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Monday, September 5, 2016

Just One Smile Is Very Alluring Summaries Episode 21-30(End)

Just One Smile Is Very Alluring or One Smile Is Beautiful Summaries
Character Names:
Bei Wei Wei: Heroine (online character: Lu Wei Wei Wei)
Xiao Nai: Hero (online character: Yi Xiao Nai He)
Zhen Shao Xiang: (online character: Zhen Shui Wu Xiang) Wei Wei's "ex-husband" in their game world. 
Xiao Yu Yao Yao: Shao Xiang's new wife in the game world and also his real life girlfriend. Likes to imagine that Wei Wei is immensely jealous of her.
Meng Yi Ran: #1 beauty on the school chart. Jealous of Wei Wei but likes to pretend she is above it all. Has a crush on Xiao Nai.
Cao Guang: The genius of the Language department. Has a crush on Wei Wei.  
Er Xi: Wei Wei's BFF and roommate. 
Hao Mei: Xiao Nai's roommate and friend. 

Episode 21-22

Her imagination going wild when Xiao Nai invites her to go swimming at his relative's mansion, Wei Wei agrees readily as her mind quickly help itself to lovely visions of a glorious Xiao Nai.
Secretly hoping she could just be busy filming the lovely view of Xiao Nai in the water instead of taking swimming lesson from him, Wei Wei's perfect plan goes wary when she becomes too flustered by the view of a half naked Xiao Nai and finds herself obediently changed into her ultra conservative swimming suit in a daze.
Not one to usually agree to meeting her online acquaintances in person, Wei Wei nonetheless decides to meet Die Meng for coffee when it becomes obvious that her online friend needed someone to talk to desperately. Completely shocked once she finally connects the stunning beauty standing in front of her as her online friend, Die Meng laughs at the thought of how everyone in their game world believes Wei Wei to be extremely ugly.

Her sour mood over her deteriorating relationship improved considerably after her meeting with Wei Wei, Die Meng tries to invite her boyfriend to have dinner with her and promptly becomes bitter again when her boyfriends turns her down to play games with Yao Yao's much younger...and prettier friends. Blamming Yao Yao and her girlfriends as the reason for her soured relationship, Die Meng purposefully taunts them by declaring that Wei Wei is actually extremely beautiful in person.
Remembering Shao Xiang had said that Wei Wei is working in his company, Yao Yao's friends convince her to ask Shao Xiang for a tour of his workplace with the expressed purpose of meeting Wei Wei. Satisfied once they confirmed with their own eyes that "Wei Wei" is just some plain girl, Yao Yao and her minions proceed to come up with various ways to torture poor clueless Er Xi.
Hilarious exchange between our leads:
Answering Xiao Nai's cellphone for him because he is driving, Wei Wei greets the caller easily...until Xiao Nai says "It's my mother."

Smiling at Wei Wei's panicked expression, Xiao Nai turns his phone on speakerphone. Unaware that Wei Wei can hear everything she says, Mama Xiao tells her son "Um, that little lady that you swindled to be your girlfriend, she is by your side?"
Xiao Nai "Yes, she is an intern at my company. We just got off work so I am taking her home."
Mama Xiao "Oh, it really surprised me just now. But listening to her voice, she sounds like a good girl. Don't you do anything naughty to her."
Xiao Nai "It depends."
Mama Xiao "Depends on what? But if you do do something naughty then you need to take responsibility."
Xiao Nai "Mom, I turned on the speakerphone."
Mama Xiao "...."
After a long pause, Daddy Xiao comes on the phone "Wei Wei, Xiao Nai. We'll say good bye here. Wei Wei, come visit sometime."
Turning her accusing eyes to Xiao Nai, Wei Wei says "With just one phone call, you made three people hate you."
Xiao Nai "Thank you for the compliment. My talent in this area has always been very good."
Parking the car in front of Wei Wei's house, Xiao Nai leans in for a kiss then says "On my mom's orders."
The mystery vibe between Hao Mei and the KO is finally answered when Hao Mei brings up an embarrassing incident in the past where he had tried to link up with another online game player believing the person must be a girl only to run away scared never to be seen again once he found out the person was a guy. Perpetually stoic, KO looks up, asks Hao Mei a few questions about the game then says "That was me."
Eager to expose Die Meng's lie now that they have seen with their own eyes that Wei Wei is no beauty, Yao Yao and her friends push Die Meng to bring Wei Wei to a group meet up. Knowing full well what Yao Yao and her friends are up to, a bitter Die Meng decides to trick Wei Wei into coming so she can have the satisfaction of seeing their plan backfires.

