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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

11/4/16 Survey Results

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Ninja's 11/4/16 Survey Results
I haven't watched the latest episode yet, but based on the first two episodes, I am undecided on this one.

Other than the pesky issue of the hero's "mysterious illness" I like this one so far.

Wow, I am surprised by how many people love this one. Although I am fairly lenient on T-dailies I am still only at the level of liking V-Focus.

If I could date a hero from a tv drama it would be the hero from: (Drama name).

Um... Dido on the having my own harem comment. If I have to just pick one though (the horror!) I would pick One Smile Is Very Alluring.

Here are some of the other comments:

A show you've been wanting to re-watch:
Oh Hae Young Again has been on mind lately so that's my answer.
I was surprised that Healer seems to be fairly popular this week both in the previous question (a hero you want to date) and as a show to re-watch. I loved Healer but I've notice in myself that I tend to veer towards shows that doesn't have too much angst when it comes to choosing dramas to watch a second...or multiple time. 


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