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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blow Breeze Episode 1-4 First Impression

Korean Drama: Blow Breeze (불어라 미풍아)
Airs: Saturdays & Sundays
Episodes: 50
Leads: Son Ho Jun (Mrs. Cop) & Lim Ji Yeon (High Society)

Ninja's Synopsis:
Despite the slight awkwardness after finding out that the newly transferred two siblings to his school in Macau are actually from North Korea, our young hero, Lee Jang Go tries to be friendly but quickly regrets his decision when his efforts were met with disgust. Fed up with the two siblings repeated attempts to pick on him just because he is from South Korea, Jang Go ends up having a fight with the older brother during school. The fight eventually turns out to be the catalyst that formed the three kids' friendship, notwithstanding their drastic different backgrounds. 
As intensely as she disliked Jang Go at first sight, our young heroine, Seng Hee also fell just as hard once her little heart begins to melt at the sight of our hero. Immensely patient with the sometimes spoiled but extremely kind hearted Seng Hee, Jang Go pampers Seng Hee like a little sister and smiles with amusement when she loudly proclaims her determination to marry him one day. 
Our two young leads' innocent friendship/love comes to a screeching stop when Seung Hee's father is suddenly ordered to return to his military post in North Korea without warning. Unable to do anything as he watches a frantic Seung Hee being dragged away as she yells "We will see each other again! Don't forget me, oppa!", the feeling of panic finally pushes Jang Go to chase after Seung Hee's car screaming her name but of course in the end they could only stare at each other with tears in their eyes as the distance between them grew further and further. 
Big Time Jump until the hero is 31 and the heroine is 27:

Having lived her whole life under the protection and luxury that her family provided, Seung Hee grows up to be a beautiful ballerina who attracts lines of boys waiting outside of her university campus everyday. However, crisis strikes when Seung Hee's carefree life is suddenly destroyed and her family had to flee from North Korea. Arriving in South Korea after the tragic loss of her father and older brother during their dangerous escape, Seung Hee buries her grief and tries to make a new life for her family under a new name of Kim Mi Poong. 
Working tirelessly to scrimp enough money to move her mother and young nephew to a decent house, Seung Hee is devastated when she finds out that she has been the victim of a scam. Hoping to at least recover some of her money, Seung Hee seeks the help of a lawyer only to be completely stunned when she comes face to face with a grown up Jang Go. 

Assuming Seung Hee is just another pitiful client that he is used to helping, Jang Go is surprised when Seung Hee firmly refuses his help even when he tries to assure her that he won't charge her money for his services. Immensely glad that Jang Go didn't recognize her especially with the help of her new name (Mi Poong) to hide her identity, a desperate Seung Hee eventually decides to accept Jang Go's professional service after making a resolution to treat Jang Go simply as a kind stranger. 
Nagged by an increasing sense of familiarity the more he interacts with Seung Hee, Jang Go tries to shake off his suspicion after Seung Hee responded to his probing questions with anger. Shocked when he accidentally sees Seung Hee's mother, all of Jang Go's suspicion is confirmed at that very moment.  

Coming home after a long day of work, Seung Hee's attention is caught by the sound of a familiar melody coming from a music box. Following the music all the way to Jang Go's office, a dismayed Seung Hee tries to leave when she turns around to find Jang Go standing behind her. Grabbing Seung Hee's arm to stop her from leaving, Jang Go asks "You are Seung Hee right? The Kim Seung Hee I knew." 

Ninja's First Impression:
Holy molly, after watching episode 4 I had to recheck just to make sure I was actually watching a 50 episode long K-family drama. The plot is sure moving at a break neck speed for a 50 episode long show. I thought for sure we had at least another fifteen more episodes to go before the hero would find out the heroine's real identity but nope, in just four short episodes we have already moved past the background set up. Mind you, not that I am complaining...actually...I am a little bit. The kids portion was so fun that I could've used another 20 episodes watching the young Seung Hee ogling her Jang Go oppa. 

My fear at this point is of course that the pacing is SO fast that I am worried about how the writer is planning to fill the remaining 46 episodes. Still, my fear aside I am dying to see how the two leads' reunion will go which means the writer has successfully caught my full interest...at least for now.
One other issue I should bring up. As successful as the writer has been able to weave a very engaging romance for the two leads, I am afraid the show has failed miserably when it comes to secondary characters. The side characters are not annoying or painful to watch per say...they are just uninteresting. Since we are obviously still quite early in the show I am hoping the insipid secondary characters will improve dramatically as time rolls on but either way, as long as the writer can keep the two leads' story as interesting as they are now then I guess I can overlook the boring parts.  

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  1. Hi, thank God somebody is watching this. I agree, except for the leads, the family and struggles of Mi Poong, the secondary characters are not worth their screen time. I am frustrated already at Jang Go's mother fixation at setting her son up with that horrible woman's brat of a daughter. I know you want him to marry up but at least figure out first if the girl is worth being a partner to you son. I just don't care about them at all.
    I am also glad for Lim Ji Yeon here, she seems to be doing a fine job balancing her role between cheerful and sad. They have that spark you want in a couple. I hope this time Jang Go aggressively tries to woo Mi Poong just like the little tadpole tried when she was a kid.