Expecting to have a friendly dinner with Die Meng but arriving at the restaurant to find a hoard of people waiting for her, it doesn't take long for our sharp heroine to figure out: 1. She has been tricked by Die Meng whom she thought was her friend. 2. Yao Yao and her friends were the one that tortured Er Xi at her work after mistakenly assuming Er Xi is her.
Deciding some retribution is in order for everything her BFF suffered Wei Wei channels her inner Xiao Nai and challenges Yao Yao along with her friends to a fight (on the computer) when they vehemently argued that she not the real deal. Thoroughly embarrassed when Wei Wei not only beats them easily but even takes the time to toy with them, Yao Yao eyes Shao Xiang in frustration as he he stares at Wei Wei with a star struck expression.
Unwilling to waste any more time with a bunch of unimportant strangers, Wei Wei ignores all the voices clamoring for her to stay and walks out to meet Xiao Nai who is coming to pick her up.

Immensely curious what Wei Wei's boyfriend looks like, everyone gathered around the restaurant entrance refusing to leave. Absolutely sure that there is no way Wei Wei's boyfriend would be a better catch than Shao Xiang, Yao Yao's friend Qing Qing loudly assures her that she will win this round for sure...that is until Xiao Nai shows up.
Resentful that someone like Wei Wei could have such a perfect looking boyfriend, Qing Qing yells loudly "Hey! Handsome guy! Did you know your girlfriend has married multiple men in the game world. She has a terrible reputation!"

Triumphant when she sees her words had caught Xiao Nai's attention, Qing Qing's gleeful smile turns to disbelief when Xiao Nai simply stares at Wei Wei lovingly and declares "As long as she is willing to be with me, I don't care about things like that."

Episode 23-24
The ticking bomb buried between Cao Guang and Er Xi finally explodes in the most horrifying way when Cao Guang runs Er Xi through with the very sword she had worked tirelessly to make for him as a gift.
Staring at her computer screen in complete disbelief, Er Xi reads the revealing words from the very man that has been the hero of her romantic dreams "Bei Wei Wei, I am done play acting with you!"
Totally clueless that her best friend's big confession moment has turned into a nightmare, Wei Wei comes home with a big cake as a way to apologize to Er Xi for the injustice she had suffered at the hands of Yao Yao and her minions. Confused when a sullen Er Xi angrily tosses her cake to the ground, Wei Wei walks away wondering if Er Xi is more angry about the mistaken identity incident with Yao Yao than she thought.
Yi Ran finally sees the video of Cao Guang's drunken ramblings her friend Na Na had secretly filmed a while ago and promptly took it upon herself to inform the "poor misled" Xiao Nai the truth about Wei Wei. Frustrated when her first attempt to talk to Xiao Nai on the phone is quickly cut off by a simple "I am not interested in hearing about my girlfriend from other people," Yi Ran resorts to ambushing Xiao Nai while he is out on his morning run.

Taking Wei Wei to breakfast, Xiao Nai doesn't rush to ask Wei Wei about Cao Guang's drunken video but instead jumps on the computer to hack into Na Na's phone to wipe the video out. Furious the moment Xiao Nai shows her a copy of Cao Guang's drunken ramblings, Wei Wei can hardly think clearly until the thought of Xiao Nai's trust in her to handle her own problems finally calms her down enough to make her smile.
Already intending to track Cao Guang down ASAP, Wei Wei jumps on the chance to confront Cao Guang when she runs into him unexpectedly. At first uninterested in anything Wei Wei has to say, Cao Guang's attention is finally caught when he realizes that Wei Wei is not the person he has been interaction with in the game world. Staring at Cao Guang with distaste, Wei Wei asks "You told me you liked me but you have falsely accused me again and again. Is this how you like someone?"
Finally figuring out that he has been mistaking Er Xi as Wei Wei especially after a warning from Xiao Nai not to mess up the two girls precious friendship, Cao Guang waits for Er Xi right outside of her work to apologize to her. Horrified that Cao Guang knows her true identity now, Er Xi's first instinct is to run away but finally stops and asks "Did you even liked me once, just a little bit in the game?"
Hesitantly, Cao Guang confesses that he had always assumed Er Xi is Wei Wei so whatever she did in the game he always saw it as a proof of Wei Wei being fake. Breaking down in tears as Cao Guang tries to reach for her hand and tells her that they can be good friends, Er Xi runs away after yelling "I don't want to be your friend!"
Having finally figured out the whole mistaken identity mess, Wei Wei goes home to talk to Er Xi but is met with the sight of Er Xi ready to move out with a packed bag. Tearfully admitting that she knows Wei Wei can't be blamed for all these misunderstandings, Er Xi nonetheless can't bring herself to be around Wei Wei anymore, especially after Shao Xiang informs her that the only reason she was hired was because he also thought she was Wei Wei.

