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Monday, September 26, 2016

On The Way To The Airport Episode 1-2 First Impression

Korean Drama: On The Way To The Airport (공항 가는 길)
Episodes: 20
Airs: Wednesdays & Thursdays
Leads: Kim Ha Neul & Lee Sang Yoon

Episode 1 & 2 Overview:
A very competent and experienced flight attendant, our heroine Choi Soo A keeps such a low profile at work that no one expect her best friend knows that she is married to a much admired pilot at the same airline. Using the excuse that they are both busy professionals, Choi Soo's husband Jin Suk ignores his wife's protest and decides to send their 12 year old daughter, Hyo Eun to study abroad in Malaysia. Habitually giving in to her husband's strong opinions despite her own growing unease especially knowing how scared her daughter is, Choi Soo reluctantly persuades Hyo Eun to follow her father's orders.  
Time to introduce our hero! A part time collage instructor in architecture, Seo Do Woo's seemingly happy life only has one flaw - the fact that his cute 10 year old step-daughter Annie lives all the way in Malaysia. Convinced by his wife, Hye Won that Annie loves to study abroad in Malaysia so much that she is refusing to come back to Korea, Do Woo has no clue that his wife has been the one that forbids their daughter to come home.
Knowing full well of her mother's wish to not see her at all, Annie pretends to be happy whenever Do Woo visits her and carrying on Hye Won's lie that she likes Malaysia too much to leave.
Immensely grateful to her daughter's new roommate Annie who has taken Hyo Eun under her wings, Soo A has only ever contacted Do Woo on the phone to talk about their daughters. Two concerned parents who really are virtual strangers to one another finally meet one day when tragedy strikes and Do Woo loses Annie to a car accident.

Nagged by a bad feeling when her daughter mentions the police has come by the house especially after remembering the little girl who was hit right outside of the airport, Soo A tries to get the last plane ticket out to Malaysia but ends up giving the spot to another person who is obviously grieving over the death of someone dear to him. Noticing Soo A's kind gesture even in the midst of his pain, Do Woo takes the chance to thank her later when they meet again and is stunned once he realizes that Soo A is Hye Won's mother he has been talking to on the phone.
Unaware that his step-daughter's death was indirectly caused by Hye Won, Do Woo tries to accept his wife's reasoning that in order for her to deal with the loss of Annie she just needs to pretend that nothing has happened. With no one to share his grief, Do Woo finds an unlikely confidant in our heroine who becomes the only one he can laugh and cry with over his precious memories of Annie.

Ninja's First Impression
So sad but so addicting! Other than the pesky matter of our two leads being married to different people and the writer killing off the hero's super cute daughter, I loved almost everything else about On The Way To The Airport. 
The strange thing about this show is that it employs some story elements that are usually my biggest pet peeves in dramas but for some reason I don't mind any of it here. For example, I would usually find any show that has two leads falling in love while being married to other people too distasteful...but kudos to the director, I just can't seem to stop myself from swooning whenever the two leads are together. 
The other interesting thing is that while I LOVE the interactions between the two leads I actually find their characters kinda frustrating individually. From Do Woo's refusal to admit to himself that something is really wrong with his wife's attitude towards their daughter to Soo A inability to stand up to her husband's forceful ways, our two leads have plenty of flaws but all those short comings can't override the fact that they are obviously very kind and caring human beings who can't help but be drawn to each other. 

One thing that perhaps wasn't apparent in the overview is that there is a heavy mystery element in the show, such as what caused Annie's mother to be so cold hearted towards her own daughter and the various hints that Soo A's husband (and perhaps her own best friend) might be hiding something unsavory. 
All in all, despite some initial misgivings, I was quite impressed by the first two episodes of On The Way To The Airport. It's probably way too early to declare this but I have a feeling that this one might get addicting so here is to hoping my prediction come true. 

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  1. Hi Ninja, so glad you previewed this. The show does tread on murky premises and the theme of (maybe) adultery is a touchy subject no matter how it is told. However, the cinematography is gorgeous and the leads have palpable chemistry. Hope it will be executed well.