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Monday, August 1, 2016

Love By Design Episode 1 First Impression

Drama: Love By Design (必勝練習生)
Airs: Saturdays 
Episodes: 15
Leads: Allison Lin & Alan Kuo

Ninja's Synopsis:
 Heroine: A 34 year old manager at a fabric company, Li Shu Fen's (Allison Lin) busy working life comes to a screeching halt when her boss fires her in order to make room for prettier AND younger new employee. Feeling the full pressure as the sole provider of her family, Shu Fen is much relieved when she finds a new job but thanks to her trouble maker younger sister who steals a jacket from the store, our heroine is fired the same day. 
Hero: Sharing the same name as the famous Korean actor Song Jung Ki, our hero strut around completely confident that he also has the charm of the above mentioned oppa. 
As a lowly assistant at the purchasing department of a well known fashion clothing company (The Style), Jung Ki's ability to think on his feet usually helps him to accomplish his work assignments easily...but also gets him in trouble. 
Searching all over town to find her little sister to recover the stolen jacket, Shu Fen gets into a tug of war with Jung Ki when she sees the jacket in his hand. Thinking Shu Fen is some crazy lady, Jung Ki refuses to believe her claim that the jacket is hers. In the middle of the chaos our two leads end up setting fire to the dance club and find themselves facing the wrath of an angry mob boss. 
Locked up in the bathroom together, Jung Ki reluctantly helps Shu Fen escape out of the window trusting her promise that she will be sure to set him free as well. Unfortunately for our hero, their escape plan is discovered and Shu Fen has no choice but to abandon him and run away by herself. 

The only one left to deal with the mob boss's anger, Jung Ki is forced to sell his precious motorcycle to pay back the fire damage. Resentful of Shu Fen, Jung Ki posts her picture all over town. 
In the mean time, Shu Fen is left with no choice but to clean up her little sister's mess yet again. Pushed by her mother to cover for her sister's shift as a model at The Style, Shu Fen finds herself impersonating her little sister as a 25 year old .  

Horrified when she finds herself in various embarrassing situations in front of The Style's cold but handsome CEO, our heroine can only push on with her pretense, especially once she rediscovers her passion for designing. 

Trying her best to act like a 25 year old, Shu Fen's already challenging day becomes even worse when she discovers that her nemesis, our hero also works at the same company.

Ninja's First Impression
Going into this one knowing that the show is based on K-drama Baby Faced Beauty the story obviously didn't hold a lot of surprises other than some details that the writer has changed. The biggest change from the original story is probably the hero's character. If memory serves me right I don't remember the hero being this young and hot headed. In fact, I think the hero's character in the Baby Faced Beauty actually acted quite mature even if he was a lot younger than the heroine. I personally kinda liked the contrast between the two leads in the original show but maybe this hero will grow on me. 
If we don't judge this one as a remake, then Love By Design's first episode was kinda lackluster. The two leads were likable enough but not memorable and the second leads didn't catch my attention either. Still, this IS a remake so even though episode one was bumpy for me I think I will at least give it another two episodes.

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  1. where can i download this drama with eng sub? I found this drma with eng sub on dramacool and dramanice but sub only available watching online. please help me....

  2. I think that Beatrice Fang plays the second lead girl. Allison Lin plays ShuFeng

    1. You are totally right! I fixed the names. Thanks!