Stopping Er Xi from leaving, Wei Wei tells Er Xi "Since all these started because of me so I will leave instead." With no where to go, Wei Wei ends up at Xiao Nai's house eventually...much to his approval. Telling Wei Wei frankly that he doesn't have the sort of self control to share the same living space with her for a long periods of time, Xiao Nai plans to move back to his parents' house but an unexpected flooding there promptly nixed that idea. How hilarious is that Xiao Nai's excuse of not moving out was that his father's collection of historical documents are too precious so he can't possibly leave them at his house with only Wei Wei to guard them. 

As expected, the close proximity of our two leads staying in the same household created some exiting tension...but sadly our hero apparently still have plenty of self control...for now.

Impatient with Yao Yao and her friends' constant need to bash on Wei Wei now that he has seen what a beauty she is, Shao Xiang breaks up with Yao Yao right in front of her friends.

Ordering his subordinate to trick Er Xi into giving up her home address, Shao Xiang's eyes light up when he is lucky enough to catch Wei Wei walking away from her apartment with a suitcase. Seeing right through Shao Xiang's attempt to show off his father's wealth AND his lie that Er Xi had already told him all of her information, Wei Wei leaves after making it clear to Shao Xiang that in her eyes Xiao Nai is much better than some rich boy who only lives off his father's money.

Episode 25
Missing Er Xi terribly but knowing that their friendship needs the time apart right now, Wei Wei enjoys the opportunity to spend a whole lot of time with Xiao Nai even if it just means quietly reading while he works.
Finding himself re-watching videos Er Xi had sent him in the past as the only means to see her, Cao Guang texts an apology to Er Xi and invites her to kill him 100 times in the game as his punishment. Not surprised but still disappointed when his text is met with silence, Cao Guang belatedly remembers that he still needs to pick a bone with the person who secretly filmed his drunken ramblings.

Still puzzling over how Cao Guang's video had mysteriously disappeared from Na Na's phone, Yi Meng and Na Na daydreams of Xiao Nai breaking up with Wei Wei now that Yi Ran had helped him see the "truth." Stunned when an angry Cao Guang lets it slip that Wei Wei was not the person he had been playing games with online, Yi Ran and Na Na is duly intimidated by Cao Guang's threat of retribution if they ever speak ill of Wei Wei again.
Gently covering a sleeping Wei Wei with a blanket, Xiao Nai's attention is caught when he notices Shao Xiang approaching Wei Wei in their game world. Sitting down comfortably with a beverage in hand, Xiao Nai allows Shao Xiang to wax poetic about the good old days with Wei Wei and even moves Wei Wei's character just enough so the unsuspecting Shao Xiang would keep talking. Feeling more confident the more he talked, Shao Xiang finally asks Wei Wei to get back with him...and gets the most unpleasant shock of his life when the answer comes back "I am Yi Xiao Nai He."
Amused when she wakes up and reads the two men's conversation online, a smiling Wei Wei promises to keep Xiao Nai apprised of any more annoying love confessions that comes her way... as long as he does the same for her.
Shaking with anger at the realization that Xiao Nai and Nai He is the same person, Shao Xiang charges into his father's office and demands to have a say in the Feng Teng demo so he can defeat Xiao Nai at least in one area of his life.

