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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Proud of Love Episode 1-4 First Impression

Chinese Web Drama: Proud of Love (别那么骄傲)
Airs: 2 episodes daily (Monday - Friday)
Network: Youku
Episodes: 20
Leads: Tong Meng Shi & Vivian Sung

Rich and extremely smart, our perpetually aloof hero He Zhi Zhou has no patience for clueless young girls with romantic stars in their eyes ...which fits our heroine Shen Xi to a T. 
In love with her childhood sweet heart, Yu Tang for as long as she can remember, Shen Xi excitedly proposes on her 20th birthday in front of the whole school. Having never denied everyone's assumption that Shen Xi is his girlfriend but also never admitted verbally either, a pale faced Yu Tang turns down our heroine's marriage proposal. Quite skilled in only thinking positive thoughts when it comes to Yu Tang, Shen Xi quickly pushes aside her disappointment and assures herself that Yu Tang is only waiting until he is older to marry her. 
Disliking each other on sight especially after several unpleasant run ins, our two leads' completely separate existences suddenly collide when their souls are switched after an eventful night at a hunted house.  
Unable to explain the fantastical soul switching even to themselves, Zhi Zhou and Shen Xi decide to live each other's life for the time being. 
Overjoyed to actually have a chance to be Yu Tang's roommate now, Shen Xi (in our hero's body) tries hard to act like a boy but of course things gets hilariously complicated as each of our lead has to figure out how to adjust to their new body. The scene on the right is our heroine using a cucumber to imagine how to solve the dilemma of going to the bathroom in Zhi Zhou's body. 

Ninja's First Impression:
If you are in the mood for a fluffy but hilarious school romance then you have found your show. Each episode is only about 25 minutes long so the pacing feels pretty fast because of it. For the first two episodes, the two leads felt like your typical cookie cutter characters but once the soul switching occurred then that's when their characters got a whole lot more interesting. Vivian Sung's heroine was kinda bland at first since she was just your typical boy crazy character but once she had to act as a girl with a boy's soul inside then she was able to shine. Our heroine is so much cooler with a boy's soul I almost wish she could just not switch back. 
Most of the comedic scenes during the soul switch falls on Tong Meng Shi's character, so I was fairly expressed as well for his ability to pull those moments off. 
If there is one character I am the least impressed with it is probably the heroine's childhood sweet heart. Other than money, Yu Tang's character is suppose to be everything the hero is and much more. I get the feeling as a viewer I should be swooning over Yu Tang...but he just comes off so frustrating that makes me wonder at the heroine's fascination with him. Oh, well, thankfully the story is pretty focused on the two leads so I don't mind Yu Tang's character too much. 
I might get surprised later, but so far I really don't expect too much depth from Proud of Love but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it as a light fantasy romance. 

ps. The humor can be kinda crude at times but it was still at the level I find funny so just be warned.  

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