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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Woman With A Suitcase Episode 1-2 First Impression

Korean Drama: Woman With A Suitcase (캐리어를 끄는 여자)
Airs: Monday & Tuesdays
Episodes: 16
Station: MBC
Leads: Choi Ji Woo & Joo Jin Mo

Episode 1-2 Overview:
Unable to realize her dream of becoming a lawyer due to her test taking phobia, our heroine Cha Geum Joo settles for the next best thing: she becomes a legal assistant that is famous for her ability to win cases at all cost.

Looked down by others because of her low status even if they can't deny her incredible ability, Geum Joo hides her own feelings of inadequacy and proudly drags her trademark luggage of case files around.

Coming head to head with our hero, Ham Bok Geo (nick named by our heroine Hamburger) during a case involving his tabloid magazine company, our heroine catches Bok Geo's attention when she skillfully sets him up in a situation where he has no choice but to lose the case to her...or rather the lawyer she is working for.

At this point, Bok Geo works for her half sister who relies on her ability to maintain her 100% winning rate but also harbors some obvious resentment against the heroine for it. 
Going against her better judgement when she comes across a case involving a young man being falsely accused, Geum Joo is not deterred when unseen hands start to threaten retribution if she doesn't drop the case. Belatedly realizing what formidable foe she has angered after being dragged away by the police on trumped up charges, Geum Joo can only accept her defeat as she is sentenced to one year in prison.

After a year in prison, Geum Joo walks out to find her husband AND his mistress waiting for her with the divorce paper. With no money, no husband and no career, Geum Joo is left with little option but to start her life as a job seeker with a criminal record.
Believing that he of all people would never need the services of Geum Joo after their unpleasant yet memorable first meeting, Bok Geo proves to be one who is quick to admit his mistake once he finds himself the subject of a lawsuit accusing him of not only extorting sex from an actress but had committed physical violence against the woman. As a former prosecutor himself, Bok Geo is not surprised when his lawyer tells him that his case is hopeless. Unwilling to lose his company and his reputation over false accusations made by a desperate actress, Bok Geo His eyes lights up when he sees a completely drenched Geum Joo trying to rescue her flyers in the pouring rain.
Recruiting the help of Ma Suk Woo (male second lead), a lawyer who is a champion for the just...thus extremely poor, Geum Joo easily wins Bok Geo's case and proves that she still is the lawyer maker she once was.
All fired up after winning her first comeback case, Geum Joo is content to know that she has found her next raising star lawyer in Suk Woo...that is until Bok Geo takes her to a impressive office and declares "That exam phobia of yours...can you overcome it? What I am asking is can you become a lawyer? If so, then this law firm will be yours." 

Ninja's First Impression:
Hmm... I am charmed. I am liking both male leads' chemistry with the heroine even if Suk Woo (Lee Joon) looks like a little boy trying to play house whenever Bok Geo (Joo Jin Mo) shows up...which I am guessing is the contrast the writer wanted. 
So far, I am happy with both leads' character depth and find them to be intriguing in different ways. Bok Geo obviously oozes a mature male confidence that is just so irresistible especially coupled with his mysterious past. As for the heroine...I find Geum Joo an extremely easy character to cheer for even if her reaction to certain things are a bit puzzling. 

For example, Geum Joo seems completely unsurprised to find out that her husband had cheated on her and ends the marriage with almost an attitude of exasperation. If I have to put my finger on it, other than an extreme interest in anything involving lawsuits our heroine doesn't seem to let anything else affect her too deeply. From losing her career thanks to a mysterious baddie to the derision from those who laughed at her misfortune, Geum Joo's way of dealing with them all has been "Dang! Oh, well. Life goes on." In most candy stereotype heroine, the extreme cheerfulness would make sense but I have a feeling that in Geum Joo's case that's not it.
Anyhow, Woman With A Suitcase had a good beginning and I was definitely intrigued enough to keep this one on my watch list for now. 

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