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Monday, October 24, 2016

Blow Breeze Episode 17-18 Recap

Blow Breeze Episode 17-18 Recap by Ninja
Shin Ae's Story:
At first overjoyed to find out that her geeky son has finally snag himself a girlfriend, Mama Jo quickly loses all her good feelings towards Shin Ae once she realizes that Shin Ae is an orphan without even a college degree to her name. Harboring a suspicion that Shin Ae might've staged the robbery to get her foot in the door, Mama and Grandma Jo pay Shin Ae a visit at home in order to "convince" her to break up with Hee Dong. Calmly calling Hee Dong on the phone so he can listen the whole time while his grandma and mother are causing a ruckus at her house, Shin Ae cries pitifully she is smacked around.

Knowing full well that Hee Dong would be rushing into the house soon, Shin Ae scratches herself on the face so Hee Dong's anger towards his mother would intensify. As expected, Hee Dong goes into full rage the moment he sees the bloody scratch on Shin Ae's face and becomes even more determined than ever that he is the only one that can protect Shin Ae.
Calling his whole family together, Hee Dong wraps his arms around a cowering Shin Ae and declares his intention to marry her. Surprised by Hee Dong's sudden declaration and bitter accusation against his own mother, Daddy Jo looks at his wife with disappointment then orders her to start preparing for a wedding.

Wailing with dismay that her son really is going to marry such a fox like Shin Ae, Mama Jo's mood lightens considerably once Grandma Jo reminds her that as an orphan Shin Ae is completely alone, therefore they would not have to worry that once Hee Dong inherits Granfather Kim's vast wealth any of the money would be siphoned into Shin Ae's non-existent family.
Still finding the idea of her precious son marrying an orphan distasteful but taking immense comfort from Grandmother Jo's words, Mama Jo promptly agrees to Hee Dong and Shin Ae's marriage.

Walking confidently down the aisle in her wedding dress with her "rich" husband by her side, Shin Ae thinks that her dreams has all come true...that is until she sees Mama Kim's face among the wedding guests and gasps in horror.
Mi Poong's Story:
Assuming Jang Go must've been the one to sent her the roses, Mi Poong asks him "Do you like me?"
Her hope soaring when Jang Go immediately replies "Yes." Our poor heroine's joy soon disappears once it becomes apparent that Jang Go is still talking about the brotherly kind of like. Finally realizing that some unknown man had sent Mi Poong the bouquet of roses, Jang Go finds himself worrying about the mystery man's identity for the rest of the day.

Dismayed when he goes home to find his "friend" Sung Sik with a bouquet of flower in hand looking for Mi Poong, it doesn't take much for Jang Go to figure out that Sung Sik was the one that sent the roses to Mi Poong's work. 
Nervous that Mi Poong would fall for Sung Sik's sweet tactics, Jang Go warns Mi Poong urgently that she must reject Sung Sik firmly and not forgive him no matter how much he begs. Frustrated when Mi Poong merely replies "I will handle my own affairs," Jang Go is clueless why Mi Poong seems more and more angry every time she sees him. 
Unbeknownst to Jang Go, Mi Poong had seen Ha Yeon kissing him one night. Not realizing that Jang Go was completely drunk and Ha Yeon had only kissed him on the cheek to make her jealous, a teary Mi Poong walks away resigned to the fact that she needs to end her one sided crush. 
Waking up the next morning without any memory of the night before, Jang Go is horrified when his family giddily shows him a picture of himself with a lipstick mark on his face. Becoming even more flustered once Ha Yeon lies and tells him that he was the one that kissed her, our hero apologizes profusely and promises to do whatever he can to make it up to Ha Yeon. 
As flustered as he was by his apparent "drunken" behavior towards Ha Yeon, Jang Go's mind is soon filled with a more pressing concern. Alarmed when Sung Sik triumphantly informs him that he has become Ha Yeon's boss, Jang Go can't help but gets increasingly frustrated as he watches a swaggering Sung Sik uses every chance to hang around Mi Poong. 
Determined to sooth his wounded pride by making Mi Poong his, Sung Sik transfers Mi Poong out of her department and makes her his personal secretary. Dragged by Sung Sik to the department store in order to buy clothes befitting his secretary, Mi Poong forces herself to remain expressionless when she ended up meeting Jang Go by chance. Staring at Mi Poong standing with Sung Sik in disbelief, a furious Jang Go ignores Ha Yeon and Mama Lee's calls and storms off. 
Not sensing the ball of fury that is building up in her son, Mama Lee gleefully chatters on about how Mi Poong must've latched on a rich meal ticket for herself. Yelping in shock when Jang Go finally loses control and yells at her to stop, Mama Lee finally picks up the clue that her precious son might feel something more than pity for Mi Poong. 
Confronting Mi Poong angrily when he finally sees her coming home with shopping bags that Sung Sik must've bought for her, Jang Go is speechless when an equally angry Mi Poong retorts "What does it matter to you who I accept clothes and shoes from? Or who I date? Who are you to act this way? What does it have anything to do with you?!" 
Thoroughly hurt by Mi Poong's words, Jang Go gives a bitter laugh "Fine. From now on, I am not your oppa anymore." 

Ninja's Thoughts
FINALLY!!! Nothing like some good old jealousy to jerk our hero out of his "just an oppa" dream. Sadly, I think even at this point Jang Go still hasn't quite figure out what he feels for Mi Poong yet. I am curious how far the writer will push this thing with Sung Sik. As much as Sung Sik has been a good catalyst for our two leads, I think it will take an actual good man to pursue Mi Poong for our dense hero to figure out that he can't bear the thought of losing her to another man. 
As for Shin Ae's story...let's just say I think she and Mama Lee deserve each other. Poor Hee Dong though, he is so pure I am really afraid the writer will just white wash Shin Ae and not give him a happy ending with someone worthy of him. 

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