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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Just One Smile Is Very Alluring Summaries 11-20

Just One Smile Is Very Alluring or One Smile Is Beautiful
Character Names:
Bei Wei Wei: Heroine (online character: Lu Wei Wei Wei)
Xiao Nai: Hero (online character: Yi Xiao Nai He)
Zhen Shao Xiang: (online character: Zhen Shui Wu Xiang) Wei Wei's "ex-husband" in their game world. 
Xiao Yu Yao Yao: Shao Xiang's new wife in the game world and also his real life girlfriend. Likes to imagine that Wei Wei is immensely jealous of her.
Meng Yi Ran: #1 beauty on the school chart. Jealous of Wei Wei but likes to pretend she is above it all. Has a crush on Xiao Nai.
Cao Guang: The genius of the Language department. Has a crush on Wei Wei.  
Er Xi: Wei Wei's BFF and roommate. 
Hao Mei: Xiao Nai's roommate and friend. 

Episode 11-12
The news of Wei Wei's romance with Xiao Nai spread through the school like wildfire especially after pictures of Xiao Nai grabbing her hand on the basketball court confirms the rumor. 
Taking all his friends and teammates friendly ribbing with his trademark quick wit, Xiao Nai suddenly turns serious when his friends jokingly bring up the fact that Wei Wei is voted to be the most "unsafe" girl on the university's discussion board. *unsafe- with the meaning that she is likely to be a troublesome girlfriend because other guys are going to chase after her. 

Puzzled when Xiao Nai suddenly asks to borrow a computer, all of Xiao Nai's friends are duly impressed when he quickly hacks into the offending website and disables it with a simple comment of "What's the point of letting these severely false lists exist." 

Believing that his romance with Wei Wei online will soon make them a couple in real life, Cao Guang is utterly stunned when his friend shows him the pictures of Wei Wei and Xiao Nai that has been circulating through the school. Heat broken, Cao Guang tries to drown out his pain with alcohol and complains loudly to his friend about how Wei Wei must have been dallying with him online while going after Xiao Nai in the real life. 

Secretly filming Cao Guang's whining complaints with her phone, Yi Ran's minion Na Na gleefully stores the footage for future use. 
Envies that all her roommates are having sweet romances, Er Xi is ever grateful for her own developing online romance without realizing that a bitter Cao Guang is leading her on with the mistaken belief that he is taking revenge on Wei Wei.  
Unaware that she has broken Cao Guang's heart...again, Wei Wei is busy getting a private tour of Xiao Nai's new company. Smiling happily when Xiao Nai hands her a mug with her game character printed on it thus making it obvious that he had been preparing for her eventual visit for a while now, Wei Wei wonders out loud how long ago did Xiao Nai find out about her identity. Admitting frankly, Xiao Nai tells Wei Wei about the first time he saw her at his uncle's internet cafe and how impressed he was of her gracefulness. 

Episode 13-14
Thrilled when Wei Wei agrees readily to help her fight a particular difficult monster, Wei Wei's friend grimaces with dismay once her shout out for additional help brought the unwelcome response from Wei Wei's ex Wu Xiang (Shao Xiang). As expected, not only was Wu Xiang's wife Yao Yao a drag on the team but Wu Xiang even attacked Nai He from behind just when they are about to defeat the monster. Getting a temporary breathing room without Nai He's strong attacks the monster promptly kills Wu Xiang and Yao Yao. Surprised when Nai He generously resurrect Wu Xiang and Yao Yao before he kills the monster with one impressive attack, Wei Wei asks him for his reason for being so generous. Giving Wei Wei a slight smile, Xiao Nai replies "Don't you think it will make them feel worse because I was the one that saved them?"  
Pleasant surprised that their perpetually aloof son actually got himself a girlfriend, Daddy and Mama Xiao is even more pleased by the fact that Wei Wei seems to be a great girl. 

A bit lonely while Xiao Nai is away on a business trip to Feng Teng Corporation, Wei Wei nonetheless has plenty of fun spending her down time bickering with her roommates and Xiao Nai's friends.  
Impressing Feng Teng corporation with his newly developed game, Xiao Nai successfully secures the contract and gains Feng Teng's invitation to submit a proposal for a new version of Qian Nu (the online game our leads are playing together) in three months. 

