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Monday, September 19, 2016

Kakuregiku Episode 1-2 First Impression

Japanese Drama: Kakuregiku
Episodes: 8
Airs: Sundays
Leads: Mizuki Alisa & Maekawa Yasuyuki

After living her life as a housewife for the last 17 years, Michiko Ueshima's world is suddenly turned upside down when her husband's mistress, Takoromo Yahagi shows up with a divorce paper for her to sign. Surprised when Michiko simply listened quietly as she explained how she seduced Shunpei, Michio's husband six years ago in detail, Takoromo remarks with amazement "Both Shunpei and his mother had said you were an ordinary woman but after meeting you, you are not ordinary at all." 
Ready to sign the divorce paper without fuss especially after knowing that her mother-in-law had actually encouraged Shunpei to divorce her, Michiko only condition is for her husband to let her be in charge of her late mother-in-law's up scale Japanese restaurant. Knowing full well that Michiko had always felt like an outsider because his mother had politely but firmly refused to let her participate in anything concern the family business, Shunpei regretfully informs a dismayed Michiko that the restaurant is actually going bankrupt. 
Divorced with two kids to support, Michiko comes up with what must be the most creative solution to solve her dilemma of finding a job as a housewife with no work experience. Meeting her now ex-husband's lover once again, Michiko tells an offended but intrigued Takoromo that in exchange for a loan large enough to purchase a restaurant, she is willing to be the bridge that makes sure Shunpei will marry Takoromo. 
In a rather strange twist of events, thanks to a loan from Takoromo, our heroine not only was able to start her own restaurant but also hires her ex-husband as the chef...after assuring Takoromo that she will keep her relationship with her ex strictly business. 

Ninja's First Impression:
What a strange but VERY intriguing show! As I mentioned in the last week's Friday Round Up, the first episode of Kakuregiku started off really slow but quickly become interesting once the mistress showed up and Michiko's fighting spirit starts to awaken. 

You could probably guess from the promo poster that the story is completely focused on our heroine's personal growth and rediscovery of who she is as she blaze through the various difficulty that will come her way but the show has also been successful in crafting very memorable side characters. 
Both the mistress and the cheating husband are very interesting even on their own, especially now that their relationship with the heroine has evolved into something almost like comrades. One scene I particularly liked was the confrontation between Michiko and Shunpei where our heroine finds out as much as she had felt ignored by her husband, he had also marveled how little she took notice of him, so much so she had no clue that he had been dealing with the threat of bankruptcy for over a year. 
The thing that I like the most about Kakuregiku is that the show presents us with the most common sort of every day life situation such as a demure housewife, cheating husband, financial stress then turns those ordinary people or events just slightly so all of the sudden we can't help but be curious to see what will happen next. I don't expect much of a romance plot line from this one but at only 8 episodes long I think the pace will be fast and as long as the characters can keep being this intriguing I will try to follow this one. 

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  1. From your recap it seems interesting, I really hope it gets subbed.