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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dr. Qin Episode 1-2 First Impression

Chinese Drama: Dr. Qin Medical Examiner (法医秦明)
Airs: Two episodes every Thursdays.
Episodes: 20
Network: Soho
Leads: Zhang Ruo Yun & Jian Jun Yan

Thanks to his difficult personality and terse tongue, our hero Qin Ming, a genius medical examiner has a hard time keeping his medical assistants.  
Displeased when he finds out that his new assistant Da Bao is actually a woman, Qin Ming is ready to fire our heroine until he realizes that Da Bao not only has sharp observation skills but she also possesses an incredible sense of smell. 
With his old friend Detective Lin to chase after the living and his very own "human police dog" medical assistant to dig up the secrets held by the dead, Qin Ming manages to solve one fantastical crime after another.   

Ninja's First Impression
Can someone please cast Zhang Ruo Yun in a vampire drama please?! I had thought Zhang Ruo Yun was decent looking before but dang, he looks awesome in this show...and so perfect for a vampire role. Maybe we could have a spin off of Dr. Qin - the vampire?? 
Fan girl sighing aside, I was pretty impressed with the first two episodes of Dr. Qin. The promo poster made the show look pretty cold and sophisticated but it actually had more of a rugged feel to it. Zhang Ruo Yun's hero was obviously pretty swoon worthy but Jiao Jun Yan's heroine made a pretty big impression on me as well. I wasn't a big fan of Jiao Yun Yan's look in her previous role in Remembering Lichuan, but thanks to some very talented stylist she looks SO cute and sassy here. 
Since Dr. Qin is based on a crime novel of same name that is focused on solving gruesome bizarre crimes I am not holding my breath for a romantic plot...as awesome as that would be. As far as the crime cases go, the first two episodes' "Fry Oil Case" was a hit for me and I found myself unable to look away from the screen. The "Fry Oil Case" starts with the police finding a chicken finger looking carcass in a tub of grease and realizing it was instead a fried human hand. Yap, very gross but oh, so intriguing. I just happened to be eating when I was watching this show and that turned out to be a very regrettable decision. 

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  1. does anybody knows if it is subbed somewhere?