Determined to get the Qian Nu contract for his own company, Yi Ran's uncle sneers in contempt when he is informed that Xiao Nai will be a competition and orders his subordinate to smooth the way with some bribes just to be sure.   
Still harboring a crush on Xiao Nai, Yi Ran takes her friend Chanel's advice "You were doing it all wrong before. Don't chase after him. Just be your perfect self. Smile gracefully and let him come to you." 
Following her uncle all the way to the Feng Teng party just to have a chance to meet Xiao Nai "accidentally", Yi Ran smiles with glee when Xiao Nai actually does end up talking to her first. Unbeknownst to Yi Ran, Xiao Nai had overhear some jerks expressing interest in her and his short sentence of "Miss Meng, your uncle, the President of Zhen Yi is looking for you," was just a kind gesture to discourage the two men.  
Shaking his head in amusement when his friends keep sending him texts complaining that Wei Wei is being mean to them, Xiao Nai calls Wei Wei on the phone to tease her. Having a terrible night after she found out that Yi Ran's friend Chanel had written a horrid blog post declaring that the only reason Xiao Nai was interested in Wei Wei was because of her bra size, Wei Wei's mood improves considerably after talking to Xiao Nai on the phone. 
Amazed by the fact that Wei Wei didn't even think to mention the horrible blog post to Xiao Nai on the phone, Wei Wei's friends wonder out loud who else would be so heroic as to hack into Chanel's blog. Not about to stand by while their "sister-in-law" is being bullied, Xiao Nai's roommates quickly hacks Chanel's blog and shuts it down. 
Still angry over what Chanel wrote, Wei Wei's roommates come up with a plan to make Yi Ran and Chanel green with jealousy by asking the just returned Xiao Nai to treat them to lunch. Already puzzled when her roommates insisted on going to some expensive new French restaurant, Wei Wei is dismayed once her roommates confess that Yi Ran and Chanel are at the restaurant as well. Unable to stand the thought of Xiao Nai being used as a revenge tool without his knowledge, Wei Wei changes her mind at the last moment and asks Xiao Nai to take them to a Chinese restaurant instead. 
Not surprised when Xiao Nai asks about her sudden decision to change restaurant that night once they are alone, Wei Wei slowly explains to Xiao Nai about Chanel's post. His expression darkening even as Wei Wei tries to assure him that she has already let the issue go, Xiao Nai replies "Let it go...I am afraid I can't do that." 

A bit nervous that Xiao Nai really seem to be angry, Wei Wei assures Xiao Nai again that Chanel has already been punished enough but in true Xiao Nai fashion things doesn't end so easily. Chattering with excitement, Wei Wei's friends tell her "Apparently some guy stopped Xiao Nai in the men's dormitory hallway and asked what he thought about the blog post. Walking past the guy without stopping at all, Xiao Nai replies "Better to have than not to have."" Ha! I love the dialogues in this show.  
Walking Wei Wei back home under the moonlight, Xiao Nai catches her stealing glances at him and raises a questioning eyebrow. Making a quick decision when Wei Wei confesses that their relationship feels unreal, Xiao Nai pulls her into an embrace and tells her "I had planned to go slow but...does this feel real now?" 

Episode 15-16
Still bitter about Wei Wei's supposedly two timing between himself and Xiao Nai, Cao Guang is back to being a jerk to Er Xi. With a fierce temper of her own, Er Xi ends up having an argument with Cao Guang during class which promptly lands both herself and Cao Guang the extra assignment of filming an end of the year documentary.

