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Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Drama Round Up #108

Ninja's Friday Drama Round Up #108
Love Through A Millennium 2 (Chinese Drama, New)
Remember the original Love Through A Millennium (2015) that was a remake of K-drama Queen In Hyun's Man? Well, apparently that one did well enough that the producers decided to do Love Through A Millennium 2 with the same time travel theme but with a completely different cast and story. Love Through A Millennium 2 actually has a double time travel in that the modern day hero will travel to the past while his past self (played by the same actor) will travel to the modern world.

I checked out the first four episodes and while the pacing was a bit slow for my taste I thought the story was intriguing enough that I will give it another couple weeks.

Behind Your Smile (Taiwanese Drama)
I am happy to report that I quite liked episode two of Behind Your Smile. You can't help but feel badly for the innocent heroine who is like a clueless pray that is walking into a spider web while thinking the whole time the spider is her friend. Marcus Chang is doing an impressive acting job as the very complicated hero who carefully spins a web of deceit around our heroine ...even if it's obvious that that this whole revenge deal is going to end pretty badly for him as well.
Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (Korean Drama)
I never thought I would say this but I am actually kinda glad that this show's pacing has slowed down after it's insanely fast paced first two episodes. We are only 6 episodes in (it's 20 episodes long) but I do think it's pretty safe to say that this one is staying on my watch list. My usual problem with medical dramas is that they either get too carried away with hospital power struggles or become episodic on individual medical cases. Romantic Doctor obviously still deals with both of those factors since it is a medical drama after all, but the writer has been great at focusing the story on the interpersonal relationship between the leads.
Golden Pouch (Korean Daily, New)
I am cautiously excited about this one! It's been such a long time since I found a daily that I liked that I have almost gave up on them entirely. Golden Pouch is about a surgeon who ends up finding everything he truly wanted after losing all he has and becoming a dumpling maker. We are only a week and half in on this one so it's obviously way too early to declare this one a winner yet but if it continues to be good after another week then I will do a first impression recap.
Love Is Beautiful (Chinese Drama, New)
A Chinese city romance comedy, Love Is Beautiful's two leads are the extreme opposite when it comes to their view on marriage but of course that's exactly why fate will throw them together. This show really dives into the the frustration from both genders' perspective towards the myriad of expectations society has placed upon them. I gave this one two episodes but it didn't really catch my attention.
Fox In The Screen (Chinese Drama, New)
Set in ancient China, Fox In The Screen's premise...funny enough, it's exactly that. Depressed after losing her boyfriend to her (ex)BFF, our very drunk heroine wonders into a tavern that cater to a "fantastical" set of customers and wakes up the next morning with no recollection at all how she ended up with three good looking "men" claiming to be her servants. The three "men" turned out to be foxes that were trapped in a powerful screen that makes whatever creatures trapped in there serve its master. I have only watched two episodes of this one and it really needed a few more episodes for me to make a fair judgement on it, but I am not feeling the urge to go back to it.

ps. For those that really liked My Sunshine (2015), did you recognize from the promo poster that the hero in Fox In The Screen is the same actor that played the young He Yi Chen's in My Sunshine?
Beauty For The Filling 2 (Chinese Drama)
I have been following Beauty For The Filling while waiting for the next episode of When A Snail Falls In Love. Overall I think Snail has a better story all around but Beauty definitely wins hands down on the skinship category. The two leads in Beauty are super cute together and their kissing scenes (yap, no snails here) are simply awesome! 
Legend Of The Blue Sea (Korean Drama)
I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked episode 3-4 of Legend of the Blue Sea even better than the first two episodes. Like I mentioned last week, I wasn't too excited about the villain part of the story but if the writer could keep the story as fun as it has been thus far then I think this one could end up a winner. 

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  1. Thanks as usual for d friday roundup... Like Snail, cant u do episodes recap for Beauty For The Filling? coz eng subs are available for Snail while for Beauty none available... It will be really awesome n helpful for us non-Chinese :)

  2. Replies
    1. Beauty without subs or with Indo subs available
      U want which one?

    2. Hi! I found Beauty without subs but how many episodes / seasons are there? So confused!

    3. P.S - Do u understand Chinese?

    4. There was with indo subs?! 😳 Can you give me the link?

    5. Season 1 I have not found with Indo Subs but for season 2 I did.
      Ep 1 to 12 season 1, ep 13 to 24 is season 2. So watch from ep 13 for d Indo Subs. After u finish, can u PM me? coz I have some doubts :)

    6. Nope. Its not Indo subs but vietnam subs 😭

  3. There are 3 seasons. Which season has 12 episodes. This means so far 24 episodes should be out. Season 3 will start in Dec 5th I think or around that time.

    1. oh! thanks for the explanation! and yes i do understand chinese, so the no sub is annoying, but understandable (to a very limited extent)

    2. lol ok... Once d series is over I ll ask u d doubts that I have :)

  4. I hope you do a recaps of episode 2 of Behind your smile.

  5. I am going to talk about a different drama: The Legend of Chusen. Dear Ninja, maybe you already touched on this drama but i just discovered it. Is it possible to have a drama that fulfils all your wishes for magical fantasy, beautiful photography, well developed characters, the romance of OTP and heroes and villains? The CGI just awesome! And frankly speaking, I was mesmerized by this drama from start to end. THIS is the feeling i had when i first started reading fantasy books.