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Monday, November 28, 2016

Blow Breeze Episode 27-28 Recap

Ninja's Blow Breeze Episode 27-28 Recap
Shin Ae's Story:
At first vowing to expose Shin Ae's lie to everyone, Mama Jo quickly changes her mind once Shin Ae informs her that Mi Poong is Grandfather Kim's real grand-daughter and reminds her once again that without her marriage to Hee Dong, Mama Jo's family has no connection to Grandfather Kim at all. Quite pleased to see Mama Jo and Shin Ae's new alliance, Shin Ae's "aunt" promptly uses her knowledge as a mean to extort money from them. 

Terrified that their lie would be exposed, Mama Jo and Shin Ae are resigned to do as Shin Ae's aunt demanded...that is until the drama god smiles upon them and Shin Ae's aunt is killed in a car accident while trying to run away from a bunch of thugs. 
While relieved to not have to worry about her aunt's extortion anymore, Shin Ae's next problem is figuring out what to do with her secret daughter. Not wanting to risk having her past exposed, Shin Ae decides to send her daughter away but ends up changing her mind when the little girl sobs in her arms and pleas "Mom, don't send me away." 
Careful to make sure her daughter never calls her mother in front of anyone, Shin Ae hopes to keep the little girl's identity hidden but without her knowledge Hee Dong has gotten to know her daughter by chance. 

Despite Hee Dong's determination to forgive and forget Shin Ae's deception he is nonetheless finding it difficult to convince his own heart to stop hurting. Dismayed when Shin Ae angrily demands if he wants a divorce from her, Hee Dong quickly pulls her into an embrace and suggests that it might be time for them to have a child together. Instinctively stiffening at the mention of a child, Shin Ae agrees to Hee Dong's suggestion with a mixed expression. 
Mi Poong's Story:
Our two leads are married! 
After a slightly bumpy start where Jang Go's car gets a flat tire, our two leads finally arrive at their honeymoon hotel via a ride in the tow truck. Determined to reclaim some points in our heroine's eyes, Jang Go promptly picks up Mi Poong in his arms when she pouts and reminds him that she is supposed to be carried into their room. Barely surviving the LOOOONG hotel corridor while carrying Mi Poong in his arms, our hero decisively pulls his brand new wife in bed to claim his prize. This is a k-family drama so the picture on the right is pretty much what we got...sigh... 
While our two leads are immersed in their blissful happiness, nothing seems to be going well for Mama Lee at all. Already depressed over Jang Go's marriage, Mama Lee tires to reassure herself that at least her youngest son had married a rich family's daughter...until Hee Ra comes home complaining that her family is actually not related to Grandfather Kim at all. 

Ready to prove to Mi Poong how difficult of a mother-in-law she could be, Mama Lee is determined to make Mi Poong do all the household chores on top of working a full time job. Displeased when she sees Mi Poong making breakfast by herself in the morning, Grandmother Lee declares that she is not going to stop Mama Lee from placing demands on Mi Poong but since Mi Poong is not the only daughter-in-law in the household then that means Hee Ra has to help out as well.  Used to living the life style of a princess even as the Lee family's daughter-in-law, Hee Ra soon clashes with Mi Poong when our heroine tries to get her to do her share of household chores. 

Forgoing his chance of becoming a rich family's son-in-law proves to have adverse affect on Jang Go's career but knowing full well that Mi Poong's life is not exactly a bed of roses either as she tries be a perfect daughter-in-law for Mama Lee, Jang Go doesn't mention any of his work difficulties. 

Dismayed when he comes home to find out that Mama Lee had invited Ha Yeon to the house, Jang Go rushes to go comfort Mi Poong but is reassured when his little wife shows even more determination to win his mom over. 
Eager to show off his grand-daughter, Grandfather Kim takes Shin Ae to his company and ends up running right into Mi Poong. Shocked and dismayed to see Mi Poong, Shin Ae and Mama Jo decides to convince Grandfather Kim to let Shin Ae start working at the company so she could figure out a way to get rid of Mi Poong. Surprised to find out that the kind grandfather she knows is not only the owner of her company but Shin Ae's long lost grandfather, Mi Poong and the perpetually innocent Mama Kim only think of it as Shin Ae's good luck after living such a hard life.
Despite Shin Ae's determination to get Mi Poong as far away from Grandfather Kim as possible, the already friendly relationship between the real grandfather and grand-daughter takes another big step when Mi Poong saves Grandfather Kim's life by administering CPR on him when he passed out.
Pleasantly surprised when his subordinate informs him that it was Mi Poong that saved his life, Grandfather Kim happily invites Mi Poong to his house...much to Mama Jo and Shin Ae's horror.

Ninja's Thoughts
So it looks like we are currently at the point of the plot where more and more baddies find out the "TRUTH" while the good side won't figure things out for a while. I was completely surprised that they killed off Shin Ae's aunt so quickly, I really thought she would be kept around to torture Shin Ae or even be the one that expose the truth later.
In this week's episode Grandmother Jo is one of the "baddie" that found out Shin Ae and Mama Jo's lie but at least Grandmother Jo was decent enough to be horrified at her own daughter's lie and was only pacified when Mama Jo assures her that the real grand-daughter doesn't exist. Now, I am not too convinced that Grandmother Jo would not have eventually toss her decency aside once she is reminded of the money but at least she did raise some moral issue concerning what her daughter is doing.
As for Mama Jo, up to this point of last week's epsiode I had thought she was a bit greedy and shallow but not really bad. However, I am afraid by being in cahoots with Shin Ae and cruelly deceiving Grandfather Kim she has gone too far. Both Daddy Jo and Hee Dong are such pure sort of people I don't see them forgiving either Shin Ae or Mama Jo once they find out the extend of their lies. Poor Hee Dong, I am starting to feel really bad for him.
Speaking of Daddy Jo... there were hints that the writer might try to pair him up with Mama Kim before but after this week's episodes it is obvious love is in the air...as awkward as it is since Daddy Jo is married after all. To be fair, I don't either Mama Kim or Daddy Jo are thinking about romance at this point but there are obviously some awareness starting to grow between them. 

Having not seen Mama Kim since she quit her job, Daddy Jo promptly jumps to Mama Kim's defense when he notices a man trying to bother the restaurant's server and realizes that the distressed server is none other than Mama Kim. Declaring himself to be Mama Kim's husband to get rid of the sleazebag customer, Daddy Jo waits outside the restaurant until Mama Kim gets off work. Mildly surprised to see Daddy Jo, Mama Kim starts to ask why Daddy Jo wanted to meet with her when suddenly a motorcycle speeds past them and Daddy Jo instinctively wraps his arms around Mama Kim to protect her.
Always bothered by how his wife had caused Mama Kim to quit her job, Daddy Jo asks Mama Kim to come back to work. Moved by Daddy Jo's sincerity, Mama Kim agrees to go back to her old job.

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