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Monday, October 31, 2016

Blow Breeze Episode 19-20 Recap

Ninja's Blow Breeze Episode 19-20 Recap
Shin Ae's Story: 
So terrified by the sight of seeing Mama Kim at her wedding, Shin Ae faints promptly just when an angry Mama Kim is about to confront her. Waking up to find herself at the hospital, Shin Ae allows everyone to assumed that she must've fainted from being too stressed out by Mama Jo's opposition to the marriage. 

Storming into the hospital with her mother by her side, Mi Poong is unmoved as Shin Ae begs on her knee for forgiveness. Despite her declaration that she will never forgive Shin Ae, Mi Poong nonetheless allows Mama Kim to convince her to not expose Shin Ae's past to the Jo family. 
Panicking again when she realizes that Mama Kim actually works at the Jo family's restaurant, Shin Ae hastily gives Mama Kim the money she stole from her during the dangerous escape from the North and begs Mama Kim again to not reveal her ugly past. Her heart softening at Shin Ae's pitiful pleading and at the thought of how happy Daddy Jo seems to be with his new daughter-in-law, Mama Kim decides to keep mum about Shin Ae's past. 
Still unsettled by Mama Kim's presence, Shin Ae perks up once she finds out about Mama Jo's intense fear of Grandpa Kim ever remarrying (because the wife would take all the inheritance) and senses a perfect opportunity to get rid of Mama Kim using her mother-in-law's crazy paranoia.
Of course the irony is that instead of being worrying about Grandfather Kim, Mama Jo really should be more worried about her own husband since there are definitely hints of a friendship sprouting between Daddy Jo and Mama Kim. 
Still believing that Hee Dong is the heir to Grandfather Kim's vast fortune, Shin Ae turns on her charm at full blast for Grandfather Kim and Daddy Jo. While glad that Shin Ae has listened to her warning to do everything to please Grandfather Kim, Mama Jo nevertheless can't help but feel stabs of jealousy to see all the men in the household falling for Shin Ae's angel act. 
Curious when he accidentally comes across a picture of a little girl in Shin Ae's dresser, Hee Dong doesn't suspect anything when a flustered Shin Ae tells him that the little girl was just an orphan she knew from volunteering at the orphanage. Assured that Hee Dong's curiosity seemed satisfied after she tells him that the girl has been adopted by an America family, Shin Ae is ready to go on with her blissful life until her aunt suddenly shows up at the house demanding "Why haven't you been sending money? Are you going to starve me and your daughter while you live in this big house?!" 
Mi Poong's Story:
Furious when he overhears two women gossiping that Mi Poong must've used her body to get herself promoted to become Sung Sik's personal secretary, Jang Go drags Mi Poong to the rooftop and demands that she quits her job. Hurt and angry that Jang Go of all people would believe those ridiculous rumors about her, Mi Poong declares that she has no intention of quitting a job she has worked so hard to obtain. 
Dejected after being reminded by Mi Poong once again that he has no right to interfere in her life, Jang Go tries to drill into his own head that he should just ignore whatever Mi Poong does.
Our hero's vow to stay out of Mi Poong's life was extremely short lived since he ends up punching Sung Sik at a night club later that day. His control snapping after overhearing Sung Sik laughingly assuring a friend that he will soon make Mi Poong his, Jang Go grabs Sung Sik and hits him in the face. Puzzled and angered by Jang Go's punch, Sung Sik tries to fight back but was no match for an enraged Jang Go. Effectively ending the fight when she dumps a bucket of ice water over Jang Go, Mi Poong casts a disappointed glare at him before taking a still complaining Sung Sik away.   
Stumbling home from the club, a drunken Jang Go pounds on Mi Poong's window demanding to talk to her. Yelling Mi Poong's name loudly when she refuses to show her face, Jang Go wakes up his whole family and is finally dragged away. Her suspicion confirmed once and for all after Jang Go's drunken episode, Mama Lee calls Mi Poong out for a meeting and pleas with her to move so Jang Go could have a bright future with Ha Yeon. 
FINALLY figuring out that his interest in Mi Poong has nothing to do with brotherly concerns at all, Jang Go confesses his feelings to our heroine but our hero's "I like you" is met with the cold rejection of "I only see you as an older brother" from Mi Poong. 