Whining the whole way while being dragged around by Cao Guang to finish their assignment, Er Xi's eyes light up when she spots Wei Wei and Xiao Nai walking her way. Ignoring Cao Guang's unwillingness to talk to Wei Wei, Er Xi tries to do the interview on her own but ends up chasing after Cao Guang when he storms off angrily. Picking up the obvious reason for Cao Guang's bitterness, Xiao Nai teases an embarrassed Wei Wei.
Now that Xiao Nai has been officially introduced to Wei Wei's roommates, it is Wei Wei's turn to have dinner with Xiao Nai's friends. Surprised when she finds out from Xiao Nai's friends that he can't handle spicy foods, Wei Wei is appalled once she thinks back to Xiao Nai's luncheon with her roommates and realizes that all the dishes were spicy.
Standing in front of her dormitory, Wei Wei tells Xiao Nai that he doesn't have to go to the extent of eating super spicy dishes or buying breakfast for her. Giving Wei Wei a long answer for once, Xiao Nai replies "Wei Wei, this is the first time I am with a girl. I often have no clue what I should do. So at least for now, I want to do the kind of things other people do."
Moved by Xiao Nai's words, Wei Wei decides to give Xiao Nai the gift she has been preparing that very night. Staring at the hairpin Wei Wei has given to him as her dowry (for their marriage in the game), Xiao Nai decides to see it as a symbol of their vow to be together.
As the semester comes to an end, it marks not only Xiao Nai's graduation but also a two months separation for our two leads. Tied down by the train ticket she bought a long time ago before she knew that she would have a boyfriend she wants to spend every minute with, Wei Wei wistfully bids an equally disappointed Xiao Nai goodbye.
Stuck at home without a cell phone (hers got stolen in the beginning of the semester), Wei Wei has no choice but to call Xiao Nai in secret out of fear that if her lose lipped mother was to find out about Xiao Nai then chaos would ensue.

Smiling in amusement as Wei Wei hangs up the phone in a hurry when her mother comes home unexpectedly, Xiao Nai logs Wei Wei's number in his own cellphone under the name "Mother-in-law".
Missing each other terribly, Wei Wei connects with Xiao Nai every night via their online gaming. Knowing that Xiao Nai is under a time crunch to finish his demo for Feng Teng Corporation, Wei Wei keeps busy taking care of their two pet tigers while Xiao Nai works through the night. 

Episode 17-18

In the middle of working day and night to crank out the demo for Feng Teng, Xiao Nai and his friends' attention are suddenly caught when Hao Mei's computer is hacked. Intrigued by the hacker who obviously knows them well but seems to be toying with them without any malice intentions, Xiao Nai accepts the hackers invitation to compete in an international hackers event. 
As expected, our hero won of course and the mysterious hacker shows up the next morning at Xiao Nai's company to keep his promise of working for a year without pay. Utterly stunned when he finally figures out that his new chef friend is also the famous hacker named KO...the same one that hacked his computer, Hao Mei is strangely more concerned that KO won't have time to cook for him anymore instead of being angry. 
Fed up with being apart from Wei Wei, Xiao Nai jumps on the chance to wire Wei Wei some money when she uses her brand new cellphone to send him a fake fraud text. Surprised that Xiao Nai saw through her trick so easily, Wei Wei nonetheless agrees readily when Xiao Nai tells her to use the money to buy a plane ticket. 

Waving goodbye to her reluctant parents with the excuse that she just got offered an "internship", Wei Wei decides to surprise Xiao Nai at his work. Fully expecting the office to be empty on a Saturday afternoon, Wei Wei is filled with dismay when she finds out that Xiao Nai is about to go into an important meeting. Suppressing her feeling of disappointment at Xiao Nai's nonchalant attitude as he leads her to his office, Wei Wei tries to reassure herself that it is the mature thing for Xiao Nai to go to his meeting quickly...
that is until Xiao Nai backs her to the wall and kisses her with all the pant up emotions from being apart. 
Overwhelmed with shyness by the unexpected kiss, Wei Wei doesn't stay at Xiao Nai office like he told her to but instead runs off to her new apartment. Not surprised when he comes out of his meeting to find Wei Wei gone, Xiao Nai chases Wei Wei to her apartment...and is promptly put to work cleaning by a still embarrassed Wei Wei. 
Walking hand in hand on the street after a lunch together, our two leads are startled by a sudden pouring rain. Standing in front of Wei Wei to shield her from the rain, Xiao Nai smiles with satisfaction when Wei Wei pulls him closer with a concerned expression. Not about to ignore the sizzling tension, our ever so smart hero leans down and kisses Wei Wei softly. 
Excited for her new internship but still a bit shy to be there as Xiao Nai's girlfriend, Wei Wei is much relieved when Xiao Nai not only assigns other people to train her but doesn't interfere when she ends up getting a difficult assignment from A Shuang, an employee who believes that women shouldn't be in IT. 

Impressed when Wei Wei manages to finish the difficult assignment in the very short amount of time he had given her, A Shuang mutters that it's no wonder Wei Wei is Xiao Nai's other half. 

