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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Little Princess Episode 1-4 First Impression

My Little Princess Episode 1-4 First Impression by Ninja
Chinese Drama: My Little Princess
Airs: Thursdays & Fridays
Episodes: 16
Format: Web Drama
Leads: Mike D. Angelo (Thai singer/actor) & Zhang Yu Xi

My Little Princess Synopsis:

As the sole heiress to the vast wealthy of her family, our heroine, Lin Xing Chen enjoy the life of a true modern day princess without an ounce of worry...at least on the surface. 
Used to the rich lifestyle of a mistress, Xing Chen's mother is suddenly faced with poverty after the death of Xing Chen's father. Unable to even buy her daughter a measly pastry, Xing Chen's mother reluctantly turns Xing Chen over to Madam Lin. Obviously harboring no love for her husband's illegitimate child, Madam Lin nonetheless accepts Xin Chen and raises her as the Lin family heiress. 

Knowing full well that her princess status comes with heavy expectations from Madam Lin, Xing Chen doesn't put up much fight when Madam Lin orders her to marry Zheng Chu Yao, the crown prince of another wealthy conglomerate. 
Decked out in all her glory befitting her princess status, Xing Chen approaches a man dressed in white playing the piano believing him to be her fiancee. Confused when the man explains that he is just the piano man, Xing Chen is horrified once the actual Chu Yao shows up. 

Unfortunately for all the lovely plans Xing Chen had for her first meeting with her fiancee, any interest Chu Yao might have had towards our heroine quickly turns to disgust when he realizes that Xing Chen was the spoil little girl he met years ago. 
Offended when Chu Yao points to a mousy girl who obviously can't be compared to her in looks or wealth as the one he likes, Xing Chen gets into an argument with him. In the middle of the chaos, Xing Chen falls into the pool and ends up getting saved by our hero, Jiang Yu Nian (the piano man). 

It's one of the on-going jokes in the show that our hero always ends up touching Xing Chen's chest by accident. 
Pressured by Madam Lin to marry Chu Yao no matter what, Xing Chen goes on a mission of making her fiancee fall in love with her. Not impressed with Xing Chen's outright "interest" in him, Chu Yao insists that he only has eyes for Yu Yang Yang, a timid character that is patterned after the Hana Yori Dango's Makino (without the temper of course). It's kinda fun that the show has a Hana Yori Dango set up but the heroine is NOT the poor hard working character. 

As much as Xing Chen dislikes Yang Yang at first sight, her temper still gets the best of her when she sees Yang Yang being picked on by another rich student of their school and steps in to intervene. Assuming the worst when he shows up to find Yang Yang hurt, Chu Yao refuses to listen to Yang Yang's explanation and accuses Xing Chen of being a rich bully. 
Dejected and hurt after her ugly confrontation with Chu Yao, Xing Chen sits in the rain all by herself. Looking up in surprise when an umbrella suddenly appears overhead, Xing Chen cries in earnest once she sees the familiar bear mascot.  
Breaking out in a smile as she looks at the bear that always quietly listens as she vents, Xing Chen is clueless that her mysterious friend is none other than her nemesis Yu Nian. 

Ninja's First Impression
To my BIG surprise, I really liked this one. The first episode was really rough and I was pretty tempted to just give up right there but thankfully I decided give it one more episode. If you were to judge My Little Princess completely on episode one then this show would just a fluffy shallow story with a very annoying heroine. Her voice was still kinda annoying even by episode four but I am starting to get used to it. However, by episode two we start to see clues that our heroine's character is actually quite complex and I find myself curious about how she will find her happy ever after. 
Since episode one was kinda lacking I wasn't too impressed with the hero's character, but by episode four I have completely changed my mind and swoon pretty much whenever the two leads are together. While Yu Nian doesn't have a rich background but his character is set up as an all around genius...the annoyingly good at everything kind. I like the fact that while Yu Nian fits the drama stereotype of a super genius hero but he is not arrogant and his mysterious trauma (something that involves his sister's death and makes him have a hard breathing when he embraces someone) gives him an interesting depth. 
It probably wasn't obvious in my synopsis but My Little Princess has a fun wacky comedic vibe to it as well. The jokes are not the laugh out loud funny kind but they are quite amusing and makes the show fun to watch. 


  1. Glad to see your review of this. I was surprised to see the Thai actor. I checked out the Thai remake of ISWAK where he played the Zi Xu character (it was not a very good remake). I've tried to give mainland dramas a try before but the stories were always really draggy and contrived. Might give this a try. Thanks!

  2. Please can you continue reviewing this one? I really want to know what happens next! Unfortunately I could only find two episodes that were fully English subbed.
    I don't think I will ever get tired of watching these clichéd dramas! :-)