Used to employing various shady ways to win in his business dealings, President Zhen (Shao Xiang's dad) had tried to bribe A Shuang (the employee that Wei Wei used to worked with in Xiao Nai's company) into stealing Xiao Nai's program codes but relents once A Shuang tells them that he is not skilled enough to crack Xiao Nai's codes and convinces Feng Teng to move up the demo date in hopes that according to A Shuang it would stops Xiao Nai from being able to finish his demo.

Glad that his useless son is finally willing to do something for once, President Zhen doesn't tell Shao Xiang that his people had successfully convinced Feng Teng into moving up the demo dates therefore giving themselves no time to implant all the changes Shao Xiang is demanding on their own company's demo.

Episode 26
Calling everyone together, Xiao Nai informs his disbelieving crew of the news that despite the fact that Feng Teng has decided to move up the demo date he still insists on delivering the best possible product in the extremely shorten amount of time. 

Complaining loudly of the fact that they will be eating and sleeping at the company from that very moment on, Xiao Nai's team nonetheless gives their 110% of their best effort to their boss. A bit sadden by the fact that she can't ease Xiao Nai's burden, Wei Wei does her best to at least make sure the boys eat and get the best possible rest while they work around the clock. 
Finding out by chance that her cousin Shao Xiang actually knows Wei Wei as well, Yi Ran allows herself to be convinced by her friend Na Na once again that Wei Wei must be using her feminine wiles on yet another man. Weary of Cao Guang's warnings, Na Na comes up with the idea of using Er Xi to publicly denounce Wei Wei. Using the half truths she knows, Na Na tries to rile Er Xi up against Wei Wei, but ends up doing the opposite and reminding Er Xi of all the hardship Wei Wei had endured in silence without her knowing. 

Overwhelmed with guilt for how she treated her best friend, Er Xi calls Cao Guang and tells him that while she has decided to forgive him but from this point on they should treat each other like strangers. Ashamed when Er Xi asks "You keep apologizing to me but did you apologize to Wei Wei?", Cao Guang silently answers "I haven't and I don't have the guts to face her anymore." 
Skipping out of work with pure excitement after getting a phone call from Er Xi, Wei Wei's face lights up with happiness and relief as Er Xi tearfully apologizes for the way she acted out of jealousy. 
Thoughtful when Er Xi mentions her meeting with Na Na, Wei Wei decides it's time to do something about the two annoying pests that keep bothering her. 
Believing that Er Xi must hates Wei Wei for stealing Cao Guang from her, Yi Ran and Na Na takes Er Xi out for lunch in an attempt to convince her to tell her story to the world so everyone would know the "truth" about Wei Wei. Forcing themselves to act friendly even when Er Xi orders an insanely large amount of food for herself, Yi Ran and Na Na finally figure out that they have been played when Wei Wei walks in and introduces herself as Er Xi's good friend. 

Episode 27
Concerned about Xiao Nai especially once he starts to only sleeping three hours a day while working around the clock, Wei Wei could only watch hopelessly as Xiao Nai attempts to solve one last stubborn piece of programming with only less than 24 hours to go. 
Pleasantly surprised to wake up from dozing off at work to find Xiao Nai ready to take her out for Chinese Valentines Day, Wei Wei looks around at the rather empty mall and mentions that it might actually be more festive in the game world. Wei Wei's words triggers a flood of ideas for Xiao Nai and our very understanding heroine ends up spending the rest of time sitting at a cafe and watching Xiao Nai scribbling furiously on a pad of paper. 
Thanks to the last moment of brilliance from Xiao Nai, the demo for Feng Teng is successfully completely on time and allows Xiao Nai to send most of his very tired but excited team home on a two week paid vacation. 
Going with the boys to buy new suits in preparation for their upcoming presentation, Wei Wei sighs with amazement when a very impressive looking KO walks out of the changing room. Having told Wei Wei just moments ago that he has sufficient number of suits back at home so he is not planning to buy new ones, Xiao Nai suddenly finds himself changing his mind as he looks at the dreamy expression on his girlfriend's face. All thoughts of KO fleeing away as Xiao Nai walks out of the changing room in a new suit, Wei Wei rewards our hero's effort with an extremely dazzled expression. 
Forced by Zhen Yi (Shao Xiang's company) to betray his own team, a very conflicted A Shuang calls Zhen Yi's people and tells them "I told you, it's hopeless. Xiao Nai has completed the demo in time." Seemingly unconcerned by A Shuang's words, the voice on the phone replies "Xiao Nai is truly a formidable foe. But that's alright, we have another plan in place already, so you just need to make sure to stay hidden." 

