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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

When A Snail Falls In Love Episode 1-4 First Impression

Chinese Drama: When A Snail Falls In Love (如果蜗牛有爱情)
Episodes: 21
Station: v.qq.com
Leads: Wang Kai & Wang Zi Wen

As the head of a violent crimes unit, our hero Ji Bai is a legend in his field due to his outstanding police record. An expert fighter with an even sharper mind, Ji Bai has high expectations for his subordinates and that extends even to his department's interns. 
Dismayed when he is forced to accept a female criminal profiler intern who can't even pass the police academy's basic physical test, Ji Bai decides to get rid of the offending intern as soon as possible. 
A genius criminal profiler who often amazes her co-workers with her eerily accurate observations, our heroine Xu Xu knows full well how inadequate she is when it comes to her physical ability especially after she gets herself taken as hostage while chasing after a suspect. Left with no choice but to accept Ji Bai's order to either pass the physical test in three month or get out, Xu Xu is determined to do everything she can to keep her assignment.
Forced to admit Xu Xu's exceptional talent as a criminal profiler when she proves to be a perfect partner for him, our hero starts to fall for his trainee...but as the drama title suggests, our heroine is sort of slow when it comes to love. 

Ninja's First Impression
Hmm... I am getting a good feeling about this one. I read the novel a long time ago and honestly, other than the heroine's impressive observation skills I don't remember much about the story. The heroine's character is really an odd duck and that was a lot easier to portray in the novel than in the drama. For example, the very first description of Xu Xu is that she is extremely pale, small in stature (like a child and vampire like) and makes people almost uncomfortable with her piercing gaze. While I think Wang Zi Wen did a good job portraying the heroine so far, she is obviously a much more "normal" and attractive version of Xu Xu. 
I was a bit surprised that the script writer chose to dive right into a criminal case and delay the two leads' first meeting until episode three. Luckily, I found both leads extremely intriguing on their own so while I was mildly impatient for them to finally meet my attention was plenty engaged in the meantime. By episode four though, the two leads have plenty of screen time together and we can already sees some signs of a sizzling chemistry.   
Our hero is a pretty confident guy who is used to girls falling for him because of his good looks so it should be very amusing once he finds himself losing his heart to the one girl who is just a bit dense when it comes to love. Interesting side note: In the novel, the hero is also quite wealthy but most people around him doesn't seem to be aware of that fact. 

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  1. Oh I love Ding Mo novel so I'm definitely on board for this drama!!!

    1. Not to mention Wang Kai's obvious appeal. Aside from being very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, he can act!!! A definite bonus.

  2. I just started this one too, so far, so good!

  3. This sounds good, I'll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Chingu Annyeonghaseyo *waving* I was wondering if you can tell where I can get When A snail fall in love soundtrack/ OST

  5. Thanks for the recaps on this drama, it has been a while since I was got interested in watching a Chinese drama. This was so good, that I finished the first 3 subbed episodes in one sitting. Patiently waiting for your recaps and the next subs :)