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Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #104

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #104
V-Focus (Taiwanese Drama, New)
I have only checked out the first episode of this new T-daily so it's way too early to tell if this one is a winner or not. The quality of the editing and filming are kinda lackluster but since this is a daily after all I could overlook those shortcomings as long as the plot proves to be interesting.

Synopsis: As a reporter who will let nothing stand in her way of getting a scoop, our heroine's biggest nemesis is of course our hero, the owner of a safety consultanting company that is often employed to guard the rich and the famous. Literally fighting every time they see each other, our two leads' perpetually antagonist relationship undergoes a change when they find themselves trapped on a desert island together.
High 5 Basketball (Taiwanese Drama, New)
This one reminds me a lot of Swimming Battle since both have a strong high school sports theme. I have only checked out the first two episodes and while I wasn't too intrigued by the heroine's character I thought the budding romance for the younger cast was very promising.
Beauty For The Filling (Chinese Drama, New)
For those who have checked out When A Snail Falls In Love and liked it, you would be interested in this one as well since it is based on a novel written by the same author. Like When A Snail Falls In Love, Beauty For The Filling's leads are also police detectives who will fall in love while chasing after criminals.
Nigeru wa Haji (Japanese Drama)
I am one episode behind on this one but judging by how hilarious episode two was, I think we have a winner on our hand. 
Man Living In Our House or Sweet Stranger and Me (Korean Drama, New)
Soo Ae's new romance comedy! This one has a hilarious premise of the heroine finding out her deceased mother had somehow married a much younger man without her knowledge and that's how she ended up with a new "father". The "father" is the hero so it is going to be interesting how the writer will spin a romance for our two leads.
Cook Keibu no Bansankai (Japanese Drama, New)
Looks like J-drama has finally combined it's greatest love of food and police drama into one. I didn't go into this one with very high expectation...and that was a wise decision. 
Unmei ni Nita Koi (Japanese Drama)
With a title such as Destiny Like Love I thought for sure the plot would be fairy predicable. Boy, was I wrong. There was a big plot twist in episode four that took me completely by surprise...in a good way.
Lady Divinci No Shindan (Japanese drama, New)
I honestly don't know why I always faithfully check out any new J-medical drama when I almost never manages to stick with them through the end but I just can't seem to stop. This one has quite a bit of mystery surrounding our heroine who is a top surgeon but had to stop performing surgery once she started seeing hallucinations. I found the heroine quite fun and intriguing so check it out if medical drama is your thing.
When A Snail Falls In Love (Chinese Drama, New)
I started to re-read the novel this show is based on and realized very quickly how much the TV show differed from the novel. For example, in the novel before the two leads even met the hero has already accepted the heroine as his apprentice so that part of the story was definitely changed a bit in the show. There also seems to be quite a bit of changes to the secondary characters. The heroine's roommate, the other newbie in the violent crimes department is suppose to be a criminal profiler as well, but in the drama she is instead someone who is extremely good at fighting and has a much sunnier deposition than her character in the novel. Overall, I think the changes the show made to the story are good ones and make me that much more interested in watching it.

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  1. You've got radio buttons for all the questions, so we can't choose multiple answers, e.g. for dramas we're watching now.

    I like this new questionnaire, it's fun to see what everyone else is watching. Thanks.

    1. Ahh!!!! Thanks for pointing that out to me. Still new to this whole survey thing! Thanks again!

  2. I tried out Nigeru wa Haji tonight. Very cute, lots of potential. Hopefully it will come out in a timely fashion. I love how flipped out the groom is.

  3. These surveys never let me do them. Maybe because I am on an Ipad. Sigh

  4. do you understand japanese, mandarin/Cantonese and korean ?

    if not could you tell me where you get your subtitles for jdramas and chinese dramas please

    1. I understand Mandarin, can watch K-drama without subs if I am desperate enough. So I usually watch my J-drama with Chinese subs and Chinese drama from the big establish C-drama websites. J-drama is pretty tricky since I think very few English subs are available unless you are dealing with a very popular one. Viki.com is starting to sub more and more Chinese dramas but you are probably already aware of that one. I have wondered if I am doing a disservice by spotlight J-dramas since they seem especially difficult to find if you don't speak Japanese or can't read Chinese but since I am checking them out constantly I figure I would at least throw them out there for now.

    2. thank you for answering. Japanese subs are a lttle bit easier for me to get than Chinese subs. This is because I am part of multiple "livejournal-sites" that sub them.
      I love that you sub jdramas, the last two jdramas i watched were recommendations from your site.( Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai and Hapimari ).

      I was asking because i was curious, you are the first site that i have seen that subs so many dramas from multiple countries :D

  5. Hello... can you let me where am i able to watch "Beauty for Filling" ?