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Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #106

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #106
V-Focus (Taiwanese Daily)
This one is turning out to be quite fun. Not to the point of addicting for me but a really easy watch thanks to the fun plot lines and good chemistry between all four leads. Based on the survey last week looks like a lot of you guys are enjoying this one as well. 
Blow Breeze (Korean Family Drama)
For those of you who have been just reading the recaps on this one, do at least check out the end of episode 21 for the kiss. Based on the preview last week, it looks like the villain is going to try to steal the heroine's identity which really kinda dampen my interest on the show but I am holding out hope that the writer will make the predicable twist interesting somehow. 
Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (Korean Drama, New)
The first two episodes were super intense and utterly addicting. I am really hoping the writer could keep it up and make this one a solid winner. 
When A Snail Falls In Love (Chinese Drama)
I will be posting the recap for episode 9-12 tomorrow. For those of you who are watching it on Viki, I think episode 10-12 won't be available for a couple more days so don't read my recap yet if you are the type who dislike spoilers. 

I am still loving this show even if this most recent crime case does seem like it would never get solved, but at least we are getting some solid "snail" progress on the romance front. 
Active Constitution (Korean Web Mini Drama, 6 episodes total/10 minutes each) 
A story about a newbie director trying to debut his very first movie with his ex-girlfriend as the star. I have only checked out three episodes thus far, but this one is surprisingly funny with clever dialog. 
Entourage (Korean Drama, New)
A black comedy about the Korean entertainment industry. I was intrigued about this one since it had a lot of familiar faces in it but unfortunately the humor was just too crude for me and I barely managed to finished the first episode.  
Jealousy Incarnate (Korean Drama, Just Finished)
Sigh, I am really sad to say goodbye to this one. I don't think I quite appreciated how awesome Jealousy Incarnate was until I finished watching the last episode. Kudos to a brilliant script writer who somehow made all the tiresome cliches heartwarming and hilarious. I feel a bit brash for saying this but I honestly can't think of a drama right now that could outshine Jealousy Incarnate's finale. The ending was just cheesy enough to satisfy my romantic side but also had me laughing out loud the whole time. My ONLY regret was for the second male lead. It would've been nice to see such a perfect second lead get his own happy ending as well but hey, I think this is the very first time in all my years of drama watching where a second male leads tells the hero that compares to the heroine their bromance is more important. 

ps. Thanks to Jealousy Incarnate I also found out that the most romantic phrase is not "I love you." but "I will be curious about you for the rest of my life." Swoon... 
On The Way To The Airport (Korean Drama, Just Finished)
I really wished I watched the finale of this one BEFORE Jealousy Incarnate. Don't get me wrong, I was generally happy with how On The Way To The Airport wrapped up but it was just a much more stressful two hours compared to Jealousy. 

I followed this one pretty faithfully and while I did struggle with the whole affair theme, in the end I took the attitude that I was watching a story about four very flawed individuals who were trying to find happiness in their own way. 


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