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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Behind Your Smile Episode 1 First Impression

Taiwanese Drama: Behind Your Smile (浮士德的微笑)
Airs: Sundays
Total Episodes: 16
Leads: Marcus Chang & Eugenie Liu
Filled with excitement to finally see her mom after years of studying abroad, our heroine, Lei Xin Yu is completely unprepared when instead of the loving embrace of her mother she is greeted by a hoard of angry creditors. The only daughter of a mother that is a famous real estate tycoon, Xin Yu is a kind trusting soul who has never been exposed to the harsh realities of life...until now. 
Unable to convince anyone that her mother is not the kind of person to cheat people out of money, Xin Yu had no choice but to run from the now violent mob of creditors. Desperate to get away, Xin Yu jumps into a car parked by the side of the road and pleas with a stranger to not throw her out. Immensely relieved when the stranger hides her from the mob, Xin Yu timidly thank the man who despite his stony expression had decided to help her. 

Unbeknownst to our innocent heroine, the stranger's name is Zhao Yi Ting and he didn't show up by chance at all. Harboring a dark past that seems to have something to do with the heroine's mother, Yi Ting soon lets Xin Yu off in the middle of no where but orders his secretary to follow her out of sight. 
With her mother's disappearance after declaring bankruptcy and no friends willing to talk to her because of the scandal, Xin Yu wonders the street completely alone and promptly lands herself in trouble when an old acquaintance tricks her into going to dinner with him. Finally realizing something is terribly wrong when the man forces her to change into a skimpy dress, Xin Yu tries to escape and runs straight into the "kind" stranger that had saved her earlier that day. Stunned when the stranger ignores her pitiful plea for help, Xin Yu starts to lose hope as she is dragged away but thankfully after a frustrated kick at the wall Yi Ting shows up and saves Xin Yu once again. 
Thankful to Yi Ting's repeated help despite his rather cold and sometimes very offensive attitude towards her, Xin Yu is surprised when she runs into her savior once more at a job interview. Already amazed to find out that the restaurant she is applying to be a server at is actually owned by her old schoolmate, Xin Yu's mouth falls open with shock when her old schoolmate informs her that the "kind" stranger is her fiancee. 
Knowing full well of his fiancee's skill at torturing anyone she doesn't like, Yi Ting purposefully blames Xin Yu for stealing his engagement ring then showers our clueless heroine with just enough attention so that his fiancee would fly into a jealous rage. 

Ninja's First Impression: 
Interesting... I can't say I am sold on this one quite yet, but the mysterious hero has certainly caught my attention. Just from the little bit of hints we have been given thus far in the first episode, it seems safe to guess that Behind Your Smile will be a revenge based romance. The literal translation of the Chinese title would be "Faust's Smile" which refers to the German legend where the protagonist makes a deal with the devil. I am still a bit fuzzy if the hero is suppose to be Faust who sells his soul for revenge or if our heroine is the one that falls for the devil's trap. 
Suffice to say though, at least at this point our hero is definitely playing the devil's role by spinning a web of deception where our heroine keeps getting saved by him when in reality he is often the one that adds fire to her already desperate situation. One thing I do want to bring up though is that I thought the writer did a good job of ensuring that even though the heroine met plenty of people wanting to kick her while she is down, there were also kind strangers who gave our heroine hope. My personal pet peeve is that T-drama tend to go overboard when it comes to showcasing the world as an extremely scary place with nary of a kind person in sight so it was good to see a drama that at least took the effort to balance the bad with the good.    

All in all, I thought episode one was promising enough that I will definitely check out the next episode. 

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  1. Watching it!

    Your recap and recommendation assures me that my instincts were right to pick this show ;)

  2. Welp that's another one you've convinced me to watch! :P

    1. It's good. It's different. The actors are easy on the eyes and the soundtrack. LOVE the soundtrack so far. Been researching online to find more info and videos, alas, no youtube music videos yet. I am quite excited about the show Can't wait for more.

  3. Great drama, matching couple, love all song OST.of this drama... Match with the scene plot and song trough into main lead character

  4. I didn't buy the story neither but cannot stop watching it!