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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blow Breeze Episode 13-14 Summary

Ninja's Blow Breeze Episode 13-14 Summary
Hee Ra & Jang Soo's Story:
At first glad that her useless son has captured the heart of a rich girl such as Hee Ra, Mama Lee eventually withdraws her support once she saw how upset and opposed Mama Jo is of the relationship. Pushed to the extreme by all the oppositions facing them, Hee Ra and Jang Soo decide to get married in order to stay together. Completely out of the loop during the whole time his wife has been battling Hee Ra's "rebellion", Daddy Jo is shocked and hurt when his little girl informs everyone that she has gotten married without telling her family. Horrified by the thought that her daughter would throw her life away for a jobless bum, Mama Jo pleads with Mama Lee to toss Hee Ra out of the house so her daughter would have no choice but to go home.

One interesting side note, Daddy Jo was so hurt by his daughter action that he was found by Mama Kim drinking alone at the family restaurant. There seems to be some hint that Daddy Jo will eventually develop a friendship ...or maybe even romance with Mama Kim later on.
I hope there will be no cheating involved because Daddy Jo is such a kind person that he is actually one of my favorite character thus far.
Offended to see who low of opinion Mama Jo had of her youngest son, Mama Lee decides to accept Hee Ra as her daughter-in-law and allows the two newlywed to stay at the house. Sad to see her parents so hurt over her marriage but glad to be accepted by the Lee family, Hee Ra is soon dreaming of moving into Mi Poong's little house with Jang Soo once her family moves out.
Shin Ae's Story: 
Eagerly reading the information she had hired someone to dig up about Hee Dong's family, Shin Ae yelps with excitement as she counts the many assets Hee Dong's rich "grandfather" owns. Convinced now that Hee Dong is her ticket to a rich life, Shin Ae pull out all stops to make Hee Dong fall in love with her. 

Still in awe that someone like Shin Ae could possibly be interested in him, Hee Dong's little heart melts as Shin Ae spins a sob story about her past. Bravely saving Shin Ae when she was almost kidnapped, poor Hee Dong is clueless that his damsel in distress was actually the one that set the whole thing up. 

*The actress that played Shin Ae had to leave the show due to an ankle injury sustained during the shoot so the show had to scramble to replace her.
Feeling certain that Hee Dong is now crazy about her, Shin Ae's confidence is shaken when Hee Dong stoically turns down her invitation for a date and hangs up the phone with a mere "I will call you later.". 

Totally unaware that his unintended preoccupation has left Shin Ae in a state of apprehension, Hee Dong focuses on his current mission- to beat up his little sister's newly acquired husband first, then make the guy promise to take good care of her. Much satisfied after his little "chat" with Jang Soo, Hee Dong returns home and promptly goes into emergency hermit mode when his editor tells him that a much coveted spot has opened up on an online publication and he needs to finish his comic as soon as possible. 
Her nagging worry blooming into full panic when Hee Dong disappears on her, Shin Ae decides to go on the offensive and sets up an "accidental" meeting with Mama Jo by saving her from a robber. Falling for the exact same trick as her son did, Mama Jo is soon thanking Shin Ae profusely and wondering to herself how such a kind girl could exist. 
Mi Poong's Story:
Unable to shake off the image of Jang Go walking away with his very sharp looking female classmate, Mi Poong hesitantly asks Jang Go about the woman and is relieved when he reveals that Ha Yin was merely the opposing counsel for his upcoming important court trial. 

Wanting to help Jang Go in whatever way she could, Mi Poong works through the night to make a special lucky handkerchief for Jang Go to take with him to his court trial. As expected, our capable hero wins the very difficult court case and takes a happy Mi Poong out to celebrate as a thanks for her lucky handkerchief.  
Feeling content after a wonderful night of laughing and having fun together, Mi Poong stares at Jang Go as she thinks to herself "I am happy to just be with you. Even if you are not looking at me...I am just happy to have the chance to look at you." 
Puzzled when he gets a phone call from Ha Yin's father, Jang Go is surprised when he receives a scouting offer from the prestigious law firm. Promising to consider the offer carefully especially after Ha Yin's earnest plea to work together, Jang Go starts to head out until he realizes that Ha Yin's law firm shares the same building as Mi Poong's company. 
Flustered when Jang Go suddenly shows up with coffee for everyone at her office, Mi Poong becomes even more embarrassed once her co-workers figure out that despite what Jang Go's self introduction as her oppa, he is not related to her at all. 

Her face blushing yet again that night as she walks out of the office with her co-workers to see Jang Go waiting for her, Mi Poong runs to Jang Go's car amid her co-workers' knowing laughs. 

Pretending to be huffy, Mi Poong tells Jang Go that all of her co-workers are misunderstanding their relationship and he will have to take responsibility if she can't get married because of her tarnished reputation. 

Laughing, Jang Go replies "Fine, I will take responsibility." 
Stunned, Mi Poong asks hopefully "You will?"
Nodding, Jang Go continues "Yes, I will be responsible to find you a good man to marry you off to."
Speechless, Mi Poong thinks to herself "Lee Jang Go! You are so clueless about a woman's feelings. I wonder how you even passed the bar exam?!"  
Hugging Mama Kim excitedly when she finally receives her logo competition prize money, both mother and daughter agree that they should give the money to Jang Go's mother as a part of the rental deposit. Reminded by her mother that Mama Lee doesn't like to see them, Mi Poong gives the money to Jang Go to pass it on but unfortunately that backfires and Mama Lee assumes that Mi Poong was trying to find opportunities to meet with her son. Tearing up as Mama Lee throws the money on the floor and accuses her family of shamelessly trying to renege on their word of moving out as soon as possible, Mi Poong finally breaks down in sobs as Jang Go drags his still ranting mother away.  
Deeply hurt by Mama Lee's words, Mi Poong goes to a bridge and tries to assure her father's spirit that she is doing well. Standing at the same bridge, Grandfather Kim is also wishing desperately that he would be able to meet his wife and child before he dies. His attention caught by a sobbing Mi Poong, Grandfather Kim realizes the crying girl is none other than the kind stranger that helped him not too long ago when he almost fainted on the street. 

Ninja's Thoughts
 I didn't think it would be possible for me to miss seeing the actress (Oh Ji Eun) that played Shin Ae's character but it really did take me a bit to get used to a new face (played by Im Soo Hyang). Oh Ji Eun had brought such a strong femme fatale feel to her character that I am sure it makes it difficult for Im Soo Hyang to take over her role. 

Fortunately though, while I do think Oh Ji Eun was a better casting choice I thought Im Soo Hyang did a decent job considering how much pressure she must be under. 
 I am feeling a bit torn about the introduction of a romantic competition for our heroine. On one hand, Mi Poong already have plenty of people telling her constantly that she is not worthy of Jang Go so the last thing she needs is to have the perfect Ha Yin destroy her last remaining self confidence...but then without some sort of conflict our hero will probably never figure out his own feelings. 
No matter what, my earnest hope is that whatever happens the writer will make our hero suffer just a tiny bit for all the times he insisted that Mi Poong is "just like my own little sister." 

There is no doubt that Jang Go not only cares for Mi Poong deeply but she is the one that he wants to spend time with. However, the one thing we lack right now is any sign of physical awareness from Jang Go of Mi Poong. So, unless we see some tell tale sign soon I am starting to be convinced that our poor heroine might truly be just like a sister to Jang Go...at least for now. 

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