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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Crazy Queen Episode 1-2 First Impression

Chinese Web Drama: Crazy Queen (疯狂天后)
Episodes: 20
Aired by: v.qq.com

Jumping into the water during a fierce argument with the director on the filming site, our heroine Dong Yi wakes up to find herself surrounded by a bunch of people calling her "Queen!" Assuming she must have been rescued by another filming crew other than her own, Dong Yi keeps trying to figure out what historical script these actors are going by but all she gets are blanket stares. 
Finally noticing that she has a new body, our once plain Jane heroine is gleeful as she checks out her voluptuous and attractive new appearance.  
Still trying to figure out her new identity, Dong Yi is overjoyed when she realizes that someone who looks exactly like her crush from her own world also exists in this new one. Unfortunately, Dong Yi's crush look alike, Tian Jue has incurred the displeasure of the Queen Mother and has been forbidden to see the Queen/Dong Yi more than once a month. 
Disappointed to know that her crush is so close yet out of her reach, Dong Yi stares at her maid in shock once she is informed that the reason the Queen Mother dislikes Tian Jue is because he was so beloved by the Queen that she had ignored all of her other 29 husbands. 

Ninja's First Impression:
Hmm...interesting. I went into this one with low but hopeful expectations because it kinda gave off the same vibe as Go Princess Go had. I will probably give this one another couple episodes before I decide but overall the first two episodes did not impress me. The story felt over the top which is kinda expected considering the premise but the show just wasn't able to work the comedic tone effectively.  
Other issues: The two leads were really blend. The heroine came off dense to the point that she almost feels annoying. The hero? Well, we haven't seen too much of him yet other than the a few glimpses of him gazing forlornly at the heroine but I am afraid those few scenes did not piqued my interest at all. 
Like I said, it is way too early to give up on this one just yet so I will give it at least another couple episodes in hopes that the story will improve...dramatically by then. 

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  1. I've finished 4 episodes and agree with you about how the two leads are really quite bland atm. Despite the strange setting, I don't find the plot and characters interesting...

    GPG was hilarious, had a lot of heart and was so addictive to watch. This drama seems like it's trying to follow GPG but is falling short of my expectations. Hope it gets better in the later episodes!

  2. Ninja, thank you for the summary. I really depend on you to find a new drama to watch. The days after Loveo2o, are filled with Moon Lovers and Moonlight DBC. These 2 are so satisfying to watch . but i hope they won't end as badly as Novoland. Why do chinese dramas tend to have such sad endings??? Life is already difficult, why could they not give a happier ending or a more hopeful ending for the OTP? I guess I am from the Disney generation, happy endings are a must!

  3. 29 HUSBANDS!! I'm still stuck on that, the premise sounds interesting but from your review I may skip it :) but hopefully it gets/got better