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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

10/21 Drama Survey Results

12:57 PM Posted by ninja 7 comments
10/21 Ninja's Drama Survey Results
I was surprised that Scarlet Heart took first in this question. Based on the online chatters I had thought Moonlight would out perform Scarlet Heart for sure but apparently I wasn't the only one that was losing interest in Moonlight for some reason. I was a bit dismayed to see so few of you are watching Blow Breeze...is anyone even reading my Blow Breeze recap?? 

As for me, I am currently following: Scarlet Heart (behind but still following it), Jealousy Incarnate, On The Way To The Airport, Blow Breeze, Fantastic. 
Scarlet Heart wins this one again, but I am glad that Jealousy Incarnate took the second because that's the one that would get my vote. 
My second favorite currently is On The Way To The Airport. 
I usually "forget" about dramas more than abandoning them. I did give up on Drinking Solo though after the first two episode, but it looks like it is actually surprisingly popular. 
Fantastic is the one I am starting to lose some interest even though the plot is really heart warming. 
I am probably going to follow Dr. Qin off and on. There is really not a C-drama I am too excited about right now. 
I am liking Unmei Ni Nita Koi quite a bit thus far. 
Sadly, I am not following any T-drama right now. T-drama had put out a few really promising shows last year so I am surprised that 2016 has been such a disappointment. There are a few new idol dramas that are suppose to air soon so I am still holding out some hope for this year. 


  1. I read all of your recaps including Blow Breeze. I am very picky on watching. Mostly, I prefer reading than watching, except a few dramas that I end up reading and watching as well. Thank you so much for spending time to write recaps.

  2. I read all of your Blow Breeze recaps...really appreciate your time and efforts on them! :) :)
    This drama is getting a bit draggy, but I am sticking with it for the lovely OTP.

  3. i faithfully read your blow breeze recaps even if i dont watch

  4. I have been reading Blow Breeze too, it isn't available for me to watch. I read all your recaps, thank you so much. I like to read your recaps for the shows I have watched because I want to know if I missed anything due to the language gap and I like seeing your take on the show. Right now I am wishing I had given up on Drinking Solo too. What a wishy washy ending for the OTP. If it is supposed to leave us open for a DS sequel, than count me out! There doesn't seem to be anything good in the way of T-Dramas right now. I just started When A Snail Falls in Love. It looks good but might be a little too similar to Love Me If You Dare.

  5. I don't have the time to actually sit and watch Blow Breeze, but I enjoy Lim Ji Yeon and wanted to check in on her latest drama! Thanks to your Blow Breeze recaps, I can do so! :)
    As for Scarlet Heart Ryeo, it's really hard because the writing and direction really dissapoints me when I feel there was SO MUCH MORE that could've been done with the setting AND the characters. For every one really great episode there are a handful of mediocre ones, with some really poor ones as well. BUT WHY AM I STILL WATCHING??? Well for one, it's almost over so I need to see it through at this point. Secondly, LEE JOON GI! Honestly, he makes the most out of his character and what the writers give him to work with and really brings it all to life with his skillful and emotive acting. Everyone's acting on the show is pretty solid as well, and it just makes me wish the writing did them all justice.

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  7. I do read your Blow Breeze recaps. :) Although I missed the survey since I'm so busy with university lol.