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Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #102

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #102
Something About 1% (Korean Drama, New)
This one is a remake of the 2003 romance drama 1% of Anything. I don't remember much about the original but I think Ha Seok Jin and Jeon So Min might have better chemistry together than their predecessors.

Synopsis: A kindhearted elementary school teacher, our heroine doesn't expect any repayment when she rescues a homeless old man. The homeless old man turns out to be filthy rich and decides to repay our heroine by making his grandson marry her. Completely puzzled when our arrogant hero suddenly shows up in her life, our heroine eventually relents and agrees to pretend to date him for six month.

Blow Breeze (Korean Family Drama)
Due to a ankle injury sustained during filming, Blow Breeze had to switch out the female second lead. Fortunately, while the original actress was still a better casting choice I think the new actress did well enough under the circumstance. 

The romance in this one is going at a fairly slow but steady pace. I still don't find the secondary characters too interesting but the two leads are so cute together that I don't mind putting up with some boring parts. 
On The Way To The Airport (Korean Drama)
Still following this one faithfully (Ha! get it?). Sigh...why do I feel like my moral standing getting lower and lower with every episode I watch? 
Career (Japanese Drama, New)
As the newest police chief at the Kitamachi police station, our hero (played by Hiroshi Tamaki) ignores his subordinates' fervent plea to just stay at his desk and stop trying to involve himself in cases. Determined to serve the people, our very unconventional young police chief personally investigates any crime that catches his interest no matter how big or small they are.

This one seems like your typical police drama that will probably revolve around our brilliant hero solving cases. Judging by Episode 1 though, I am liking the fun but heart warming vibe so while I don't see myself following this one earnestly I will most likely still check in on this one from time to time.
Jealousy Incarnate (Korean Drama)
Out of so many attractive Korean actors I would probably not consider Cho Jung Seo to be the most good looking, but dang, his kissing scene has to be one of the most sizzling. 

I generally don't have too much patience for love triangle plot lines but Jealousy Incarnate actually manages to make that part of the story so hilarious that I was pounding the table with laughter. Oh, this is probably also the first K-drama where I would genuinely be okay with which ever male lead the heroine chooses to be with.  
 Chef (Japanese Drama, New)
Amami Yuki's new drama as a three star Michelin chef who is first framed by her restaurant's owner then shamefully fired. With no restaurant willing to hire her, our talented heroine ends up taking the very unlikely job as a school cook. Confident that NO ONE in this world would dislike her cooking, our heroine receives the biggest shock of her life when all the kids complain loudly after one taste of her food. 

Still not too sure about this one after the first episode, but since it was only a set up episode I am going to give it one more week. 

The K-2 (Korean Drama)
I haven't check back in with this one after the two first episodes failed to catch my interest but it does have Ji Chang Wook in it so I keep wondering if I should give it one more chance. Anyone following this one? Is it worth another chance?? 

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Oldies but Goodies:
Korea Drama: Pasta (파스타)
Year: 2010
Episodes: 20
Leads: Seo Yoo Kyung & Choi Hyun Wook 

I wasn't planning on spotlighting this drama this week until I watched episode 15 of Jealousy Incarnate. At the last couple seconds of episode 15, Jealousy Incarnate did a hilarious twist that suggests our heroine ditching BOTH male leads and going off into the rain with a man she met through a marriage meet. We were never shown the mystery man's face but based on the man's voice and several references the man was obviously supposed to be Seo Yoo Kyung's co-star  in Pasta, Choi Hyun Wook.  
I was totally caught off guard by the fun spoof "ending" and it of course made me want me to re-watch Pasta again. 

Synopsis: A talented Italian trained chef, our hero is determined to get rid of all the women in his kitchen...including our heroine who is equally determined to stay. Somehow failing every time he tries to fire that last annoying female assistant in his kitchen, our hero starts to find his attitude and heart starting to sway just a little bit towards our heroine.  

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