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Monday, November 7, 2016

Blow Breeze Episode 21-22 Recap

Ninja's Blow Breeze Episode 21-22 Recap
Shin Ae's Story: 
Unsettle by the fact that Mama Kim is working in Grandfather Kim's restaurant, Shin Ae decides to use Mama Jo's intense "jealousy" over any woman near Grandfather Kim to get Mama Kim fired. 

Flying into a rage the moment Shin Ae mentions the fact that Grandfather Kim seems cozy with Mama Kim (Grandfather Kim had given Mama Kim a ride to pick up her grandson), Mama Jo immediately charges over to the restaurant and accuses poor Mama Kim of trying to seduce her father-in-law for money. Shocked and embarrassed by what he wife had done, Daddy Jo quickly forces Mama Jo to apologize to Mama Kim.  
Any joy Shin Ae would've gotten from causing trouble for Mama Kim would soon disappear when she herself becomes the target of Mama Jo's intense anger. Suspicious when she saw Shin Ae running out of the house, Mama Jo instinctively follows her and finds out the shocking truth that Shin Ae is actually from the North. 
Piecing together in no time at all that Shin Ae must have approached her innocent son with the intention of snagging herself a rich husband, a furious Mama Jo is determined to chase out her new daughter-in-law. Equally determined to stay no matter what, Shin Ae has no choice but to suffer silently as Mama Jo comes up with various ways to make Shin Ae's life miserable. 
Growing more desperate as Mama Jo's hatred for her seems to be increasing with each passing day, Shin Ae is ready to do anything and everything to stay married to Hee Dong... that is until she finds out that Mi Poong is actually Grandfather Kim's grand-daughter. 

Poor Grandfather Kim found out at the end of episode 22 that not only has he wife died 12 years ago but the rest of his families, except his grand-daughter had also died while trying to make their escape from the North.  
Mi Poong's Story:
Not suspecting Mi Poong's declaration that she only sees him as an older brother, a dejected Jang Go reluctantly allows his family and Ha Yeon to push him into planning an engagement. Stoic as he listens to his mother eagerly assuring Ha Yeon's father how happy she is about the engagement, Jang Go's expression finally changes when he notices Sung Sik in the middle of presenting a ring to Mi Poong a short distance away. 

Despite being bit flustered by the fanfare, Mi Poong nonetheless allows Sung Sik to put the ring on her hand. Not missing Jang Go's pained expression, Ha Yeon makes a point to follow Mi Poong to the restroom in order to let her know that she will be leaving with Jang Go to study abroad after their engagement. 
Filled with feelings of doubt as she sits at the park bench and stared at the ring on her hand, Mi Poong looks up to see our equally lost hero coming towards her. Giving Mi Poong a sad smile, Jang Go assures her that Sung Sik's feelings for her seems to be real. A bit lost for words, Mi Poong quietly congratulates Jang Go on his upcoming engagement to Ha Yeon and their subsequent plan to go study abroad. 

Trying hard to please everyone else except himself, Jang Go goes along with all the preparation for the engagement even if he can't bring himself to act happy at all. It is interesting to note that Grandmother Lee is the only one willing to wonder out loud if forcing such a unhappy Jang Go into marrying a woman he obviously doesn't love is really a good idea. 
Resigned to stay on their respective paths their families want them to choose, our two leads work hard to repress their feelings for one another...until fate intervenes and they are stuck in an elevator together. Sitting in the dark elevator together, Jang Go laughs as he reminisces with Ming Pong about the time they were stuck in the school back in their youth. His smile fading, Jang Go wonders out loud "I think that's when it started. That was the beginning...of me starting to like you. Why didn't I know then? How could I not know?" 
Staring at Jang Go with wonder, Ming Pong's long repressed emotion finally explodes as he continues "I guess it doesn't matter anymore. I realized my feelings too late and hurt you. I am sorry I realized my feelings too late." With tears in her eyes, Mi Poong leans over and kisses Jang Go. Still stunned as Mi Poong gently pulls away after her kiss, our hero finally snaps out of his shock and goes in for his own kiss.
Freaking out ever since he realized that Mi Poong is stuck in the elevator with his biggest competitor, Sung Sik's worst nightmare is realized when he finally opens the elevator door to see our two leads in a passionate kiss. 

Flying into a jealousy rage, Sung Sik throws a punch at Jang Go but alas our hero doesn't seem to be feeling much in the way of guilt and easily catches Sung Sik's fist with his hand. (Swoon...) Completely convinced that Jang Go must've been the one to force a kiss on his girl, Sung Sik stares at Mi Poong in disbelief when she tells him frankly that she is the one that made the move then gives him the ring back.
No less stunned and angry than Sung Sik, Ha Yeon confronts Jang Go but instead of an apology what she got was Jang Go's declaration that the one he loves is Mi Poong. 
Charging right over to Mama Lee's house after getting rejected (again) by Jang Go, a crying Ha Yeon tells a horrified Mama Lee that the engagement is off. Called out of her work by a furious Mama Lee, Mi Poong accepts a slap to the face meekly and begs for a chance to stay by Jang Go's side. Curious when he saw Mi Poong running out of the building, Jang Go had followed closely behind and ends up discovering the unpleasant truth of how his mother had been forcing Mi Poong to give up on him. 

Ignoring his mother's demand for him to come to his senses, Jang Go grabs Mi Poong's hand and takes her away. Pained by the thought of how much Mi Poong had suffered without his knowledge, Jang Go holds a sobbing Mi Poong in his arms and promises that he will never let her cry by herself again. 
Their feelings finally confirmed with one another, our two leads' paths to their happy ever after is nonetheless still filled with obstacles. Assured by Ha Yeon that she is STILL willing to wait for Jang Go to "come back to his senses", Mama Lee is unrelenting on her fervent disapproval of Mi Poong and continues to pressure her son to marry Ha Yeon for his career's sake. 

Knowing full well of Mama Lee's attitude, Mama Kim is also trying hard to convince Mi Poong to give up on Jang Go, especially after Sung Sik pays her a visit and expresses his still ardent love for Mi Poong. 

Ninja's Thoughts
A KISS! Finally! I do love the fact that our heroine is the one that made the first move. Despite all the hard lessons life had forced Mi Poong to swallow, our heroine at the end of the day is still that spunky little girl that is not afraid to chase after her oppa. 
As for our hero...I was a bit disappointed that the writer had chosen to let Jang Go go as far as allowing himself to be almost engaged to Ha Yeon. I realize the boy was in utter despair after getting rejected by Mi Poong and probably thought nothing mattered in the world anymore...BUT marrying someone he doesn't love just doesn't fit our hero's character set up. Hmm...come to think of it, Jang Go did accept a job at Ha Yeon's company out of his desire to please his family so maybe that wasn't so out of character after all. 

Anyhow, as much as it was satisfying to see our two leads finally getting together I am readying myself for more angst. 
Speaking of angst... based on the preview it looks like Shin Ae is going to steal Mi Poong's identity and presents herself as Grandfather Kim's grand-daughter. Sigh... I am really not excited about this development so I am crossing my fingers the writer can somehow make this rather uninspiring "twist" a bit more interesting. 


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