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Monday, November 14, 2016

Blow Breeze Episode 23-24 Recap

Ninja's Blow Breeze Episode 23-24 Recap
Shin Ae's Story:
Remembering seeing a ring on Mama Kim that resembled the one Grandfather Kim cherished so much, Shin Ae rushes to Mama Kim's house immediately to confirm with her own eyes of what she feared the most. Apparently still as trusting as ever, Mama Kim falls for Shin Ae's pitiful act yet again and is convinced that Shin Ae is truly repentant of her past.

Stumbling out of Mama Kim's house after she had taken a good look at Mama Kim's ring AND taken Mi Poong's tooth brush to compare her DNA to Grandfather Kim's, Shin Ae is surprised when she is informed that there is no way to confirm the relationship between a grandfather to a grand-daughter. 

Losing much of her patience with her still doting husband now that she knows he is no gold mine, Shin Ae finally snaps when all three men of the household leaves for China to find Grandfather Kim's grand-daughter and leaves her under the abuse of Mama Jo all alone.
Bitter that all her suffering under Mama Jo's bullying was for naught, Shin Ae's eyes light up when she comes up with the sinister idea of claiming Mi Poong's identity as her own.

Aghast to see Shin Ae showing up at her doorstep with a woeful story of how she was abused by her mother-in-law, Mama Kim goes against Mi Poong's wish and allows Shin Ae to stay the night.
Dismayed to find out that stealing a ring on Mama Kim's hand is much harder than stealing a money bag like she did last time, Shin Ae eventually resorts to smacking Mama Kim over the head with a baseball bat. Shaking in fear, Shin Ae pulls on the unconscious Mama Kim's finger until the ring pops off and rolls right into a ditch. Dismayed, Shin Ae tries to grab the ring but ended up having to hide first when Jang Go's aunt and grandmother discovers a bloody Mama Kim laying on the side of the road.
Rushing to the hospital in a panic after hearing her mother was robbed on the way home, Mi Poong is so relieved to see her mother in one piece that she convinces Mama Kim that losing the precious silver ring is nothing compare to their family staying intact.

After several attempts, Shin Ae finally retrieves Mama Kim's ring from the gutter and successfully uses it to convince Grandfather Kim that she is his long lost grand-daughter.
Mi Poong's Story:
Our two leads' happiness of finally confirming their feelings for one another continues to be dampened by increasing obstacles in their way. Filled with bitterness to see her son tossing away his bright future for a girl like Mi Poong, Mama Lee gives Jang Go an ultimatum to choose between herself or Mi Poong. Furious when Jang Go replies "Both Mom and Mi Poong are equally precious to me." Mama Lee throws Jang Go's clothes outside and orders him to move out that very day since she no longer considers Jang Go as her son.

Not surprised that Mama Lee is going to such extreme to stop Jang Go's relationship with Mi Poong, Mama Jo begs her unwavering daughter yet again to give up on a relationship that will only end in pain.
Completely unable to understand how Mi Poong would choose Jang Go over such a perfect catch as himself, Sung Sik drags an unwilling Mi Poong to a remote location and tries to talk some sense into her. Becoming enraged when Mi Poong still insists that the one she wants is Jang Go, Sung Sik kisses a struggling Mi Poong by force. Thankfully, just as Sung Sik tries to force himself on Mi Poong the second time (after pausing to get slapped by Mi Poong) our hero arrives just in time to punch him...for the third time (I think?).

Unwilling to watch Mi Poong submitting to whatever unreasonable orders Sung Sik assign her at work, Jang Go meets with Sung Sik and asks him to end his one sided crush on Mi Poong. Mildly surprised when Sung Sik brings up that he was very hurt by the fact that Jang Go would ignore their friendship and punch him all because of a woman, Jang Go offers to let Sung Sik punch him back. Deciding at the last moment to not hit Jang Go, Sung Sik walks away after warning Jang Go to never mistreat Mi Poong. True to his promise with Jang Go, Sung Sik promptly transfers Mi Poong back to her old marketing department much to our heroine's joy. 
Persuaded by Jang Go to attend his mother's birthday celebration despite her misgivings, Mi Poong cowers a bit when she walks in to Jang Go's house to find Ha Yeon there as the guest of honor. As expected, Mama Lee was not happy to see Mi Poong and tells her "the best birthday present I could receive is to not see you."

Frustrated by his mother's words and Ha Yeon's shameless attitude to keep showing up like she has a claim to him, Jang Go declares in front of everyone "The one I love is Mi Poong. Ha Yeon, you must think what you have is so great (meaning her father's law firm), but if it's not what I want then it is nothing to me." 
Her pride severely hurt after being rejected by Jang Go...once again, Ha Yeon drowns her sorrow in a bar and calls Mi Poong on the phone to vent her anger. Unwilling to let Mi Poong go meet a drunken Ha Yeon, Jang Go goes to the bar instead. Becoming even more upset when she sees Jang Go, Ha Yeon storms out of the bar and promptly gets hit by a car. 

Rushing Ha Yeon to the emergency room, a dismayed Jang Go watches as a hysterical Ha Yeon screams "I can't feel my legs!"

Ninja's Thoughts
Sigh...seriously show? I was already none too pleased with the plot device of stolen identity but we are now going to have our hero marry the shameless female second lead out of guilt?! Jang Go! Don't disappoint me! To be honest, it really seem almost unrealistic to have someone like Ha Yeon so bent on marrying a man who she knows doesn't love her at all. It's like neither Ha Yeon nor Mama Lee have ever heard of the concept of divorce. What's the point of marrying a guy who doesn't love you when you will probably either get a divorce later or live the rest of you life convinced that he is thinking about another woman? 
The only silver lining I can see from this whole mess is that maybe our heroine will FINALLY move out of Jang Go's house and not have to put up with Mama Lee anymore. 

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  1. Wow, how many plot devices can they use. I really hate "guilt marriages". I am glad I am only following your recaps, I don't think I could handle actually watching this show. Too much drama even for a drama!

  2. Thanks for your recaps as always. <3 Oh, and I just I realized you didn't talk about the scene when Jang Go asked Mi Poong marry him in Ep 24, when he gave her a ring?

    1. Ha! You are totally right. I was so disappointed with how episode 24 ended that I completely forgot about the ring and the proposal.

  3. Thanks for the recap, Ninja! I've been trying to post that your Blow Breeze recaps are very helpful but somehow my post keeps disappearing.

    Anyways, I think the show is moving into makjang territory already...

  4. Can't believe the turn of events. Whyyyyyyyyyy