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Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #97

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #97 
FantastiC (Korean Drama, New)
Joo Sang Wook's new wacky romance about a famous actor trying to catch the eyes of a script writer (heroine, played by Kim Hyun Joo) who only thinks of him as a good looking guy with no acting skills. 
I have loved most of Joo Sang Wook's dramas in the recent years so I was especially excited to see him and Kim Hyun Joo paired up. After watching the first two episodes it is a bit difficult to describe the show's vibe. The show has an obvious strong comedic feel to it...but it also deals with some very heavy topics. For example, right off the bat we find out the heroine has cancer. That's already a fairly depressing premise to start with, but then we add in more frustrating circumstances both in her work place and around her best friend. By the way, the secondary character's story played by Park Si Yeon actually seems really intriguing so that's one big thumbs up for the show. 
Despite all the depressing plot lines though, the show is quite fun and I liked the first two episodes enough that I will give it a few more weeks before I decide on this one. 

Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop (Korean Drama)
Hmm...this one is doing really well in terms of ratings...but for some reason it's just not keeping my attention. While I don't necessary have any complaints about it, there really wasn't anything that made me want to follow it either. 
Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (C-Drama, Finished)
After the last couple weeks of being able to swoon and sigh for at least two hours a day at my computer screen I am going through a severe withdraw after this one ended. I took sometime to re-read the novel and surprisingly, I actually liked the TV version better. The TV version added a lot of secondary plot lines (such as the one between Cao Guang and Er Xi, the jealous attempts by Yi Ran and Na Na, corporate intrigue) that weren't in the original novel and I thought the script writer did a pretty good job in using those added stories to give all the characters more depth. 
Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart, Ryeo (Korean Drama)
Hmm...this one is going kinda slow. The problem is not that the story isn't interesting nor any issues with the acting, but rather because the way the story is set up our heroine spends most of her time weaving between all the princes AND the second lead. There has been a few scenes between the two leads that give me hope once the romance gets going in earnest the chemistry should be pretty good. However, at least for now, our heroine is spending all of her chemistry with the charming second lead...and that makes me feel like I am still stuck in the background story set up stage. 
Jealousy Incarnate (Korean Drama)
I find the premise of Jealousy Incarnate hilarious. For any girl who has suffered the pain/joy of a long crush, Jealousy Incarnate is a must watch. Gong Hyo Jin plays the heroine who is determined to end her long and seemingly hopeless crush, while Cho Jung Seok plays the hero who keeps declaring his disinterest but couldn't help feeling stabs of jealousy when it looks like she might really be moving on.  
I will be writing a first impression on this one next week. 
That Sun In The Sky (Korean Daily Drama, New)
I am really in the mood to follow a K-daily...but this one is not it. This one follows the story of a heroine who had to escape from her hometown when she found out that her mother had sold her off to be a mistress. Trying to survive in the big city on her own, our heroine begins her difficult journey of becoming a top star in the entertainment industry. 
I only watched the first two episodes and was put off by how many bad guys the heroine met in that short amount of time. The poor girl couldn't take more than two steps before she meets someone that tries to harm her in someway. Too depressing to the point of being unrealistic for me. 
Drinking Solo (Korean Drama, New) 
tvN sure loves these food dramas. I checked out the first two episodes and while the show certainly had tvN's trademark wacky feel to it, I just couldn't get into the story. The drama follows the various teachers at a private testing preparatory school and of course their love affair with food. 

Upcoming Drama: 
You guys ready for the newest version of Itazura na Kiss? Miss in Kiss is the new Taiwanese remake based on the Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss that just wrapped filming at the end of August. By my own count, I believe this one to be the sixth drama version of Itazura na Kiss. I guess the more the merrier. 
There aren't too much information about Miss in Kiss out right now other than a few promotional pictures so no broadcasting date yet nor any clue if this version is going to make any changes to the story or choose to stick to the manga closely. 
After watching all the various versions I am actually hoping that Miss in Kiss could add a new spin on the story but then it might be difficult to top what has been done already and still have the story satisfy the die hard fans. 


  1. about The sun in the sky,I just watched the 3rd ep. and it's getting better,she meets our hero. i think you should try a few more episodes.

  2. I'm actually really looking forward to Miss in Kiss because Dino Lee is in it. He played the second lead male in Our Times, so I'm excited to see him again.

  3. Ninja: Drinking Solo show is about love of alcohol beverage but not food.