion that Xiao Nai is interested in her. 


  1. Thanks for recapping! The subs actually come out quickly for this drama, but I enjoy reading your recaps as well. I'm glad they're stick close to the novel version. I think the credits said that gu man wrote the teleplay for this as well so I trust any additions made will be good.

  2. Sorry for the typo. Too excited

  3. Hi, just to correct you, Zhen Shui Wu Xiang's wife is Xiao Yu Yao Yao, not Xiao Yu Qing Qing.