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Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #96

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #96
Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop (Korean Drama, New)
Out of all the new K-family drama out right now, this one seems to be doing the best right off the bat. The show has a fun wacky vibe but it's way too early for me to tell if this one is a winner yet since we are just at the story set up stage. The two leads actually start off both married to different people so I am assuming it will take at least a few more weeks to make them single again. Anyhow, definitely on my "wait and see" list. 

My Little Princess (Chinese Drama)
This one continues to be fun even if the plot is kinda predicable and the various misunderstandings between the two leads are getting tiresome. Still, I am liking it despite all the flaws and the cute leads ensure this show gets a spot on my watch list.   
Noble Aspirations (Chinese Drama) 
I actually like this one quite a bit...but I am too chicken to keep watching and has decided to put this one on pause until it ends. If the show follows the novel's ending then I am currently shipping the wrong OTP but if the show keeps veering off the novel's storyline like it has been doing then I might get the ending I want after all. Either way, I am hanging my head in shame and taking the easy way out by waiting to see if the ending is the one I want before deciding if I am going to finish watching it. 
W (Korean Drama)
I truly wish I have the brain power to follow all the twist and turns in W but then I am too busy swooning over our two leads' sweet scenes that I pretty much just say "Okay, show. What ever logic work for you as long as you keep the lovey dovey scenes coming." 
Blow Breeze (Korean Family Drama, New) 
Checked out the first two episodes of this one and for someone who usually don't have any patience for childhood background set ups I was strangely enthralled by story. By the end of episode two the childhood portion is already done so I am really hoping the adult cast will be just as interesting. 

Synopsis: Her once loving and affluent family torn to pieces after a deadly escape from North Korea, our heroine Kim Mi Poong's only ambition now is to work hard to take care of her grieving mother and baby brother. Completely without friends and family in Seoul, Mi Poong is stunned when she runs into our hero, Lee Jang Go, her first love from her childhood while they were both studying in Macau. 
Our Gab Soon (Korean Family Drama, New)
It is rare to find a show that tries so hard to put as many annoying characters together as possible. I was really cheering for Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim's first drama together but dang, I just couldn't find one single character that I liked enough to give me any desire to keep watching. 
The Second Last Love (Korean Drama)
With all the big flashy addicting dramas around lately it was a nice change to check back in with the understated but very comforting The Second Last Love. Armed with a solid cast behind it, this show might not get as many swoons from me compare to the ones filled to the brim with young eye candies but I still like it. 
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Korean Drama) 
Speaking of eye candies... There seem to be a lot of online chatter comparing Scarlet Heart to Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and which one you should watch. My opinion? No such things as too many good looking swoon worthy oppas. I will just watch them both faithfully. 
By the way, I am completely blow away by Park Bo Gum's acting in Moonlight as the crown prince. I am ashamed to admit that while I thought Park Bo Gum to be good looking before I never took notice of his acting but his performance in Moonlight has just wowed me. I am already a fan of Lee Joon Gi so I wasn't surprised at all that he is doing a great job in Scarlet as well. 

Oldies but Goodies: 
Boss & Me (Chinese Drama, 2014, 34 episodes) 
I am sure almost everyone has watched Boss & Me before but since I am following One Smile Is Very Alluring, I had a desire to watch Boss & Me again since they were both written by the same author. 

Plot wise, I actually preferred Boss & Me over One Smile Is Very Alluring because the first show actually feel like there is a logical progression of plot line while One Smile often feels like its meandering. However, there are two things that One Smile definitely does better than Boss & Me. 
1. Cleaver dialogue. Our leads' smart alec lines often have me laughing out loud. 2. Kissing scenes... yap, a whole lot more of those in One Smile. 

Still, Boss & Me is super cute and I love it enough to watch it again...for like the 4th time now? 


  1. I love Boss & Me too. Tbh, I love almost anything with Zhao Liying in it haha, but that's definitely a favourite. I prefer Moonlight, but I'm gonna watch both Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds :) you're right, no such thing as too much eye candy

  2. Tq Ninja for summarizing One Smile is Alluring. I love it a lot. And i love Boss n Me as well. As for Moonlight and Scarlet, i m watching them both because of the acting, the beauty and the script.