Clueless that Mi Poong is hiding her own breaking heart underneath her uncaring attitude, Jang Go drowns his sorrow with alcohol as he regrets bitterly of his blindness to his own feelings for Mi Poong in the past. 
Stumbling home completely drunk, Jang Go wakes his whole family yet again as he hollers Mi Poong's name loudly.
Knowing the depth of Mi Poong's feelings for Jang Go, it pains Mama Kim immensely to see her daughter forcing herself to push away a man she likes so much but the moment she thinks of Jang Go's family then it seems clear to Mama Kim that a relationship with Jang Go would end terribly for her daughter. Taking Sung Sik's earnest pursuit of Mi Poong as a god sent opportunity for her daughter to shake off a failed crush, Mama Kim encourages a very reluctant Mi Poong to consider Sung Sik seriously as a boyfriend material. 
Not blind to Jang Go's obvious preoccupation with Mi Poong and his disinterest in herself, Ha Yeon takes out her frustration at Mi Poong during a company party by accusing her of trying to dangle both Jang Go and Sung Sik along. Angered when Mi Poong refuses to be baited and replies "Don't try to use me as a scapegoat for the problems between you and Jang Go.", Ha Yeon grabs Mi Poong suddenly and sends both of them into the pool by accident. 

Jumping into the pool right away to rescue Mi Poong, our hero is one step too late when Sung Sik ends up getting to Mi Poong first and he has no choice but to save Ha Yeon instead. 
Completely surprised to show up for a lunch with Ha Yeon to find not only Ha Yeon's father but his own mother there as well, Jang Go is dismayed as Ha Yeon's father comes right out and tells Mama Lee that he wants Jang Go as his son-in-law. Overjoyed, Mama Lee quickly declares she would love nothing more than to have Ha Yeon in her family. Bewildered how things could've come so far especially after he had made it clear to Ha Yeon of his disinterest in her just the day before, Jang Go tries to speak up but ends up keep quiet once his mother furiously signals for him to not speak. 
His mind in a disarray as he thinks of his mother's obvious wish for him to marry Ha Yeon and Mi Poong's words of "Ha Yeon is a good choice for you." Jang Go walks home slowly but stops dead when he sees Mi Poong standing outside with Sung Sik. 
Invited personally by Mama Kim to dinner at the house as a thanks for saving Mi Poong from the pool, Sung Sik's confidence is greatly bolstered after a very pleasant dinner. Taking Mi Poong by the shoulder, Sung Sik leans in slowly for a kiss. Perhaps trying to follow her mother's wish to not reject Sung Sik automatically Mi Poong stays put as Sung Sik face comes closer and closer. Unable to watch anymore, Jang Go walks away from the distressing scene and misses seeing Mi Poong turning her head away from Sung Sik's would be kiss. 
Believing he has either lost or about to lose Mi Poong to another man, Jang Go is too overwhelmed with emotion to pay attention to the drenching rain as he sobs out his pain. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Sigh...I know I said I wanted our hero to suffer a bit...but now I am not so sure. 
So anyone else thought the hero's confession kinda come out of nowhere? Not that I think the writer should've dragged the whole "I like her as a sister" thing longer but it just seems like we are missing some scenes of the hero's "A-ha!" moment where he finally connects the dots to his own heart. There are plenty of hints given already of how much Jang Go likes the heroine but for someone who was SO completely clueless about his own feelings, I would've liked more concrete scenes of how he figured things out. 
One other thing that surprised me this week about our hero was how out of control his character was. It was like once he realized he was in love with Mi Poong then he was powerless against the tide of emotions that overwhelmed him. For a character that was perpetually calm in the beginning of the show it was almost shocking to see him showing such strong emotions. But then again, I guess the writer has given us plenty of clues such as when Mi Poong went missing or the first time we met Sung Sik's character, that Mi Poong has always been the one person that makes Jang Go lose control. 
As for Mi Poong... while I don't find her character endearing per say I do like how emotionally strong she is. Like Mama Kim tearfully told Daddy Jo, Mi Poong's heart must be torn to shred every time she has to push Jang Go away, especially once she realizes that Jang Go actually returns her feelings. However, as much as our heroine would like nothing than to skip off into the sunset with her crush she knows just as clearly that as long as Jang Go carries all the hopes and dreams of his family on his shoulder then there is no happy ending for them...at least while she is still poor and powerless. 

ps. Happy Halloween!!! 

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