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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fantastic Episode 1-4 First Impression

Fantastic Episode 1-4 First Impression
Korean Drama: Fantastic (판타스틱)
Episodes: 16 
Airs: Fridays & Saturdays 
Station: JTBC
Leads: Kim Hyun Joo (I Have A Lover) & Joo Sang Wook (Glamorous Temptation)

A successful tv script writer, our heroine Lee So Hye has lived her whole life cleaning up after her sibling's numerous crisis. Busy with an endless schedule of script deadlines, So Hye's world suddenly falls apart when her doctor (Hong Joon Gi, second lead) informs her that she has cancer. 
Plunged into the depth of despair by the thought of her imminent death and the many things she has yet to experience in life, So Hye is greatly comforted by the kindness Joon Gi offers her, especially when he reveals the fact that he is a cancer survivor.  

Overwhelmed with the horrifying image of herself dying in loneliness, So Hye's heart can't help but skip a beat whenever Joon Gi showers her with his undivided attention. 
There is a mystery surrounding our perfect second lead. Joon Gi seems to like So Hye a lot but something is obviously making him hesitant in taking their relationship to the next level.  
Seemingly each other's perfect counterpart in every aspect, So Hye's romance with Joon Gi moves along at a slow but sure pace...until they hit a giant obstacle namely our hero, Ryoo Hae Sung. A popular actor with a horrendous acting skill, Hae Sung has harbored a 10 year long crush on So Hye who was the very first person that believed in his potential. Jumping on the chance of working on So Hye's drama when the opportunity presented it self, Hae Sung ignores the fact that So Hye has obviously not forgotten his "betrayal" 10 years ago and vows to prove himself as an actor in front of her. 

Ninja's First Impression: 
Hmm... I can't make up my mind about this one yet. The whole terminal illness thing scares me a lot but I love the two leads so I feel obligated to be courageous enough to follow it. 
Okay, things I love about this one so far:
1. The character development is great in this one. Not only do I find the two leads' character lovable with their own quirky flaws but there are plenty of depth that makes me equally curious about both of them. 
2. Good chemistry between the two leads. 
3. LOVE the secondary character plot line. I didn't mention this in the synopsis, but Park Si Yeon plays the heroine's spunky best friend from high school. Park Si Yeon's character, Baek Sul is trapped in a Cinderella like situation...well...if Cinderella is the kind that rides a motorcycle and get in fights when she can escape her evil stepmother (mother-in-law). A beauty with a fiery temper, Baek Sul has no choice but to live like a lowly servant to her cheating husband and his abusive family so that her sick mother would have enough money to get treatment. 
Resign to her prison like life, Baek Sul's sleeping spirit finally starts to awaken when So Hye contacts her again AND after she meets her young love interest (play by Ji Soo).   
Things that worries me a bit:
1. The biggest one is obviously the terminal illness thing.
2. The pacing feels a bit slow. The story is actually progressing fairly fast but for some strange reason despite that fact the pacing still feels slow at times. I am hoping this one would resolve itself once the romance gets going in earnest between the two leads. 

All in all, while I don't consider Fantastic a big winner just yet I do think it has potential to be a fairly decent watch especially with such a solid line up of actors. 

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  1. Agree with your assessment. The characters are all a bit quirky but are somehow compelling at the same time and makes you want to know what is going to happen to them especially PSY's character. My main question is: how can she get out of the situation she's in AND get together with JS's character? The odds are unbelievably high and I want to know how it turns out. Plus JS is so adorable!