Busy packing her luggage while Xiao Nai is packing his own for his very important business trip, Wei Wei is flustered when Xiao Nai's parents show up unexpectedly. Much relieved once Xiao Nai explains that Wei Wei has been staying at the house alone while he has been sleeping at work, Xiao Nai's parents greet Wei Wei with enthusiasm. A bit overwhelmed by Xiao Nai's parents' eager attitude, Wei Wei looks to Xiao Nai for help...who then promptly throws her to the wolves by asking his parents to give Wei Wei a ride to the school dorm. And that is how our heroine finds herself getting escorted through the school campus with everyone staring, accompanied by whispers of "That's Professor Xiao! Bei Wei Wei has already met Xiao Nai's parents?! You see people showing off their boyfriends but showing off their in-laws! Wow!" 

Episode 28

Hurt after finding out by accident all the bitter feelings Na Na has been harboring against her, Yi Ran finally decides it's time to go study overseas so she can make a new beginning for herself. Shaking hands and wishing Yi Ran best of luck, Wei Wei smiles proudly when Yi Ran comments that she is envious of Wei Wei's friendship with Er Xi.

Accompanying Er Xi to Zhen Yi to pick up her paycheck, Wei Wei becomes suspicious once she connects the person she saw A Shuang having a meeting with as the man who is also in charge of software development at Zhen Yi. Unsettled by her discovery, Wei Wei attempts to call Xiao Nai but he has already turned off his phone in preparation for his big presentation at Feng Teng.
Determined to get the Feng Teng contract no matter what, Shao Xiang's father, President Zhen bribes one of the managers at Feng Teng to sabotage the internet server just as Xiao Nai's team is about to present their demo. Confident even as everyone around him...including his own team are flustered by the sudden crisis, Xiao Nai calmly declares that he has already prepared a backup server just to prevent something like this happening to their customers. Impressed with Xiao Nai's demo AND his ability to foresee problems, Feng Teng awards Xiao Nai's team with the contract.
Despite being deeply disappointed that his team didn't win, Shao Xiang nonetheless takes pride in the fact that he had given his best effort...that is until he overhears a phone conversation and realizes that his father had tried to sabotage Xiao Nai's presentation by some shady means.
Having worried about Xiao Nai the whole day, Wei Wei is overjoyed to come home and see Xiao Nai waiting for her. Jumping with happiness when Xiao Nai whispers "We won!", Wei Wei gleefully heads off to the celebration dinner with Xiao Nai's company.
Curious to see A Shuang absent at dinner, Wei Wei asks Xiao Nai about it and sighs with regret once Xiao Nai explains that A Shuang had resigned after he confessed to leaking information to Zhen Yi. It looks like A Shuang had met with Xiao Nai before the demo presentation and that was why Xiao Nai was ready for Zhen Yi's sabotage attempt. 

Episode 29
Time to have some fun and relaxation now that we are done with conflicts, corporate intrigue, and love triangles.

Taking his whole company on an outing, Xiao Nai has a swimming contest with KO at everyone's urging. Our hero of course wins the first round, but loses the second one after KO dryly declares "I won't be in the mood to cook the BBQ if I don't win."
Fighting over KO's fantastic cooking, the boys AND Wei Wei decide to battle it out in the game world as a way to settle their food allotment. Specifically forbidden by his friends to participate out of fear that he would end up winning every morsel of food, Xiao Nai ends up verbally coaching Wei Wei during the battle and smiles proudly when Wei Wei beats his friends easily.
Mildly surprised to see a farewell letter from Shao Xiang waiting for her when she logged into her game account, Wei Wei reads with a mixed expression as Shao Xiang first apologizes for his dad's shady methods then promises to one day design a better game than Xiao Nai. Accepting Shao Xiang's apology and challenge, Xiao Nai types "I will be waiting." as his reply.
2 Year Time Jump: 
Wearing her graduation gown, Wei Wei stares at her computer with a dreamy expression as she watches Xiao Nai discussing his recent awards for his two game programs. Stunned when Xiao Nai suddenly refers to her during the interview as "My fiancee", Wei Wei quickly protests "We are not engaged! He didn't propose!" as her incredulous roommates turn their accusing glares towards her. 

