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Thursday, September 15, 2016

W- Episode 16(End) and Overall Thoughts

This will seem very obvious but just like the warning "Do no trespass while playing Pokemon Go" Nintendo felt obligated to put on their app I am going to warn: SPOILERS!!!

Super Quick Summary of the Ending:

  • The BIG scary villain ends up dying in the most anticlimactic way when our furious hero (angry and panicking over the knowledge that the villain had shot Yeon Joo) ran his car right into the villain's and kills the guy during the frantic shoot out. 
  • With the BIG villain out of the way already in episode 13, Congressman Han gets the promotion from being the annoying but harmless villain to be the big bad. 
  • Figuring out from various clues that there is another world different than his own, Congressman Han gets the wild idea that if he kills our hero then he will get to go to the other world. Not sure how killing the hero means the villain will suddenly get access to the real world but he is a bad guy so reasoning is not his strong suit. 
  • Kang Cheo is fatally shot but manages to escape from a bunch Congressman Han's minions.   

  • Getting his face back from the villain but also all the memories of the terrible killings (include shooting his own daughter) the villain had done, Daddy Oh can no longer tell himself apart from the villain he had created and suffers violent episodes where he takes on the villain's personality.
  • Unable to live as the monster he has become AND convinced that in order for Kang Cheo to have his happy ending he must have a sad one as the villain in the story, Daddy Oh uses his "magic drawing pad" (mind you, this one is not even the original, just a copy...but still magical apparently) to force Congressman Han to commit suicide before allowing himself to dissolve into nothing.  

  • Feeling himself dying quickly, Kang Cheol calls Yeon Joo and asks her to come see him. Rushing to the bus stop where Kang Cheol is, Yeon Joo desperately tries to cross the busy traffic to get to our hero but can only watch hopelessly as he collapses and she is sent back to her own world. 

  • The comic book W finishes with a tragic ending of our hero dying at the hands of the villain. However, the story still goes on after the comic finishes. Our hero actually didn't die and was rushed to the hospital AFTER Yeon Joo was sent back to her world. 
  • Thanks to the incriminating evidence and confession letter Daddy Oh so conveniently left on Congressman Han's suicide scene, most of Kang Cheol's crime went away but he still ended up serving a two year sentence for other minor crimes (ie. escaping out of prison at gun point and faking his own death). 
  • Convinced that Kang Cheol had died right in front of her eyes, a grieving Yeon Joo spends her days and nights sitting at the bus stop that Kang Cheol collapsed at. (Yeon Joo is back at her world so the bus stop is technically not the same one Kang Cheol was at but it is the location that corresponds with the one in the comic book world.) 
  • Passing out after getting drenched in the rain while sitting at the bus stop, Yeon Joo wakes up the next morning to find herself in the hospital bed...AND Kang Cheol lying next to her. 
  • Softly, Kang Cheol explains that while it has only been a week since Yeon Joo saw him at the bus stop but he has already served a two year prison sentence in his world. 
  • Not surprised when Yeon Joo asks about her father's whereabouts, Kang Cheol gives her a smiling picture of Daddy Oh and allows her to think that her dad has found peace in Kang Cheol's world. (Daddy Oh had left a letter and a picture of himself for Kang Cheol, telling him to hide his death from Yeon Joo) 
Ninja's Ending and Overall Thoughts
Happy ending...sort of? I really wished the writer didn't feel the need to kill Daddy Oh off. I get the whole thing that Daddy Oh obviously had a pretty dark side to him but no matter how I look at it I feel like he is the most pitiful guy out of the whole story. Here is a comic writer who for no rhyme and reason suddenly had his own creations coming to life, demanding some explanation for how he dared to created them in the first place. How ridiculous that must feel and how reasonable it must seems that as the story creator he has the right/responsibility to end everything.
Like Kang Cheol pointed out, Daddy Oh had created a hero that possessed all the courage and toughness that he himself does not have. Therefore, it is tragic to me that as much as Daddy Oh had done everything he could to save his daughter and give her a happy ending, he himself couldn't create an alternate ending for himself when his own characters had. 
On the topic of endings, another wish I had was that I really wanted the writer to develop the idea of Yeon Joo being the original creator of Kang Cheol and therefore his world. I was so excited when Kang Cheol asked Yeon Joo to be the one who decides the ending thinking "Finally, we will get to see Yeon Joo show her real power as the original creator" but sadly the writer never ended up going down that path. 
Overall, I enjoyed W a whole lot and thought it to be thoroughly addicting...at least for the first 2/3 of the show. LOVED the first part where the two leads are getting to know each other, didn't mind the middle part where the twist and turns still felt fairly exciting, got kinda tired by the last third where I was like "Gee, let me guess, the villain is going to show up again." I think this show taught me that there is such thing as too many twists to the point that the twist itself feels old. Still, flaws and huge plot holes aside, I really did have a whole lot of fun watching this one so I think I will end up remembering the show fondly anyway. 
ps. I would not have expected this at the beginning but my favorite character out of this show actually ended up being Professor Park, the heroine's mentor. I especially found him hilarious during the last few episodes. 


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