Episode 19-20

Overjoyed to see Wei Wei after their short separation, Er Xi quickly unpacks her stuff and reports to Zhen Yi (Shao Xiang's father's company) for her first day as an intern. Mistakenly believing that Er Xi is his ex-wife in the online game world, out of some strange satisfaction that he can be her boss Shao Xiang pulls some strings to make sure Er Xi is hired. Taking Shao Xiang's "special attention" on Er Xi as some kind of clue that Er Xi must be either related to Shao Xiang or his new romantic interest, all of the employees at Zhen Yi decide to treat a clueless Er Xi as a VIP. 
Bracing the pouring rain to have a secret meeting with a mysterious man, A Shuang accepts an envelope of money from the man after some obvious inner struggle within himself. 
Feeling bad for a sneezing A Shuang who insists on staying at work, Ban Shan asks Wei Wei to go buy some cold medicine for him. Not harboring any ill feelings towards A Shuang despite his repeated attempts to give her difficult and unreasonable assignments, Wei Wei runs out to buy the cold medicine and ends up getting caught in the rain as well. 

Frowning with dismay the moment he sees a drenched Wei Wei coming out of the elevator, Xiao Nai quickly ushers her into his car to rush her back to his house. 
A bit speechless at Xiao Nai's logic that if he was to take her home it would be inconvenient for her roommate, Wei Wei obediently allows Xiao Nai to dry her hair...which then turns into a glorious kiss. 
Sigh! I am assuming only for the reason of torturing us, the cruel writer doesn't show us anything that happened after the kiss BUT does tease us with a scene of a very embarrassed Wei Wei putting makeup on her neck to cover a suspicious red mark... 
Reluctantly agreeing to split the cost of replacing a camcorder when she accidentally breaks it during an argument with Cao Guang, the very poor Er Xi ends up agreeing to watch Cao Guang's cat while he is out of the country as a way to pay off her debt. Actually discovering Er Xi's cute and innocent side the more time he spends with her, Cao Guang is obviously starting to fall for Er Xi...if he is not too busy being bitter about Wei Wei to notice. 
Cao Guang actually does end up meeting Wei Wei online for once while she was playing Er Xi's character as a favor to her roommate. Not wanting to spoil Er Xi's big present to her special someone in her game world, Wei Wei doesn't reveal the fact that she is not Er Xi and quickly runs off after saying she has a prior engagement. Becoming angry when he overhears Er Xi teasing Wei Wei on the phone about having dinner with Xiao Nai, Cao Guang's bitterness increases since this confirms it yet again that Wei Wei is stringing him along online while dating Xiao Nai in real life. 
Forced to take care of Cao Guang's cat despite her fear, Er Xi yells with pain when the cat bites her. Frustrated at Er Xi's unwillingness to get a shot at the hospital, Cao Guang jumps on the opportunity to call Wei Wei. Ignoring her own bodily discomfort, Wei Wei rushes to the hospital. Keenly aware of the awkwardness between himself and Wei Wei, Cao Guang quickly leaves the hospital...but not before he exchanges a meaningful glance with Xiao Nai as the pass each other at the hospital entrance. 

A bit flustered by the thought that Xiao Nai would've seen Cao Guang, Wei Wei tries to explain but Xiao Nai is much more concerned by her fever. 
Staying at Wei Wei's house late into the night to take care of her after a brief scare at the hospital where she fainted, Xiao Nai declares "I've decided to keep you by my side from now on. My heart hurts." 

Feeling a bit guilty that she is going to stop working under A Shuang but happy to hear Xiao Nai wants to keep her close, Wei Wei comforts herself with the fact that her hard work has already changed A Shuang's negative opinion of her and hopefully of women working in IT. 
Glad to be working along side Xiao Nai during one peaceful afternoon, Wei Wei is busily chattering on about the various ways she has thought up to improve Xiao Nai's game. Frustrated by Xiao Nai's obvious inattention, Wei Wei pulls his wrist to her and bites him. Deciding to interpret Wei Wei's action as an invitation, Xiao Nai pushes her right down on the carpet in one quick move. Eyeing the man laying on top of her suspiciously, Wei Wei asks "Is this really your first time in a relationship?" Taking a moment to give Wei Wei his reply before he kisses her, Xiao Nai says "Because it's you, so I learned without a teacher." 


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