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Monday, October 17, 2016

Blow Breeze Episode 15-16 Recap

Ninja Blow Breeze Episode 15-16 Recap
Shin Ae's Story:
Much to Shin Ae's relief, Hee Dong finally remembers her after finishing his comic deadline and shows up with flowers asking for forgiveness.

Back on track with her "catch a rich husband" plan, Shin Ae continues to spin one sob story after another to make Hee Dong more determined than ever to protect his "angel".

Completely smitten with Shin Ae, the still clueless Hee Dong is pleasantly surprised one day when he finds her standing in his house as his mother's guest. Having made sure to get herself invited to Hee Dong's house when she knew full well he would be at home, Shin Ae puts on her best smile as Mama Jo finally figures out that her "rescuer" is actually her son's new girlfriend.
Mi Poong's Story:
Clueless that the family he so desperately wants to see is actually right in front of him, Grandfather Kim's heart melt at the sight of seeing Mi Poong crying. Feeling a kinship as he and Mi Poong reminisce about the North together, Grandfather Kim is soon exchanging phone numbers with Mi Poong in order to see her again.

Knowing how hurt Mi Poong must be after her ugly confrontation with his mother, a worried Jang Go waits restlessly for her to come home. Not surprised to see Jang Go waiting for her, Mi Poong waves aside his apology knowing that Mama Lee will not be appeased until her family moves out.   
Set on doing everything she can to make sure Jang Go will come to work at her father's law firm, Ha Yeon pays a personal visit to Jang Go's house. Welcoming Ha Yeon  eagerly into the house with warmth she has never shown Mi Poong, Mama Lee is all smiles especially once she realizes Ha Yeon's firm is trying to scout her son. 
Already hoping that Ha Yeon might take a liking to Jang Go, Mama and Auntie Lee can hardly believe their luck when Ha Yeon pays them a visit and frankly admits that she has long harbored a crush on Jang Go. Jumping with excitement as they day dream of what a marriage to someone like Ha Yeon could mean for Jang Go's career, Mama and Auntie Lee give no thought of Jang Go's feelings at all. 
Bolstered by Mama Lee's eager attitude, Ha Yeon shows up at Jang Go's office and is pleasantly surprised when he informs her that he has just accepted her father's offer. Overjoyed, Ha Yeon invites Jang Go out for a celebration drink but her lovely plan is thwarted when an urgent call from Mi Poong's co-worker sends Jang Go running out of the door. 
Frantically searching the mountain for Mi Poong who disappeared during a company paintball game, Jang Go finally finds our scared heroine and promptly pull her into an embrace. 
Of course we can't have a rescue scene without a piggy back ride... 
Finally catching on to her daughter's feelings after watching Jang Go helping a limping Mi Poong home, Mama Kim forcefully reminds her crying daughter that not only is it useless to waste her emotions on someone who doesn't like her back but even if Jang Go returns her feelings his mother would never allow it. Tearfully admitting that everything Mama Kim said is true, Mi Poong promises her mother to clean up her one sided crush. 
Confused to see Mi Poong back to her prickly self, Jang Go tries to convince Mi Poong to at least let him give her rides while her ankle is healing but Mi Poong insists that she doesn't need Jang Go's help anymore. 

Her warning bell ringing loudly every time she sees Mi Poong with Jang Go, Ha Yeon decides to pay Mama Lee another visit. Horrified when Ha Yeon pointedly asks if there is something going on between Jang Go and Mi Poong, Mama Lee frantically protests that Jang Go is only taking care of Mi Pong out of pity. Furious that Mi Pong has become her son's stumbling block, Mama Lee angrily confronts Mama Lee and makes it clear that her son is already dating a rich girl. 
Assured by Mama Lee once again, Ha Yeon meets with Mi Poong and in her usual condescending manner declares "I like Jang Go. Help me."  Offended when Mi Poong refuses her demand, Ha Yeon listens in disbelief as Mi Poong frankly admits "I like Jang Go oppa. But don't worry, I am currently trying to let go of my feelings. Still, that doesn't mean I will help you. If you like him, then go after him yourself." 
Wracking his brain for a reason why Mi Poong seems to be angry at him, Jang Go tries to talk to Mi Poong but of course our heroine is in no mood to talk after her very unpleasant meeting with Ha Yeon.

Still huffy, Mi Poong walks into her office and is surprised when her co-workers enthusiastically tells her that the roses on her desk must be from Jang Go. 
Not realizing the flower is actually from Jang Go's acquaintance (the one that was rude to Mi Poong and got punched by our hero), Mi Poong happily assumes the roses must be a sign that Jang Go returns her feeling as well. Ditching Ha Yeon once again to meet with Mi Poong, Jang Go freezes in shock when Mi Poong pulls out a bouquet of roses and asks "Do you like me?" 

Ninja's Thoughts
Poor Mi Poong...this is going to be really embarrassing when she finds out that she is still stuck in the little sister status. 

I am not sure how much our heroine can take anymore before she is going to give up on her crush for good. To be honest, I am actually kinda looking forward to that. That might just be the kick in the pants our hero needs. 
So there were definitely more clues in this week's episodes that something will happen between Mama Kim and Daddy Jo. I would love to see a second romance for Mama Kim but so far we haven't seen anything that would justify a divorce for Daddy Jo though. In fact, as annoying as Mama Jo could be she seem like a decent wife...if you ignore her big spending habit, propensity for trouble, her greedy mother and overall selfish personality. Hmm...okay, I am not earning any brownie points for Mama Jo.   
I find it interesting that I actually don't dislike Mama and Auntie Lee's character too much...even if they are obviously doing some very mean things in their quest to find a rich wife for our hero. While it would be easy to pass judgement on Mama Lee especially as Jang Go had pointed out that they really should know what it feels like to be looked down upon, I am not sure Mama Kim would act any better if their roles were reversed. I guess the reason I can't get myself to hate Mama Lee is because she just seems so...human...and sadly real. 

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