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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Blow Breeze Episode 5-8 Recap & 2nd Impression

Blow Breeze Episode 5-8 Recap by Ninja
Shocked to find out from Mi Poong that his childhood friend (heroine's brother) and her father both died during their escape from North Korea, Jang Go gives Mi Poong a picture from his school days so she could at least have one picture of her brother. Sobbing uncontrollably as she holds the picture tenderly, Mi Poong thank Jang Go for allowing her nephew to have a chance to see what his father looks like. 

Afraid that her mother would be reminded of the loss of her son if she knew their lawyer was actually the boy they knew from Macau, Mi Poong asks Jang Go to not reveal his true identity. Convincing himself that he has a responsibility to take care of Mi Poong as her brother's friend, Jang Go jumps on the chance to move Mi Poong and her family into his house's rental room when it became available. 

Unaware that their new residence is actually Jang Go's home, Mi Poong and her mother marvel at their great luck on finding a landlord who is willing to be lenient on rental deposits. 
Dismayed when Jang Go finally confessed that she is actually renting a room in his home, Mi Poong reacts with anger but cannot deny the fact that she and her family has no where else to go. 
Pained to see her handsome and talented lawyer son working out of a run down office, Mama Lee dreams of all the wonderful possibilities Jang Go could have if he marries a rich wife...such as her rich friend's daughter, Hee Ra. Pressured by his mom to go on a blind date with Hee Ra, Jang Go frowns when he realizes his date is none other than the spoil princess he had an unpleasant run in not too long ago. Equally dismayed to see Jang Go at first, Hee Ra's dislike of our hero soon turns to swoon when Jang Go jumps in to save her during a confrontation. 
Overjoyed to hear how much Hee Ra liked her son, Mama Lee's happiness is dampened when Jang Go frankly rejects Hee Ra. Suspicious that her son might have a girlfriend she is not aware of, Mama Lee confronts Jang Go and Mi Poong angrily when they walk through the front door together. Showing up at the perfect moment as well, Mama Kim recognizes Mama Lee right away and in no time both of our leads are explaining to their respective mothers how they all have come to live under the same roof. Both mothers still remembering vividly their unpleasant confrontations back in Macau, Mama Lee and Mama Kim reach an uneasy truce after Mama Kim promises to leave as soon as they have enough money to move out. 
Trying to assure his mother that Mi Poong is like a little sister to him, Jang Go relents once again to Mama Lee's demand that he goes on another date with Hee Ra. Suppressing a wince as Hee Ra rambles on about fashion and expensive brand names, Jang Go doesn't notice Mi Poong who just happens to be stopped at a red light and is staring at him with tears in her eyes. 
Frustrated at herself for being so worked up over seeing Jang Go on a date, Mi Poong vows to find a new apartment soon so she doesn't have to see Jang Go anymore. However, Mi Poong's resolution to keep her distance from Jang Go soon dissolves the moment she overhears a very frustrated Jang Go telling Mama Lee that he is not interested in Hee Ra nor does he want to achieve success by marrying a rich wife. 
With more opportunities to be together now they live in the same household, our two leads' friendship are quickly picking up from where they left off as youth...and something more. 

