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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lee Sang Woo & Kim So Yeon A Couple In Real Life!!!

Ahh...It's always so nice as a fan to see the leads you loved in a drama becoming real life couples. I have been so mired in Just One Smile Is Very Alluring it took me until this morning to find out the exciting news that Lee Sang Woo and Kim So Yeon have officially admitted that they are a couple. Apparently after 8 months of filming Happy Home together, the onscreen sparks have carried on after the drama wrapped up.

According to an interview with Kim So Yeon, while she and Lee Sang Woo had developed "good feelings" for each other during Happy Home's filming but neither feel it was appropriate to take things to the next level at that point since they were in the middle of a project.

The couple had their first date at the amusement park and the zoo. I guess they went during the middle of the week while most people were at work, fully armed with masks and sunglasses so they actually got to enjoy their date without being recognized.
Asked why she fell in love with Lee Sang Woo, Kim So Yeon replies that her "oppa" is constant and sincere, someone who has remained the same from the very first day she met him. Oh, and mostly importantly, Kim So Yeon's family apparently really likes Lee Sang Woo as well.

It sounds like the relationship is still at the "get to know each other" stage but Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo both give off this very down to earth mature vibe so I am hoping this one will work out with a happy ending for both of them!

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