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Monday, November 21, 2016

Blow Breeze Episode 25-26 Recap

Ninja's Blow Breeze Episode 25-26 Recap
Shin Ae's Story:
Totally convinced that Shin Ae must be a fake, Mama Jo persuades her husband to suggest DNA testing to Grandfather Kim. Knowing full well that there is no way that a DNA test can be done between a grand-daughter and grand-father, Shin Ae whole heartily agrees to Mama Jo's suggestion which of course confirms even more to Grandfather Kim that she is really his grand-daughter.

Already depressed by Shin Ae's sudden elevation in status, Mama Jo goes into full crisis mode when Daddy Jo finally reveals the brutal truth that they are not related to Grandfather Kim at all. (Up to this point Mama Jo had always thought they were at the very least LONG distance relatives of Grandfather Kim) Realizing her son's marriage to Shin Ae is her last hope to Grandfather Kim's wealth now, Mama Jo undergoes a dramatic change of heart and wants nothing more for her son to stay married to Shin Ae.

Stunned when his father broke the news of Shin Ae's new identity as Grandfather Kim's grand-daughter to him, poor Hee Dong could hardly believe that all of the sob stories Shin Ae told him before was all a lie. At first tempted to just divorce Hee Dong if he refuses to accept her lame excuse of "I lied because I love you so much and was afraid to lose you." Shin Ae eventually decides that it would be too risky to divorce Hee Dong before she officially becomes Grandfather Kim's grand-daughter legally. Luckily for Shin Ae, after a night of drinking Hee Dong comes home ready to forgive and forget.
Mama Jo is finally getting her just dues now that Shin Ae has become the apple of Grandfather Kim's eyes. Frustrated to become the pathetic mother-in-law that has to cater to her daughter-in-law's every whim, Mama Jo did attempt to fight back but that of course failed right away when Shin Ae merely has to shed a few fake tears to make Grandfather Kim turn his angry glare towards anyone that dared to cross his grand-daughter. 
Unfortunately for Shin Ae, just when everything seems to be going her way her past comes back to hunt her once again. Panicked when Grandfather Kim catches her talking to her aunt AND her daughter, Shin Ae quickly introduces them as kind friends that helped her during her escape out of the North. 
Stunned once she figures out what Shin Ae has done, Shin Ae's aunt thought about telling Mama Kim the truth but changes her mind once she remembers that as long as Shin Ae has a rich "grandfather" then she can keep extorting money from her.

Her trusty radar going off wildly the moment she sees Shin Ae dragging her aunt away in anger, Mama Kim follows the two women and gasps in shock when she confirms her suspicion that Shin Ae was NOT Grandfather Kim's grand-daughter. 
Mi Poong's Story:
Filled with guilt as he watches a hysterical Ha Yeon screaming with despair over her paralyzed legs, Jang Go can't help but feel responsible.
Dismayed when she finds out about Ha Yeon's car accident from Jang Go's aunt, Mi Poong rushes over to the hospital only to see Ha Yeon sobbing in Jang Go's arms.
Finally remembering Mi Poong after a harrowing night at the hospital, Jang Go tells her about Ha Yeon's car accident but plays down the severity of Ha Yeon's injury. Not wanting to add to Jang Go's worry, Mi Poong doesn't tell him that she has already been to the hospital nor of how his mother had angrily accused her yet again of destroying her son's chance of a perfect marriage.
Overjoyed when her legs suddenly regain their mobility, Ha Yeon wastes no time and comes up with a scheme to make Jang Go hers by using his overflowing guilt towards her. Despite some small (very small) hesitation at the thought of lying to her son, Mama Lee soon decides to support Ha Yeon's lie fully.

Showing up at the hospital to pay Ha Yeon a visit, Mi Poong arrives just in time to hear Mama Lee pleading with Jang Go to stay by the "pitiful" Ha Yeon's side.
Not surprised when later that night she gets a phone call from Jang Go and hears the ominous words of "I need to talk to you," Mi Poong meets with Jang Go but then doesn't give him the chance to talk. Looking into Jang Go's sorrowful eyes, Mi Poong tells him "Oppa, let's break up. I am the one that's breaking up with you so you didn't break your promise to me." 
Heartbroken after breaking up with Mi Poong, Jang Go numbly follows his mother urging and agrees to get engaged with Ha Yeon so he could take care of her while she goes to America for more "treatments" on her legs. 

Resigned to his fate, Jang Go stoically sits as everyone around him happily celebrates his engagement...that is until Hee Ra accidentally knocks a candle into Ha Yeon's lap and she jumps up in fear. Looking at Ha Yeon standing on her perfectly fine legs, it quickly dawns on Jang Go that this was no miracle healing but a huge lie told by both Ha Yeon AND his mother. Barely able to control his anger and disappointment at being deceived by his own mother, Jang Go walks away even after both Ha Yeon and Mama Lee beg him to stay.  
Having forced herself to go about her day normally even if it hurt terribly every time she hears about Jang Go's upcoming engagement or worse yet, sees Jang Go with Ha Yeon, our heroine widens her eyes in surprise when a crying Jang Go suddenly shows up. Pulling Mi Poong into his arms, Jang Go is too overcome with emotion and could only mutter "I am sorry." repeatedly as Mi Poong also breaks down in sobs. 
All her lovely plans with Ha Yeon down the drain, Mama Lee could only stump off to her room in bitterness when Grandmother Lee angrily yells at her for lying to her own son. Deeply disappointed in Mama Lee and truly wishing her grandson could be happy, Grandmother Lee railroads over Mama Lee's objection and declares her full support when Jang Go informs his family of his intention to marry Mi Poong. 

Paying Mama Kim a visit personally, Grandmother Lee convinces a somewhat reluctant Mama Lee to not move away so she could be close to her daughter after Mi Poong marries Jang Go. 

Ninja's Thoughts
Wow, color me surprised! I totally thought our two leads are going to be tortured for at least a few more episodes before they got back together. Not that I am complaining of course since I wasn't a fan of that particular plot line anyway. Still, it's one thing to have Ha Yeon's lie revealed so quickly but altogether another thing to have our two leads getting married already (We only saw the beginning of the wedding at the end of ep.26 so we'll probably see the actual wedding next week). 
We have just barely crossed the mid-way point of the show so I am a tad bit worried that we are we going to be stuck with tiresome family conflict and Shin Ae's desperate evil plans from this point on. 
Oh, well! This writer has been pretty good at not dragging out tiresome plot lines thus far so I am hopeful that I will be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. so surprised by the turn around. But i feel what you fear is whats going to happen, evil plots and no finding out who the real grand daughter is by the grandfather any time soon. Pleasantly surprise me show!