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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Princess Weiyoung Episode 1-3 First Impression

Ninja's Princess Weiyoung Episode 1-3 First Impression
Chinese Drama: Princess Weiyoung
Total episodes: 54
Airs: Two episodes daily (one epsode on Saturday)
Leads: Tiffany Tang & Luo Jin

As the much beloved princess of Northern Liang Dynasty, Princess Xin Er grows up to be an innocent but kind young woman. 
Excited to personally find the perfect present for her grandmother's birthday celebration, Princess Xin goes into the market disguised as a man which is how our two leads meet the very first time. Totally unaware that the "man" he just saved is actually a princess, our hero, Tuoba Jun, the prince of Gaoyang walks away completely puzzled by why the stranger would act so offended when he had simply wrapped his arm around the stranger's waist during the rescue process. 
Shaking off the very embarrassing first meeting with the hero, Princess Xin Er rushes back to the palace for her grandmother's birthday celebration only to experience her worst nightmare when her father was killed right in front of her eyes. 

Needing a cause to propel himself to a higher station in the emperor's eyes, General Lee carefully sets up a trap for our heroine's father then kills him under a trumped up charge of rebellion. 
(Xin Er's father has subjugated his kingdom to the emperor years before.)
Barely escaping with her life after her grandmother and guards are all killed, Princess Xin Er faints in the woods but is rescued by Lee Wei Young, the outcast daughter of the Lee family. Becoming fast friends with Wei Young, Xin Er suffers yet another devastating loss when Wei Young is killed by an assassin sent by the Lee family while trying to protect her. (The assassin was sent to kill Wei Young but the assassin's knife was going to kill Xin Er first and Wei Young got stabbed after pushing Xin Er out of the way.) 

The fire of revenge rage in her heart once she figures out that her father's killer, General Lee is actually Wei Young's half brother and the one that sent the assassin to kill Wei Young was none other than General Lee's mother, Xin Er decides to avenge her family and Wei Young's death by assuming Wei Young's identity. 
Xin Er was able to easily convince the Lee servants dispatched to fetch Wei Young that she is the one they are looking for but that also meant she soon becomes the target of yet another assassination attempt. Trapped in a burning room with seemingly no way out, Xin Er is stunned when Tuoba Jun suddenly shows up and rescues her yet again. Peering closely at her savior, Xin Er exclaims "It's you!" but of course Tuoba Jun has no clue what she is referring to since the last time he met her she was a man. 
After parting with our hero, Xin Er finally arrives at her new home. Knowing full well that there are plenty of people who would love to see Wei Young disappear forever, Xin Er readies herself for a treacherous path of revenge. 

All of the show's promo makes it pretty clear that Xin Er will eventually become Tuoba Jun's queen so expect plenty of court intrigue later on. 

Ninja's First Impression:
Wow, despite all the unsubstantiated romance rumors that has been circulating around Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin for years, these two must at least be on pretty friendly terms to be willing to do FOUR dramas together. Vanness Wu didn't get to show his face in the first three episodes, but he is going to be playing the second male lead who is a prince that will first try to use the heroine to further his own political dream but ends up falling in love with her. 
Overall, I thought Princess Weiyoung's first three episode was off to a good start. The pacing was extremely fast and the few scenes of the two main leads together showed that they still have their old chemistry. I do have to say though that Luo Jin is looking the finest as I have ever seen him. 

A word of warning though for those who have read the novel Princess Weiyoung is based on, the drama is NOTHING like the novel. Other than the heroine's name (Wei Young), the whole plot including the hero's character has been changed. 

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