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Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #105

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #105
Beauty for the Filling (Chinese Web Drama)
I am loving the C-crime romance When A Snail Falls In Love but I actually like Beauty for the Filling quite a bit as well. Since both shows are based on novels written by the same author, the vibes are pretty similar but I think Beauty does have a heavier romance plot line than Snail...at least at this point.

Another reason I like Beauty for the Filling is that this one seems like a great opportunity that could propel both Yang Rong and Bai Yu past playing the second lead characters they are usually stuck with and into the main leads territory. Both actors have great acting skills so I am glad that they finally got their chance to shine.

By the way, this web drama is chopped up into three seasons but fortunately it looks like the each season follow the one before very closely. Translation: It's a way for the website to attract more new members by allowing only members to watch the entire season ahead of everyone else. The second season will air Nov 24th.
Nigeru wa Haji (Japanese Drama)
We are four episodes in on this one and dang, it is super cute and hilarious. This one has definitely turned out to be a pleasant surprise.
The Man Living In Our House or Sweet Stranger and Me (Korean Drama)
Good intriguing story? Check!
Good acting? Check!!
Good chemistry between the leads? Check!
Hero showing signs that he has some sort of mysterious illness already in Episode 3? Seriously show?! 

The whole mysterious illness has dampened my excitement for this one considerably, especially since there seemed to be a rush of "fatal illness" dramas lately so I am really not in the mood to watch another one right now. Still, I am crossing my fingers that the hero's illness is not fatal so I won't ditch this one just yet.
High 5 Basketball (Taiwanese Drama)
On good faith, I have given High 5 three episodes to win me over...and alas, while it does have some promising parts I just can't muster up enough interest to keep going. The show is not bad per se but it makes the mistake of taking its sport theme very seriously to the point that I find myself impatient during the long sporty segments. The show does have at least two romance plot line going and they are cute enough that I might be tempted to come back to check it out again later.
Always Spring (K-daily, new)
I am currently looking for a daily to follow and I was harboring some hope for this one but unfortunately I think Always Spring might be one of those dramas that have TWO male leads...which is one of my personal pet peeves. Not that there is anything wrong with dramas that has multiple leads but I am just one of those viewer that likes to know who is the hero or the heroine right from the start so I don't end up jumping on a sinking ship. Diversifying might be a good investing advise... just not when I am watching a show.
My Wife's Having An Affair This Week (Korean Drama)
The show where everyone is either trying to catch someone cheating or is the one trying to avoid being caught cheating. Not my favorite type of drama premise but it has Lee Sun Kyun in it so I feel obligated to at least check it out. I wasn't too impressed with the first episode but the last half of episode two had me laughing so hard that I feel duty bound now to watch the next episode.

ps. Don't watch this one if you are engaged or thinking about getting engaged. Just saying...
1% of Anything (Korean Web Drama)
I am really glad that I started doing drama surveys because I would not have gone back and checked this one out again if it wasn't for the surveys' results. Last week I was so surprised that 1% of Anything won the most vote for the question "My Current Favorite K-drama" that I decided to go back and watch it just to see what I have been missing. I am only on episode 5 right now and I have to admit that it is really cute. Not cute enough for me to change my original answer on my survey but definitely cute enough to keep me watching.


  1. Absolutely love the chem in Beauty and Yang Rong is so amazing I'M SO HAPPY FOR HER! Also, want her shoe collection :) I'm hoping the illness in The Man Living In Our House is just like he has vertigo and not an actual illness(LOVE THEIR CHEMISTRY). and I agree with Always Spring, hate having two main male leads, also I can't stand the CEO male lead he just uggh something about him idk what though. Also, love the 1%of Anything couple, the show is literally about the couple which is something we rarely find in kdramas

    1. Where can you find Beauty? I can't find it.

    2. " the show is literally about the couple "

      I love this about the show.

      heart 2 heart was like this till episode 12

    3. There's no subs sorry http://www.zxfuli.com/show/17205.html ep 1-12, I like the characters, the first case was off but then it starts to all fit together

    4. Thanks,time to see how much I retained from my Mandarin class

  2. Hi Ninja, I hope you can replay back to me I wonder do you know what happened to drama "Crazy Queen?" It stop at episode 20. Is that the end because there was a preview at the end of episode 20 look like there be an episode 21 but it been weeks now and there still no episode 21?

    1. The preview was for Season 2. I tried to dig around for you to see when season 2 would be but I haven't been able to find anything yet.

  3. Thank you ninja for the info. I didn't get it why it end like that. Thank you so much.