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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Woman With A Suitcase Episode 3-4 Second Impression

Woman With A Suitcase Episode 3-4 Overview
Surprised by Bok Geo's sudden offer to put her in charge of a law firm, it doesn't take much for Geum Joo to figure out that there must be something fishy behind Bok Geo's offer. 

Resolutely turning down Bok Geo's too good to be true offer not just once but twice, Geum Joo chooses to stick with Lawyer Suk Woo as his paralegal instead.

Unfortunately for our heroine, her honeymoon period as Suk Woo's paralegal didn't last long. Upset to discover that his client had lied to him about her innocence, Suk Woo becomes even more disappointed when Geum Joo attempts to convince him what his client actually did is of no importance to him.

Going against Geum Joo's earnest warnings, Suk Woo does the unconventional thing of declaring his client's guilt in court but manages to secure an extremely favorable ruling for his client nonetheless.
Impressed by Suk Woo's performance in court, a very repentant Geum Joo tries to apologize to him but by then Suk Woo has already decided to part ways with Geum Joo.

Smiling with glee when she catches sight of her sister sitting in what looks like a very sullen dinner with Suk Woo, Hye Joo points Geum Joo out to Bok Geo and purposefully declares "I didn't even know that she got herself a man already."
With no where to go after being fired by Suk Woo, our heroine tries to ask her half sister for job referrals but by now Hye Joo has already dropped her pretense of being nice and tells Geum Joo that as a paralegal with a stain on her resume she should dig herself out of the hole.

Thoroughly embarrassed when she runs into Bok Geo while working as a waitress, Geum Joo decides to throw away her pride for good and asks Bok Geo for a second third chance to accept his offer.  
Quite satisfied to have Geum Joo exactly where he wants her, Bok Geo smiles with an evil glint in his eyes as Geum Joo yelps loudly over the ridiculous work contract he has just handed her. Huffy but left with no choice to sign Bok Geo's slave contract that includes conditions such as "Unless there is a good reason, the bought item (meaning Geum Joo) will do whatever it's owner orders." Geum Joo begins her life as a paralegal who runs a law firm.

None too pleased when Geum Joo insists that she must have Suk Woo on her team because of his passion to do what's right, Bok Geo is relieved once Suk Woo turns down their offer.
Eager to exercise his rights as Geum Joo's "owner", Bok Geo doesn't waste time as he orders an exasperated Geum Joo to come and go as he pleases. Knowing full well that Bok Geo must be hiding a secret agenda but too desperate for a job to not dance to his tunes, Geum Joo puts on a resigned expression when Bok Geo suddenly orders her to accompany him to a party. Dutifully promoting her new law firm at the party, Geum Joo instinctively jumps to action when she notices a bitter actress charging right at Bok Geo with a knife in hand. Throwing herself at Bok Geo at the last moment, Geum Joo is stabbed by the knife and falls unconscious as a horrified Bok Geo yells her name.
Fully expecting to wake up to Bok Geo's guilt ridden but extremely grateful expression, Geum Joo is severely disappointed when Bok Geo actually have the guts to complain of how careless she was of damaging his "item" (meaning her). Satisfied to see Geum Joo complaining loudly, a merciless Bok Geo orders Geum Joo to get better soon so she can start working.
Secretly excited despite her loud protesting when Bok Geo hands her a case file while she lays in her hospital bed, Geum Joo jumps on the chance to convince Suk Woo to work with her law firm once it turns out that their clients would benefit in joining their cases.

As luck would have it, Hye Joo is actually the opposing counsel so our heroine has the mixed pleasure of watching her little sister lose a very important case because of her.
Getting more and more brazen in showing his interest in Geum Joo, Bok Geo holds Geum Joo's hand during an art auction but tells our offended heroine that he is only doing so out of his fear that she would bid carelessly. 
Furious after Bok Geo suddenly takes off running from the auction site and leaves her alone to face the embarrassing situation of not having enough money to pay for their purchase, Geum Joo is in no mood to be friendly when she walks home to find a smiling Bok Geo waiting for her. Fed up with playing Bok Geo's games, an angry Geum Joo tries to rip up their contract but could only stare in shock as Bok Geo forcefully stops her and declares "I will never...let you go, Cha Geum Joo." 

Ninja Second Impression: 
If last week's first two episodes only showed some promises then this week's were definitely a big win that made me really excited for Woman With A Suitcase. 

Episode 3-4 really focused on some major character development for all three of our leads and with it, took care of a lot of issues I had with the heroine before. I had complained previously that nothing, not even prison or divorce seemed to affect Geum Joo but in these last two episodes we definitely got to see our heroine's vulnerable moments. For example, despite Geum Joo's ability to shake off other people's opinion of her, she is defenseless against her own half sister whom she had personally worked to support through law school. 
I also found it extremely interesting that when Geum Joo was at her lowest point she had called her ex-husband and asked "What did I do wrong?" Geum Joo's ex was strangely patient and actually answered "You tried to do too much." By the way, does that relationship strike anyone else as odd? It almost seemed like a friendship that has gone sour instead of a marriage? 
Our hardworking heroine aside though, if I was completely honest I will have to admit that Joo Jin Mo's super sexy hero is 90% of the reason I am falling in love with this show. It does strike me a bit odd that Bok Geo seems to be fully aware of his feelings for Geum Joo this early on..but then, I guess he doesn't have the luxury to be slow when Suk Woo, in the hero's own words "keeps hanging around Geum Joo...making me (Bok Geo) worry." (Bok Geo actually said this out loud as a warning to Suk Woo, so our hero is not beating around the bush at least when it comes to his potential competition.) 
If I have to nitpick and point out something I dislike about this show thus far, it will be the disturbing but always present mysterious villain. If I have my druthers I would rather if the show could just stick with the individual weekly law cases since they have been plenty intriguing, but I guess "the big bad" is an essential part of the hero's backstory and the reason why Geum Joo landed herself a brand new law firm in the first place. 
 ps. My favorite scene from this week was when Suk Woo is walking through a crime scene with Geum Joo and asking her if the dead guy really could've used cable ties as some sort of kinky toy. Busy looking around, Geum Joo nonechalently replies "I personally prefers handcuff but I guess other things can be used as well..."
Stunned momentarily by Geum Joo's offhanded answer, Suk Woo holds a hand to his burning face.