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Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #99

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #99
Proud of Love (Chinese Web Drama)
Checked out the first episode of Proud Love by youku.com and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I am going to need a few more episodes to make a judgement on this one but at least the first episode went well enough for me to stick around. This one is a fantasy school romance about our cool and aloof hero whose life is turned up side down when his soul is suddenly switched with the heroine's. 

Forever Love (Chinese Drama)
I checked back on this one hoping that once the romance between the two leads got going in earnest the tiresome secondary plots would fade away...unfortunately no such luck. In fact, even the two leads' romance got tiring as well. Sigh... 
Crazy Queen (Chinese Drama)
My first impression of this one wasn't too great but I decided to give it another two episodes...and sadly episode 3-4 did not mange to change my opinion at all. The thought of having a heroine as the ruling Queen and the hero as one of the pinning 30 husband sounded fun on paper but Crazy Queen just wasn't able to pull in off. 
The Ten Deadly Sins (Chinese Web Drama)
Zhang Han's new web drama as a police detective! It's kinda fun to see Zhang Han in a gritty role for once so I probably will watch it at least a few more episodes even if I don't expect much of a romance plot. 
Shopping King Louie (Korean Drama, New) 
Yeah! Seo In Guk's new drama! I have only checked out the first episode, but so far this one looks like it could be a whole lot of fun. 

Synopsis:  Growing up in the outbacks of Korea, our heroine Bok Sil ventures into the city for the first time in search for her little brother but ends up meeting our hero who is wondering the street without any memory of his past as the Shopping King Louis. Trapped by his grandmother's fear for his safety, our hero's only way to experience the world has been using his keen sense for quality and endless wealth to buy everything he desires...until an accident wipes away his memory and he has no choice but to latch unto our extremely soft hearted heroine. 
On The Way To The Airport (Korean Drama, New)
Holy cow, this one is intense. I also only had time to check out the first episode of this one but dang, the first hour was already an emotional roller coaster but in a good way. One hang up I have is that the leads are married right now but judging by the many clues given already, both marriages have serious problems that make it immensely easy to see why divorce in these two cases are very desirable.
My Little Princess (Chinese Drama, Finished)
I thought this one was pretty cute overall, just a bit predicable. I might've lost interest in this one but once I realized it was only 16 episodes long then I figure I might as well finish it. The ending was pretty satisfying other than the fact that the writer seemed to have ran out of materials by episode 13 and had to resort to using various fillers for the next three episodes. 

Upcoming Drama: 
Good news for fans of Go Princess Go! The producers of Go Princess Go has just started filming a new drama called Oh My General. This one will also be based on a novel and the premise is hilarious. Actor Peter Sheng, who played the crown prince in Go Princess Go will be the hero again in Oh My General. Unfortunately Crystal Zhang won't be coming back in this new show but the heroine will be played by Sandra Ma instead. 

Synopsis: Welcoming his triumphant general home after eight long years of war, the emperor is completely stunned when his fearsome general, the worst nightmare of all his enemies frankly confesses that he is actually a woman. After a night of emergency discussion with the empress dowager, the emperor comes up with the perfect solution: Marry his very manly but apparently female general to the infamously useless and extremely beautiful prince. (The hero is not the crown prince, just someone who was given the title of a prince by the empress dowager.) 

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