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Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #101

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #101
Jimi ni Sugoi! (Japanese Drama, New) 
Satomi Ishihara's new drama about a 28 year old woman who realizes her life long dream of working for her favorite fashion magazine company...until she finds out that instead of being hired as an editor like she fervent requested she was put in the editing department. Vowing to get herself out of the boring copy editing department as soon as humanly possible, our heroine nonetheless starts to discover a talent within herself that just might make her the perfect editor. 
I couldn't tell from the first episode if this one is a winner or not. The story had the familiar J-drama wacky vibe and humor but I am waiting to see if we actually get a romantic plotline or it will just be mostly a work place drama. 
Cinderella and Four Knights (Korean Drama, Finished)
I wasn't planning to follow this one after the less then impressive beginning, but I actually did end up watching this one all the way to the end. While I still don't think Cinderella and Four Knights lived up to its potential but overall I thought it was cute enough to follow especially once the romance between the two leads got going in earnest. Plus, I always have a weak spot for any show with a fairy tale premise. 
Super Star Academy (Chinese Web Drama, New)
Dang, talk about trying to cram as many good looking young rising stars as you possibly can in one single show! The show is set in a world where a person's horoscope sign could give them specific powers, which means there is also a school that is established to train gifted students. Clueless that she is in possession of a special power, our heroine happily accepts a personal invitation from the Super Star Academy's principle to attend the school on the promise that the school's room and board will be completely free. Stunned and amazed when she arrives to find out what the school really is, our heroine starts her path of self discovery. I know, I know, you wouldn't think there is actually a heroine going by the promo poster but she actually exists. 

I went into this one with super low expectation and was pleasantly surprised that the story, despite its silly comedic vibe is actually kinda fun. 
Shopping King Louie (Korean Drama)
I am still not quite feeling this one even after watching Episode 3-4, BUT Seo In Guk is so hilarious in it that I think I will stick around a bit more just for his sake. 
Proud of Love (Chinese Web Drama, Finished)
For a show that stuck with a simple premise of soul exchange from beginning to the end, I was quite impressed how laugh out funny Proud of Love was. There really wasn't much plot to the story since it was mostly focused on the two leads' embarrassing encounters as they try to survive each day in each others' bodies, but for some reason, the humor was hilarious to me so I found myself watching it all the way to the end. 

A word of warning though, this is Proud of Love's first season so don't be surprised by the open ending since there will obviously be a season 2. 
Unmei ni Nita Koi (Japanese Drama)
I am in the mood for a J-romance drama so I was really hoping this one would fit the bill...but who can explain to me why this show is starting to feel like a horror story instead?! Still, a show with the title Destined Like Love has to end happily right?? Oh, well. I am still going to check episode three out and hope the creepy vibe goes away. 

Ninja's Oldies but Goodies 
Korean Drama: Queen of the Game 
Episodes: 20
Station: SBS
Release date: 2006
Leads: Joo Jin Mo & Lee Bo Young 

Synopsis: Determined to seek revenge for his father's death, our hero decides to make his enemy's only daughter fall madly in love with him. Losing his own heart in the process of his revenge plot, our hero finally decides to let the past go but this of course is when our heroine finds out the truth and leaves with a broken heart. Years later, our heroine meets the hero once again but he only looks at our flustered heroine without any recognition. 
It's obviously been a long time since I watched this one but I remembered liking it quite a bit especially from the part where our heroine meets the amnesia hero once again. Give it a try if you are in need of some Joo Jin Mo screen time. 

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  1. omg why I was swayed by your comments on "Super Star Academy" and decided to give it another chance. 2 hours later, just marathoned the first 6 episodes on YouTube hahaha