Thoughtful as her roommates wonders out loud why Xiao Nai would say such a thing if he didn't propose, Wei Wei's eyes widen with realization as she remembers one night when she was teasing Xiao Nai about not receiving any money for her internship, Xiao Nai had replied "I have no money, but you can have my body." 

Shaking their head collectively, Wei Wei's roommates sigh with pity "Before you guys even met, you become his girlfriend. Before he proposes, you become his fiancee. Wei Wei, I am really worried about you in this marriage. You can't win when it comes to battle of wits and you can't win in a fight either..."   
Wei Wei and her roommates finally graduates! Always the perfect boyfriend, Xiao Nai agrees to the girls' plea to take pictures together. 
Er Xi also has a happy ending of her own. Working at the foreign state office after his graduation, Cao Guang visits his old campus with a few VIP guests and smiles with amusement when he spots Er Xi on top of the school statue trying to take a selfie. Bickering with Cao Guang the moment she sees him, Er Xi almost falls off the statue in her excitement but is saved at the last moment by Cao Guang. Introducing Er Xi to his guests, Cao Guang declares "This is Er Xi. My best friend." 

I am going to jump the gun and wrap up Er Xi's story here. Er Xi ends up taking the state test so she could work with Cao Guang. We didn't get to see the two date officially but it seems certain that things worked out for the two. 

Episode 30
His turn to meet Wei Wei's parents now that he has publicly announced their engagement, Xiao Nai gets full approval from his future mother-in-law...but not so much from his father-in-law. Sweating after Daddy Bei puts him through the wringer to test his physical fitness, Xiao Nai tells Wei Wei "I think we better have a son. I thought about it. If I had a daughter I would do even worse to our daughter's suitor than what your dad is doing to me. I already have all the plans mapped out in my head...but that means our daughter would never get married. So, we should just have sons." 
His eyes flashing with amusement when a dejected Wei Wei comes to him complaining about the fact that she had accidentally said something (the fact that he can't cook) that made her dad determined to not accept him, a very confident Xiao Nai walks off in search of Daddy Bei. Completely stunned when her dad comes out of his conversation with Xiao Nai declaring "You two should marry soon! As soon as possible!", Wei Wei laughs as Xiao Nai explains that he had simply mentioned the fact that the sooner they get married they sooner Daddy Bei could be holding grandkids. 
Visiting Wei Wei at her and Xiao Nai's new apartment, Wei Wei's friends squeal with amazement as they touch the golden crown that goes with Wei Wei's traditional Chinese wedding gown which looks a whole lot like the one Wei Wei's game character worn when she married Xiao Nai in their game world. Pointing to the two little red books on the bedside table when her friends teases her about sharing an apartment with Xiao Nai before the wedding, Wei Wei tells her BFFs that she and Xiao Nai have already registered their marriage. 
Flustered when she comes out of her shower just as Xiao Nai walks into the door, Wei Wei mutters that she had wanted to try the wedding gown but didn't know how. Assuring Wei Wei that he knows how, Xiao Nai takes off the robe Wei Wei is wearing then personally dresses her in the wedding gown piece by piece. Dang, that was one sexy scene. 
His control snapping as he stares at Wei Wei in her wedding gown, Xiao Nai picks her up and carries her off to the bed. 
Ready for the last scene?! Taking Wei Wei to what used to be his uncle's internet cafe but now his company's brand new office, Xiao Nai points to a seat and tells Wei Wei that was where she sat the very first time he met her. Turning to look at Xiao Nai with a glint in her eyes, Wei Wei asks "So, really... you fell in love with me at first sight?" Thoughtful as he remembers his very first meeting of Wei Wei, Xiao Nai pulls her to him and whispers "If I knew what I know now, I would've fell in love with you at first sight for certain." 

Ninja's Final Thoughts:
Happy ending!!! Boy, that was one satisfying fluffy C-romantic drama that really didn't have much plot going other than showing off our two leads' sweet relationship. The pretentious part of me want to go all critical on this show but...who I am fooling, I am completely shallow and enjoyed this show from beginning to the end. 
Kudos to Yang Yang for playing such a perfect hero. Xiao Nai's character really had no flaw whatsoever...unless you count his inability to cook more than a noodle dish so it was quite impressive for any actor to actually pull this particular character off. 
As for Zheng Shuang...I thought she did well enough as Wei Wei, once you purposefully forget the fact that she was suppose to have this sexy siren physical appearance. It didn't help that the show kept the conflict plots from the novel of all the different girls attempting to make a big deal out of the heroine's seductress appearance despite the fact that Zheng Shuang, while pretty most definitely does not give off the femme fatal vibe at all. 

