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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Love O2O Movie vs TV

I finally got a chance to check out Love O2O the movie the other day and was pretty excited to see how it differed from the TV version. 

For ease of comparison I will be referring to the movie version as Love O2O and the TV version of Just One Smile Is Very Alluring simply as Alluring. 

Heroine: Angelababy vs Zheng Shuang 
Angelababy's Wei Wei definitely won hands down. Not to say Zheng Shuang was that bad...I blame the producers for casting an actress that didn't fit the heroine's character set up then don't bother to change the story accordingly. Wei Wei is suppose to be a girl who has a super sexy appearance despite her tomboyish personality. Zheng Shuang is plenty pretty but more in a way of an innocent pure goddess so it was really kinda odd when her character kept getting attacked for being too "sexy".  
While I think Angelababy's heroine was more tomboyish than the novel made her out to be but there is no doubt that her Wei Wei fit the novel's heroine a whole lot more and thus making her character more interesting as well. The only draw back was probably that Angelababy's Wei Wei had so much presence and charm that it really kinda overshadowed the hero. 
Hero: Jing Boran vs Yang Yang
I actually thought Jing Boran did a pretty good job in Love O2O...BUT alas Yang Yang's Xiao Nai is impossible to surpass. 

Yang Yang not only looked perfect for the role but he was also able to pull of the godlike hero with aplomb. Moreover, Alluring fully showcased the hero's quick wit and talent in exasperating those around him... something Love O2O simply didn't have time to do. Xiao Nai's quick wit is such a vital part of what made the novel enjoyable so it was especially sad that the movie only managed to hint at that side of the hero. 

To be fair, Love O2O's hero was probably a whole lot more realistic than Alluring's but there is also no denying that it was really awesome to watch Yang Yang's PERFECT Xiao Nai easily defeat everything and anyone who dared to challenged his deity.  
Secondary Characters:
It is probably unfair to even try to compare Love O2O and Alluring on the category of secondary characters since a movie would obviously have very little time for anyone else other than the two leads. Despite the time constraints though, Love O2O did manage to feature a few secondary characters and it was fun to try to figure out the differences between the two versions. 
One interesting bit is that the male second lead in Alluring also plays the male second lead in the movie as well. In Love O2O, actor Bai Yu plays Wei Wei's jerky ex-husband in the game world but in Alluring he actually plays Cao Guang, the guy that had a crush on Wei Wei but ends up being paired up with her roommate Er Xi. I will admit that it was kinda weird to see the same actor playing two different characters in the same story but I got over it pretty quickly. 
Overall Comparison: 
It was really kinda fun to be able to watch the TV then the movie version of the same story in such short amount of time. As one who is spoiled by drama watching where we got hours to develop the story and characters, I definitely preferred Alluring over Love O2O. However, if I could just put aside Alluring for a moment then Love O2O becomes a fluffy love story that while lacked depth was plenty enjoyable. 
Oops, I forgot one very important category - Kissing Scenes!

Alluring had TONS more swoon worthy scenes than Love O2O...I only remember one kiss in the movie. My problem with the kissing scenes in Alluring is that Zheng Shuang always comes off like she is trying to figure out what's going on while Yang Yang is the only one sizzling. Angelababy and Jing Boran's kissing scene were a whole lot better but like I said, if my memory serves me right, we only got one measly kiss. Sometimes quantities can override quality... 


  1. haha i find zheng shuang awkward so i liked the movie more but i also wasn't able to finish the drama

  2. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought this, I loved Yang Yang but I couldn't really get behind Zheng Shaung as Wei Wei. She's beautiful for sure but she's so willowy and lithe I literally laughed every time they called her voluptuous. They kept repeating what a large chest she has and the perfect figure, I couldn't help thinking why didn't they cast an actress with that body type since it's obviously so important for the character. She also was supposed to be a genius but her deer in the headlights look was the most used expression throughout the drama. Overall I liked the drama and I like her as an actress but maybe it wasn't the best casting choice. Angelababy and Yang yang would have been awesome together as Wei Wei and Xaio Nai.