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Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #100

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #100
Shopping King Louie (Korean Drama)
I am on the fence about this one after watching the first two episodes. Seo In Guk's role is pretty hilarious so far but I am not feeling too much emotional pull from the story for some strange reason. Just for Seo In Guk's sake though I am going to give this one at least another couple episodes and cross my fingers that once the story gets going in earnest it will pull me in.

On The Way To The Airport (Korean Drama)
Boy, I don't remember the last time when I have watched a drama where I wanted two leads to fall in love so badly...but feel so guilty for wishing it at the same time. As one who believes that it is never okay to cheat, it is just killing me that I find myself constantly forgetting the two leads are married to different people. It does make me feel a little better that our leads...actually, mostly the heroine is trying desperately to fight against her own feelings but of course I am not holding out much hope that she will be successful.  
Rookie Agent Rouge (Chinese Drama, New)
Zhao Li Ying's new historical spy drama. I only checked out the first episode of this one and while it looks like there will be plenty of romance in the storyline I still can't motive myself enough to watch a C-historical spy drama. I don't have anything against C-espionage shows...just can't get myself interested in the genera for some reason.  
The K-2 (Korea Drama, New)
After watching the first two very flashy episodes of K-2 I feel like I SHOULD be completely impressed but it just didn't hold my attention. Everything about the show feels too over the top and each scene seems to be dragged out for longer than it's necessary. BUT, it does have the drool worthy Ji Chang Wook in it... Sigh! I am going to have to decided if plot is really that important. 
Unmei Ni Nita Koi (Japanese Drama, New)
A predestined like romance between a 40 year old divorced heroine and a much younger but very successful hero. I couldn't tell by episode one if this is a winner or not yet, but it was intriguing enough that I am definitely planning to watch the next episode. 
Natsume Soseki no Tsuma (Japanese Drama, New)
This one is based on a memoirs written by the wife of a well known Japanese writer Soseki Natsume about her marriage to the much beloved writer. The show is only four episodes long so the pacing is extremely fast. A warning though, 2016 is the 100 anniversary of Soeseki Natsume's death...so if you do check this one out do prepare yourselves for some male chauvinist tendencies from the hero that was probably to be expected for that era. 
Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart, Ryeo (Korean Drama)
After letting this one cool for a while I just got caught up with it this week and I am happy to report that I found the show much improved now that the romance between the two leads is finally starting to pick up. I know most people seem to prefer Moonlight over this one but when it comes to palace intrigue I actually think Moonlovers Ryeo is doing a much better job than Moonlight in keeping the conflict interesting and weaving them right in with the romance development. 

Oldies (not really) that I repented and went back to finish watching it: 
Contain SPOILERS about the ending!!!
Remembering Lichuan (Chinese Drama, 2016, 38 Episodes)
This one came out back in the summer and while I liked the first few episodes I ended up dropping it because of lack of time...okay, fine, I got scared off by the premise of the hero having terminal illness. Since this show was based on an online novel, I got all fired up once I realized the ending was actually a happy one for once. Confidently assuring a doubtful Mama Ninja that I have personally made sure this one was safe to watch, I ended up having to eat my words after buckets of tears and one altered ending. 
While the ending wasn't what I wished it to be nor expected, I do have to admit that the tv's ending felt right for the story...perhaps even more so than the happy ending in the novel. 
The two main leads were fairly flawed characters, each holding onto their own belief of what love means and hurting each other terribly in the process. I would usually get really tired of a story built on one lead being the noble idiot while the other stubbornly refusing to move on, but for some reason, Remembering Lichuan held my attention and impressed me with the depth of emotions it conveyed. By the end of the show, I was too teary to pass judgement on what the leads should've or might've done but was simply inspired by the story of two people who tried to love to the best they know how. 
Hmm...I am making this show sound very depressing but it was actually quite amusing for most of it so do give it a try if you don't mind crying some. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Godfrey Gao looked and acted the best I have ever seen him in this show. 
By the way, the producers have announced they will be making a special episode(s) with the full original cast for Remembering Lichuan that will be airing on Valentines Day 2017. Soooo...there is still hope that the ending might be a happy one after all. 

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