In the middle of showing Jang Go how to properly do a "moon walk", Mi Poong almost falls off the ledge but is saved by Jang Go at the last moment. Scared, Mi Poong wraps her arm around Jang Go and ends up accidentally kissing him in the chaos.   
Completely flustered and embarrassed, Mi Poong looks at Jang Go with bewilderment when he suddenly accuses her of kissing him on purpose. Frustrated that Jang Go would think such a thing, a huffy Mi Poong storms off but eventually breaks into a smile once a laughing Jang Go apologizes for teasing her.  
Her pride severely wounded after being rejected by Jang Go yet again, Hee Ra drowns her sorrow with alcohol and ends up literally running into Jang Go's younger brother, Jang Soo. Despite their ghastly first meeting, Hee Ra ends up forming an unlikely friendship with Jang Soo without any clue of his relationship to Jang Go. 
Horrified when she wakes up after a night of binge drinking with Jang Soo to find herself in a hotel room with her new friend, Hee Ra tries to assure her furious mother that nothing happened. Refusing to believe her daughter's words, Mama Jo becomes even more angry once her teary daughter explained that all these would not have happened if Jang Go hasn't rejected her. Furious that someone as unworthy= poor as Jang Go would dare to reject her daughter, Mama Jo storms off to Mama Lee's house to declare an end of their friendship. Offended that Mama Jo would consider her precious son unworthy, Mama Lee readily agrees to end their friendship but also reminds an embarrassed Mama Jo that she still owes her money. 
In the mean time, the romantic tension is starting to build in earnest between our two leads. Feeling bad that Jang Go had soiled a shirt while fixing her motorcycle, Mi Pong tells a doubtful Jang Go of her plan to personally make a dress shirt for him. Smiling in amusement as Mi Pong chides him for fidgeting while she is taking his measurements, Jang Go's laughter soon fades as Mi Pong leans in close and the instant awareness catches both of them off guard.  
Amazed when Mi Poong shows up at his office with a very professional looking shirt she made with her own hands, Jang Go eagerly takes off his shirt to try it on right then...which of course causes our heroine's poor heart to pound like crazy. Putting a hand to her heart, Mi Poong mutters "Why is my heart pounding like this again...just like when I was little?" 
As much as things seems to be improving for Mi Poong, life continues to throw her curve balls that beats her down again and again. Rushing to the police station to find her mother in trouble for hitting a innocent woman, Mi Poong is both pained and frustrated as Mama Kim insists that she saw Shin Ae, the girl that stole all of their money while they were making their escape from the North. Pushed over the edge when her mother brings up the topic of finding their long lost grandfather so they could be saved from poverty, Mi Poong screams for her mother to either stop dreaming or they could just all die together. Scared to see her usually so strong daughter breaking down, Mama Kim quickly apologizes and drops the topic promptly. 
Unbeknownst to Mi Poong, her mother is really not imagining things at all. Not only did Mama Kim really saw Shin Ae who has obviously done quite well for herself using the money she stole from them but that long lost grandfather actually exists as well. Grandfather Kim has been searching for his family for years but finally gave up when he was mistakenly informed that they are all dead. Believing that he is completely alone in the world, Grandfather Kim has allowed his long distance relative, the Jo family (Hee Ra's family) to move in with him. Thoughtful after a drunken Mama Jo accuses him of never really treating them like family or else he would be giving them their inheritance already, Grandfather Kim tells Daddy Jo that he wants to start treating him like a real son. 

Ninja's 2nd Impression:
This one is really growing on me. I still tend to have the urge to skip over all the secondary character's stories but I do like the fact that there are no villains in this show...at least thus far. For example, Mama Jo is a very materialistic character who is obviously hanging all her hopes on Grandfather Kim's large inheritance but in the end she is a very harmless character who wouldn't hurt a fly so that makes her character bearable. 
 While I do wish the writer created more intriguing secondary characters, I can overlook all that as long as long as we keep getting the cute romance between the two leads. I especially love both leads' tendency to show their childish side whenever they are together, despite the fact that they are usually so mature in their daily lives. Our heroine has always had a spoiled princess side to her personality but her family's tragic losses and their subsequent hardships have all forced her to suppress her true nature. However, perhaps because of their childhood friendship, not only can our heroine let down her guard when she is around Jang Go but our hero also stops being so stern and shows his fun loving side when he is with her as well.
There are a lot of good K-dramas with heart stopping eye candies out right now but for some reason Blow Breeze has become one of my favorite nonetheless. I guess I must have a soft spot for K-family dramas. Anyhow, I am really liking this one for now and as long as the plot doesn't get too draggy Blow Breeze will be staying on my watch list. 

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts! I hope you continue watching & recapping this drama. Although the secondary characters are annoying, I keep watching because of the adorable main couple :)

  2. Ya! I have a soft spot for the male lead after watching him in 3 Meals a Day with Chajumma. He is a bit clueless but rather endearing when he does work for his hyungs. Also not the type to make a big fuss. I quite like him in this drama too.

  3. At first I was a bit turn off when I see the trailer, it seems like all actor can not act and trying to much to be funny and cute. But when I knew the female lead is a scene stealer in High Society and the male lead is a scene stealer in Mrs Cop, I give it a try. I'm glad that the drama looks so good so far.