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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

10/28/16 Drama Survey Results

4:44 PM Posted by ninja 5 comments
Ninja's 10/28/16 Drama Survey Results

Soooo.... for those of you who took the survey, you would've already found out that I messed up this last time and some questions where you were suppose to be able to check multiple answers didn't allow you to do so. That mistake obviously impacted this very first question the most so look over the chart with that in mind. 

I am completely surprised that One Percent of Anything took first place here. I didn't pay too much attention to One Percent of Anything since I figured it was just a remake but considering how popular it is I am starting to wonder if I am missing something. For those of you who are watching One Percent, what do you love about this show? 

My vote for my current K-drama favorite is Jealousy Incarnate. 
One Percent of Anything won this one as well. The Man Living in Our House took second. Shopping King and On The Way to the Airport tied for the third place. 

As for me, I guess I am taking the road less traveled since I actually would choose Woman with a Suitcase as my second favorite right now. 

 My vote on this one would be Jealousy Incarnate. 

I didn't mean to drop Scarlet Heart but I keep forgetting to get back to it so I guess that could be a sign that I am losing interest in that one. 
 I am following When A Snail Falls In Love and Beauty for the Filling. 
I don't currently have a T-drama on my watch list right now but crossing my fingers that V-focus and High 5 might turn out to be winners. 
I have been pretty preoccupied with new K-dramas lately so J-dramas has been put on the back burner but if I can find the time I will be catching up with Nigeru Wa Haii as my first choice then Unmei Ni Nita. 

 A Food You Really Wanted To Eat After Watching A Show This Week: 

Looks like lots of people like me had Ramen noodles on their mind this week. Mine was actually Japanese Ramen after I checked out the first episode of Cook Keibu no Bansankai where the lead detective helped himself to a bowl of noodles at the crime scene. (Yap, it did gross me out but then I wanted some Ramen afterwards for some strange reason.) 

Can someone explain this one?? Hair?! 


  1. One Percent Anything is basically every-drama trope that we all have come to known executed perfectly.

    It has every K-drama cliche' but it uses it so well, also the leads have electrifying chemistry with each-other.

    It is a 30-minute per episode drama and it uses almost every last minute of that time to focus on the main leads. The female is a spunky teacher who is obsessed with a kpop-idol.

    And finally it is a very funny drama

  2. I am loving One Percent because the OTP is super cute and funny together. Because I am a big fan of the original and I want to see how they change things up.
    Since they went to the trouble to make Hottie Doctor Oppa not DaDa's real brother this time, I am hoping they make use of that plot change.

  3. Hello! I missed out on doing the survey but I'd like to put in my opinions ^_^

    'V-focus' started out slow, or rather it didn't completely reel me in as a viewer in the first episode, despite the exciting car chase that happens within the opening minutes. Decided to skip to a random part in episode 5, thought the drama was worth a go and went back to episode 1 to watch it patiently and properly. One of the better decisions I've made today! Melvin Sia's smoulder and his chemistry with the leading lady is ������

    As for food, there's this dark blackish noodle dish that was in episode 5 of 'V-focus' but idk what it is. I'd like to try that, and also a little bit of the Cantonese sponge cake/ Malay steamed cake. Just to try some new foods ^_^

    Also following 'When A Snail Falls in Love' --again, because of your post! That's the second drama you've persuaded me to watch, after 'Super Star Academy' :D well done you :P

    My only lament is why aren't you using wordpress so I can follow your blog lol :( and the comments section doesn't let me sign in with my wordpress account. Oh well. Your blog has been bookmarked ��

  4. Well, one percent of something is basically fluff but of the extremely adorable kind... Its like the mug of hot chocolate you take at the end of the day, warm, sweet but not overly, simple and yet very fulfilling.
    And as someone mentioned, the leads do have way too sizzling chemistry to ignore!

    I recently started watching When a Snail Falls in Love and I am liking it more with every episode, especially the female lead.

    Nigeru wa Haji is super super fun to watch too! I hate that the subs are out so late and my Japanese isnt really up to the mark now that I can watch it raw. Both this and One percent are my current favorites though they are totally different, both are romantic comedies, one slightly more eccentric than the other. I love the ending song, the music and the dance are infectious!

  5. In One Percent of Anything, the writer for the remake is the same writer for the original, but I really like how the writing has improved in remake. The changes they made in the remake I find has made the drama more enjoyable, as well as the chemistry between the leads is great. :)