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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Episode 1-2 First Impression

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Episode 1-2 by Ninja
Drama: Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (구르미 그린 달빛)
Airs: Mondays & Tuesdays
Episodes: 18
Leads: Park Bo Gum & Kim Yoo Jung

Episode 1 & 2 Overview:
Hiding her female identity, our heroine Hong Ra On presents herself to the world as a young man who can solve all relationship problems...for a price. 
Jumping on a money earning opportunity when the man she has been writing love letters for begs her to meet his love interest for him, Ra On confidently accepts the job.

Stunned when she shows up to the meeting to find a man waiting for her, Ra On mistakenly believes that her client must've been in a "forbidden" love all along. 
Time to introduce our hero: Lee Young, the crown prince well known for his bad temper and incompetence. Knowing full well his father's disappointment in him AND the not so secret hope from the empress' faction to replace him as the crown prince, Lee Young nonetheless refuses to change his ways.

Speechless once he discovers that his sister, Princess Myungeun has been exchanging love letters with some guy that has won her over with romantic nonsense, Lee Young decides to meet the man personally.  
As expected, our two leads' first meeting doesn't go well especially when Lee Young starts to get suspicious of Ra On's identity and Ra On resorts to pushing him into a ditch to get away from him. Dragging Ra On with him into the ditch at the last moment, Lee Young reluctantly accepts Ra On's excuse that she pushed him to "save" him from a snake. 
Left with no choice but to trust Ra On's promise that she would get him out of the ditch if he helps her out first, Lee Young shouts with anger when Ra On reneges on her words and gleefully runs off with another vow "If we meet again then I will obey your every command like a dog."  
Beset by bad fortunes after she parted with our hero, Ra On is eventually forced to go into the palace as an eunuch by her debtors who had no clue that she is a girl. Terrified that her secret would be found out, Ra On is constantly on the look out for a way to escape from her current predicament. 

With her bag in hand, Ra On looks over her shoulder nervously as she tries to sneak out of the palace and runs straight into the person she thought she would never meet again. Remembering her parting vow to Lee Young the last time they saw each other, our heroine wince in dismay as Lee Young smiles with satisfaction and says "Nice to see you again, puppy."  
Not about to let Ra On slip out of his hand now that she is right where he wants her, Lee Young proceeds to thwart Ra On's every attempt to disqualify herself from the palace eunuch selection process. 
Unfortunately for our heroine, Lee Young is not her only problem. Giving in to her old habit, Ra On had helped a fellow eunuch write the answer to a problem the Princess had given out as a test to the new eunuchs. Recognizing Ra On's hand writing on the answer sheet, the furious Princess Myungeun quickly figures out the truth. 
Shaking in fear as the furious Princess takes a guard's sword to personally strike her down, Ra On's life is saved at the last moment when a man's voice orders the Princess to stop. Looking up in surprise, Ra On is stupefied as Lee Young walks in among the collective gasps of "Crown Prince!" 

Ninja's First Impression:
Ahh.... SO pretty!!! There are so many dazzling people in this show I probably could just ignore the story and stare at them. Luckily, beautiful characters aside, Moonlight does seem to have a fairly solid story going for it as well. I am a tad bit worried about the amount of political intrigue since there are plenty of clues that there will lots of conflict between the hero and the villains who want to dethrone him. There is no doubt the romance is completely enthralling and I for one can never turn away from a cross dressing love story so let's just hope the struggle for the crown will not bog down the show. 
My other worry is the mesmerizing male second lead. There is obviously no doubt that Park Bo Gum's crown prince character is the male lead, but what is a girl to do when the writer pops another equally intriguing male character in front of us?! Our male second lead, Kim Yoon Sung is actually the son of the big villain in the show so things are about to get complicated pretty fast once he falls for our heroine. 
FYI, Yoon Sung is the only one thus far that seems to be able to tell that Ra On is a girl. 
All in all, I am very excited for Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Both leads' acting are outstanding and the chemistry between them are sizzling. Despite some obvious plot holes the story is fun and gives me high hopes that this one will be another addicting show. 

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  1. Spot on, Ninja! This is my first time watching a sageuk and the only compelling reason I picked it up was because the leads are SO pretty! On top of that, they are competent actors especially KSH who is way better than some older/senior actresses.

    Gender-benders are always fun and this one is no different with sizzling chemistry. In reality the Crown Prince died when he was 21 so in this case, it feels like a terminal disease trope except, well, he dies for sure. Not sure if the writer will write this into the plot. Anyways, I'm intrigued and hoping that the show does well.