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Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #103

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #103
IQ246 (Japanese Drama, New)
The eldest son of an old and distinguish family, our hero Sharaku Homonji is both blessed and cursed with an extremely high IQ of 246. Unable to find anything that would challenge his mind, Sharaku's insipid days can only be brightened when he finds a crime to solve...much to the Japanese government's dismay. 

A rookie cop whose body often move faster than her mind, Soko Wato is at first overjoyed when she receives a promotion and is given a "special assignment" as Sharaku Homonji's body guard until it becomes clear that she is actually there more as a babysitter.

This one has a strong Sherlock Holmes vibe to it with a heavy dose of J-drama humor added. Check it out if you are in the mood for a Japanese Sherlock Holmes.  
Cain and Abel (Japanese Drama, New)
Growing up under the shadow of his perfect brother, Yu Takada is reigned to fact that his father will only ever look at him with disapproval. Beset with a deep sense of inadequacy Yu nonetheless tries to do the best he could at his family's company as an ordinary employee and starts to fall in love with one of his co-workers...without knowing that she is his older brother's girlfriend. 

You probably could guess from the drama title that this one is all about the struggle between two brothers as they deal with the ugly emotion of jealousy. I had gone into the first episode assuming that the younger brother Yu will be Cain...but I am not so sure now. 
Customized Happiness (Chinese Drama, New)
Sigh... I checked out the first two episodes of this one and all I could think about the whole time was "Kimi Qiao! Why did you have to die!" It was like when I was watching Batman: The Dark Knight after Heath Ledger died and instead being spooked by Heath Ledger's Joker I spent most of my time feeling sad that such a good actor died so young. 

As far as the show it self, I wasn't impressed with Customized Happiness' first two episodes. The plot moved achingly slow and the editing felt choppy. The show might just need a few more episodes to find its pacing but since I have a hard time not thinking about Kimi Qiao's untimely death when I watch it I don't think I will be tempted to check back in. 
Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (Korean Drama, Finished)
I got behind on this one a few weeks back and can't seem to muster up enough interest to finish watching it now. The romance between the two leads were super cute and there were obviously plenty of beautiful people to keep me dazzled but the court intrigue just failed to keep my attention for some reason. For those who didn't ditch half way through like me, did the court intrigue plot line improve towards the end? 
The Second Last Love (Korean Drama, Finished)
I am four episodes away from finishing this one...and sadly, I am running into the same problem I did with Moonlight. The problem I have with The Second Last Love is that the plot feels recycled. The two leads seem to be hitting the same road blocks and dealing with the same baddies repeatedly. This show would've been perfect at 16 episodes long but it really felt dragged out at 20. 

Ninja's Drama Survey 
(This is the exact same one I posted last Tuesday. The more I think about it the more it feels more natural to have this survey as part of the Friday Drama Round Up. I will now instead post the overall result of the survey on Tuesdays and will also include my own answers in that post as well. ps. This also means the Oldies but Goodies spot light that I usually include in my Friday post will become its own post.) By the way, please comment if you guys have some survey question suggestions. 


  1. Hi Ninja!

    Moonlight lost my interest around episodes 14/15 when the OTP were separated as it lost the upbeat jdrama high school love vibe from earlier which I enjoyed although it was inevitable in order to finish up the story. I watched my fair share of TVB history dramas back in the day of Condor Heroes and so on. This is the first time I'm watching a Korean sageuk (history drama) in 20 years? Have to say the plot has not changed after 20 years! Especially palace politics and intrigue, I could predict 80% of the plot, LOL! Have to confess, I fast-forwarded some of it and just read the recaps on those bits to fill in the blanks. I was also surprised that historical Korea is so much like China - the eunuchs, concubines, evil ministers, morning assembly....sigh - so nostalgic! Anyway, if you're a veteran on Asian history drama then I can tell you that the court intrigue went along the usual arc without any big surprise and with an ending that pleased the crowd; deviated from actual history. I guess the popularity of the cast made this a must. Park Bo Gum being adorable and Kim So Young's beautiful face was the only reason I stuck it out.

    Second to Last Love's story was practical although it can be contrived at times. I would say it is a more realistic version of the over-the-top Jealousy Incarnate. No histrionics and absurd behaviour here which is a nice change from the usual kdrama trope. However, I also felt that they could have tightened the story and ended at 16 episodes. Overall, I quite liked the heart of the story about how difficult it is being an adult facing life problems and accepting that it's alright to make mistakes at any age. Same vibe I get from watching Fantastic.

    Thanks for the recap and looking forward to next weeks posts from you. Have a good weekend!

  2. I was captivated by PBG and KYJ in the early esp but I too lost interest when they got separated. I have no idea why. Maybe Moon Lovers was too powerful. IU and LJG have a stronger chemistry. More adult whereas MDBC OTP were 1st love.
    Dr Qin is unavailable yet for most of us. And IQ246 still mostly unsubbed and ongoing.
    Thanks again for your recaps and news on latest j- And c-dramas. Maybe I will check out old police j-dramas.

  3. well I startet customized happiness and even when I don't have the same thoughts as you, i think I will drop it. the female lead is just too pressed with anger issues for my taste and blames everyone but herself....

  4. I watched Moonlight up to episode 15 but can't seem to muster any enthusiasm to continue with it.
    I loved second to Last Love but also felt it dragged in the last few episodes, the same flashbacks were regurgitated constantly and his inability to fess up his involvement with her past became frustrating.
    I watched the first episode of IQ246 and felt like a poor mans version of Sherlock But Dean looks sexy as hell.
    I have to thank you for introducing Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu...Love this!!!