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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

T-Daily Better Man- Half Way Review

This one is actually more than half way already (airing 51 today out 80 episodes) and I have been completely surprised by how good it is.

For those who are not familiar with this show, you can read up on the synopsis and my first impression HERE.

Ninja's Half Way Review:
WARNING: The review will include short blurbs about where the plot has progressed to this point, so LOTS of spoilers.
Yang Zhen Wei's Story: (oldest of the three brothers)
This particular couple is probably the least eventful out of the three we are following...and therefore the most boring one to me. Deeply hurt after his girlfriend's death, Zhen Wei had thought that he would live the rest of his life alone until the 22 year old Yi Xin suddenly shows up in his life and loudly declares her love for him. Worried about the 18 years difference between himself and Yi Xin, Zhen Wei rejects Yi Xin's confession repeatedly but eventually gathers enough courage to say goodbye to his past and accepts Yi Xin's feelings.
Dismayed to have his precious youngest daughter bring home a boyfriend so much older than her, Daddy Wu struggled with Zhen Wei at first but ends up being won over by Zhen Wei's personality to the point that he even agrees to her daughter's engagement.
While this couple is my least favorite out of the three I find them tolerable enough. My biggest beef is with Yi Xin's character. For a 22 year old grown woman, Yi Xin often acts like a 14 year old and that in turn makes this particular relationship feel more like a daddy-daughter than a romantic one.
Yang Zhen Hao's (Second Oldest) Story:
Zhen Hao's romance is the one the show focused most on in the beginning and while this particular plot feels a bit predicable at times but it has been entertaining to watch an extremely stoic Zhen Hao try to win over his timid love interest (Yi An).
Zhen Hao's already long difficult road of pursuing Yi An was made even more complicated when Yi An's friend Yan Zhi shows up and also expresses his interest in her. After his confession was rejected by Yi An, Zhen Hao mistakenly believes that the one Yi An likes is Zhen hao and decides to help her get her happy ending. Shocked but touched once she finds out what Zhen Hao is trying to do for her, Yi An slowly realizes that the one in her heart is none other than Zhen Hao. 
Zhen Hao's happy ending hits a big bump when Yan Zhi reveals that he had purposefully approached Zhen Hao and his family in order to seek revenge for his mother's death. His world shaken by the thought that his father might have bribed the doctor in order to save him and indirectly caused the death of Yan Zhi's mother, Zhen Hao starts to question his own existence. Luckily, everything turns out to be a misunderstanding and Yan Zhi was able to let go of his life long resentment. 
Zhen Kai's (Youngest brother) Story:
I really didn't find this couple's story too interesting at first but they have turned out to be my absolute favorite romance and really the main reason that keeps me watching Better Man faithfully. 
Fighting like cats and dogs at first, Zhen Kai and You Zhen eventually come to be good partners at work...if it wasn't for a few accidents. 
Unable to trust love after a traumatic failed relationship, You Zhen is ready to spend the rest of life as a single woman. Glad that her relationship with Zhen Kai has improved dramatically at work, You Zhen is dismayed when she accidentally slept with Zhen Kai while they were both drunk during a business trip. Forcing herself to react to the crisis with a calm attitude, You Zhen assures a guilt ridden Zhen Kai that they should just forget the whole incident. 
Despite the initial awkwardness Zhen Kai felt after the "incident", Zhen Kai comes to regard You Zhen as a life long friend...until another business trip comes around. Dismayed AND puzzled the next morning once he realize he has slept with You Zhen yet again, Zhen Kai hesitantly asks her "I was drunk yesterday...but you were sober..." Never one to avoid things, You Zhen frankly admits that Zhen Kai didn't do anything inappropriate but that she was the one that initiated things. 

Stunned to realize You Zhen likes him, after a sleepless night Zhen Kai presents You Zhen with a wedding ring but also informs her he can't return her feelings. Declaring that she would never want a loveless marriage, You Zhen nonetheless asks Zhen Kai to be her fake boyfriend for the next three months. 
A bit reluctant to do all the embarrassing "boyfriend" things You Zhen wants him to do but determined to keep his promise to her anyway, Zhen Kai faithfully plays his part as You Zhen's boyfriend with the mutual understanding that once You Zhen goes back to work as President Yang's (Zhen Kai's father) secretary then that's when their pretend relationship will end as well. 
Determined to collect as many sweet memories for herself, You Zhen is all smiles in front of Zhen Kai but in private she is besieged with fear that her heart is no longer able to let Zhen Kai go. On Zhen Kai's part, I am afraid the guy is completely clueless when it comes to love and has no idea that You Zhen has already become someone he can't live without. 

Astonished when he finds out from his parents that he was adopted because his biological mother had sacrificed herself to save Mama Yang, Zhen Kai is shaken to the core and wonders if all the love he has received from his family has only been out their sense of guilt. Her heart aching for Zhen Kai as he sobs in her arms, You Zhen tells Zhen Kai to trust his heart and not forget all the things he has experienced with his family. Thanks to You Zhen's words and his brothers efforts, Zhen Kai eventually realizes that his adoptive family has always loved him as their own. 
I will admit that without the addicting romance between Zhen Kai and You Zhen, I am not sure I would be following Better Man so eagerly but to be fair, even without this couple I think the writer has done an impressive job in keeping this T-daily engaging. The pacing is great and despite some predicable plot twists the story and the characters make it super easy to just keep watching. With only thirty episodes left, there is not much time left for the story to drag so that in it self is an impressive feat in a T-daily. 

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  1. I'm current!y watching this solely because you recapped it! I'm only about 10 episodes in. I like zhen kai and zhen hao's storylines, but I find myself skipping zhen wei's story because I can't stand yixin. She's too childish and her character is quite annoying rather than lovable.