Oh, well. All things considered, I enjoyed myself immensely...even with my crazy attempt to summarize this thing. BTW, someone wack me on the head the next time I even think to do this again with another C-drama that airs TWO episodes a day. 


  1. hey,

    Silent lurker till now. But after watching Love O2O, can't stop myself from gushing!

    I understand a total of 3 words of Chinese, hello, thank you, and sorry, even then I watched this drama raw as it aired!!

    Then ofc, I used to come to your site to match my understanding with your recaps...

    Btw, I totally blame you for my facination with this drama. If you hadn't posted your first impressions here, I woudn't have checked it out at all!

    Another thing, if another good looking and gooey drama like this one comes along, I don't think even a bonk on the head can help us!!

    Thank you for recapping and bringing Love O2O to us!

    P.S. can Zheng Shuang do something about her actions and reactions during intimate scenes. It totally disconnects you from the romance when you find the heroine so physically aloof and cold! (My personal opinion, not intended to harm anyone's sentiments. If I have, I'm sorry!)

  2. Thanks for bringing this series to my attention, otherwise I might have missed it. I really enjoyed it. I thought Zheng Shuang was a little stiff too but she seemed to play her character close to the book so I forgave her. I will be missing my daily dose of Love 020 tomorrow. Probably for the best, I need to get back to reality.

  3. No, I will not whack your head because your summaries are very good and it is a factor for me to decide whether I should invest my time to watch the drama online or not. In between, I am your big silent fan. I follow nearly all of your posts everyday since 2015. Thank you so much.

  4. Thanks to u, i discovered this drama. The daily dose of sweet love progression, fantastic dialogue and serious information i received via this 30 ep drama ,
    Its all thanks to u.
    Looking forward to discovering more fun and interesting drama thru here.

  5. Thank you for your recap
    They help to choose what to see next....

  6. Thank you for your recap
    They help to choose what to see next....

  7. Thanks to you for exposing this and many other fun dramas to me.

    I totally agree about the siren appearance or lack there of of Zheng Shuang. My eyes should have rolled out of my head the amount of times Er Xi was calling Wei Wei a 34C. I thought Er Xi was cuter. Chock full of cute girls and yummy boys, I got a tooth/heart ache watching it all in a weekend. Such good fluffy fun. I found it a real shame though that they didn't push through that vague BL love line between Mei and KO, or was it all in my head...?

    1. Ha! No, that love line was not in your head. Mei and KO's story wasn't really part of the story but the writer included some bonus parts that made it pretty clear that they are a couple.

  8. The overall theme is beyond great.There are so many anime about mmorpg but not drama. The production team is very daring to pick up this series.

    I praise it for the CG too. The online avatars have same face as real life, so it makes audience easier knowing who is who. Avatars motion is also superb. Sooo rpg like.

    The only thing I want to complain is about MC characterizations. Xiao Nai is perfect. Wei Wei is perfect. I see no flaw in them to the point it feels unorganic. They have no up and down in their relationship. Yes, her inside world is close to your ordinary girl. And I actually love her for not being damsel in distress. But each problem she faces is rather resolved quickly. Clean and clear. And I can only remember Xiao Nai for 2 expressions: smiling and poker face. Not blaming the actor, though. He delivers it just fine.

    One enjoyment in watching drama for me as audience is growing up along the characters. If the characters are already perfect, it leaves no room for improvement. I can't learn anything from it, can't feel the emotion or the struggle. And yes, I agree that the most conflicted moment comes from Wei Wei - Er Xi. Not the main couple. It's such a shame, because that way, I dont find significancy of pairing them together. If Xiao Nai and Wei Wei aren't couple, do you think the story will still be the same? I think we will only lose their cute OTP moments. Aside from it, imho main plot wont be affected.

    Seeing this drama being immensely popular, I guess it's just me foe thinking this way. However, I dont give up yet, I will jump straightly to the novel. Sorry for being too long.